Corporate Presentation July 2012


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This is a corporate presentation for Acropetal Technologies Limited.

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  • In 2006, Acropetal Technologies Limited, was recognized by the STPI with an award for the Fastest Growing SME in Karnataka. As a mark of its continued growth and resilience, ATL received the second award for the Fastest Growing SME by the Government of Karnataka's STPI and Department of IT & BT in 2009. It also received the prestigious STPI Award for the third time for "High Growth" in 2009-2010. Acropetal Technologies Limited., was certified under ISO 9001:2008 and its project organization is certified at CMMi Level 3. Currently in the process of getting certified for PCMMI and ISO 27000.
  • Corporate Presentation July 2012

    1. 1. Transforming . Innovating . GrowingCorporate Presentation July 2012 1
    2. 2. Overview 343.15 : Revenues in Crore INR for the FY 2011- 2012. 1200+ : Headcount of people across the globe. 4 : Four continent focus – Asia Pac, North America, Europe and Middle East. 1 : One focused global team to contribute to the Mission, Vision, Goals & Objectives. Innovating & Differentiating: IP Development and Product Deployment Method and Organization leveraging Socially Mobile Cloud. Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 2
    3. 3. History Transformation from an Engineering Services Company to an IP & Product Development Organization. We aspire to position ourselves as the poster child of the knowledge and experience economy by contributing and not consuming to our Customer Universe. Engineering Services (Circa 2001) Founded in 2001 by Mr. Ravi Kumar as an Software Services (Circa 2004) Engineering Services Company. IP & Product Development Saudi Oger was the first customer Expanded into Europe and UK in2004 – (Circa 2011) continuing annuity based business even 2006. today. Invested in Product Development in 2006 - Appointed a new CEO in Nov 2011. 2007 in the areas of Healthcare and Energy & Environment. New Leadership & Management Team Acquired Kinfotech and Mindriver inducted. Technologies in FY ‘2011 – ‘2012 in India. Launched Attraversiamo – internal Acquired Optech & LineBeyond in the US Transformation Program. in FY ‘2011 – ‘2012. Setting up Customer Experience and IP Went Public in 2011. Development Center in Palo Alto, California. Launching first Product Beta in 2012 and Market Launch in North America in 2013. Strong IP Pipeline to be commercialized by 2015. Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 3
    4. 4. Our Identity • Mission: Continuously Energizing Innovation Excellence Concurrently driving Strategic Imperatives for Mind 2 Market (M2M) and Time 2 Market (T2M) mutually inclusively; facilitating Transformation & Growth for our Customer Universe. • Vision:Delivering a Pipeline of Intellectual Property (IP) and Revenues that will allow Acropetal Technologies Limited (ATL) to be measured on the same scale as the global Top 10 players in the Business Technology Solutions business by end of 2013. • Values: Acropetal aspires to be recognized for the Principles and Values it Espouses and Practices inspiring and enabling Industry as a role model. Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 4
    5. 5. Corporate StructureBranding, Positioning and Marketing a Socially Mobile Cloud based Business Technology Solutions Enterprise Acropetal Inc. Acropetal Technologies Limited Solutions IP Development Development & Organization Deployment OrganizationAcropetal Inc. is a 100% Subsidiary of Acropetal Technologies Limited isAcropetal Technologies Limited; Acropetal Group headquartered in Bangalore, Indiaheadquartered in Palo Alto, CA, USA. will be focused in developing the Products for the IP’s developed by Positioning Acropetal Inc. and deploying them for Industry globally. Leadership through Innovation Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 6
    6. 6. Current Innovation Focus Focusing on Energizing Innovation across Verticals as a Focusing across K -12, Higherconsulting practice with HREEMM Education, Lateral Education & as the IP & Product to support Experiential Learning with PM3 as aInnovation Management Globally. Leading IP & Product. Focusing on Patient Life Cycle Focusing on providing Enterprise Applications Management, integrating the and Information Management; on a Cloud ecosystem of Healthcare in each Based ecosystem Platform with Fixed Time / participating geography. Fixed Price. Developing IP / Products based on the theme of Consumer Experience Management (CEM). 7
    7. 7. Lines of IntelligenceOur Lines of Intelligence deliver Customers Business TechnologySolutions offering Customers a choice of Product, Process, Serviceand / or Platform; Integrated for the Enterprise in Real-Time andOn-Demand. Our solutions are built for a “Socially Mobile” ecosystem on a Cloud Platform Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 8
    8. 8. Business PrinciplesInnovation Mutual On Design GlocalExcellence Inclusivity Demand Driven (Global+Local) ApproachGrowth by Agile Co- Risk and Quality Delivering Delivering aDesign.; where Creation to Assurance for Business Shared ServicesInnovation address deliverables at Technology Based Plug nenergizes models that the right time at Solutions that Play Platform forExcellence for Contribute to the right place at are measurable globalTransformation the core the right rate of from T2M and operations.and Growth business consumption. M2M processes perspective. Converging Content, Communications & Computing Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 9
    9. 9. Business Approach People Technology Process Infrastructure Strategy Ideas / Concepts New Opportunities New ObjectivesProduct... Process… Service…. Platform New Events / Compliance Existing or Foreseen Problems Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 10
    10. 10. Quality : Delivering Right the 1st time ISO 9001-2008 certified Currently Qualifying for ISO 27001 CMMI Level 3 Certified; Currently qualifying for PCMMI Level 5  Covers the entire Applications Portfolio Life Cycle Management 27001:2005 certified Information Security Management Services Abides CMMI, IEEE and PMI guidelines Covers client relationship, project management and development methodology Highest quality and commitment imbibed and reflected in all our activities Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 11
    11. 11. Living Organization  We are aligned to the Aspirations of our Customer Universe; Not Just to the Expectations  We are designed to perceive and be responsive; Not just sense and react  We are structured to be mutually inclusive in our thinking and acting; not mutually exclusive  We are multi-dimensional in our solution approach incorporating new ideas / concepts, new opportunities, new objectives, new events / compliance and Current or Foreseen Problems.  We believe in Measuring and Managing Potential; Not Performance. Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 12
    12. 12. A Representative Client List Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 13
    13. 13. Alliance & Partnerships Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 14 14
    14. 14. Summarizing Value Fundamentally concerned with leveraging the Convergence of Content, Communications and Computing; as a business enterprise. Creating a unique business model where the customer makes a choice on business solutions on- demand; to drive growth initiatives. Positioning Acropetal to partner the customers in their core processes; where business value is created. Building an enterprise that focuses on developing the Potential of People; facilitating their Emotional, Personal and Professional growth. Driven by Mutual inclusivity in whatever we do pervades our Thinking and Acting; dynamically as a Continuous Process. Acropetal Technologies Limited Confidential 2012-2013© 15
    15. 15. 16©Acropetal Technologies Limited 2012 - 2013