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Avanade complaints management_pov

  1. 1. Avanade Point of View Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Complaints Management: Improving customer insightRe-establishing great relationships Complaints are the ultimate customer feedback. They show what’s not workingFaced with a growing number of customer complaints – so it can be fixed. Turning a dissatisfied customer into a happy one is goodalong with pressure from regulators to handle disputes business. Ultimately it aids customer retention and loyalty.faster and more fairly – financial services firms needa new approach.Traditional, manual systems can’t cope. An automatedsystem – delivered on demand through the cloud oron site – is needed to provide a consistent approach.As well as streamlining compliance, while cuttingcosts and improving customer service, it also providesinvaluable insight into your customers and business. From Accenture and Microsoft
  2. 2. Using complaints as abusiness barometerIt’s a new approach encouraged by regulators, who are Recently, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and NatWest were finedincreasingly looking to financial services companies to handle £2.8 million for poor complaints handling by current UK regulator,complaints more efficiently, within set time limits. Initiatives the Financial Services Authority (FSA)1. The reasons for thelike ‘Treat Customers Fairly’ are aimed at instilling a new culture failure were said to be poor training and guidance for bankwhere complaints are not seen as negative, but instead the chance staff dealing with complaints, and inadequate monitoring ofto gain a real insight into how well the business is working. their work by managers.This Avanade Point of View shows how an automated system An FSA investigation into the way the main UK banks dealtof complaint management, based on next-generation Customer with complaints, which totaled 2,654,195 in the second halfRelationship Management (CRM) technology, provides a flexible of 20092 alone, also found that:and cost-effective way to deal with disputes, improving customer • 36% of complaints had been investigated poorly orsatisfaction and business performance. inadequatelyWe are in a more complaint-centred culture. Consumers are • 18% of decisions were wrong and unfair to the customerbecoming increasingly financially aware and ready to exercisetheir power in a highly competitive market. • Customer correspondence did not always explain the outcome of the complaint fairly and clearlyMedia campaigns run by consumer champions are encouraging • In 62% of cases the complaints were not dealt withmore to complain. These often generate a high volume of within the eight-week timeframe expected.complaints that traditional paper-based systems can’t cope with.At the same time regulators are keen to ensure that complaints The generally poor performance has led to the regulatorare dealt with fairly – and in a reasonable timeframe. The penalties proposing further rules for the industry, which will bringare harsh – in fines, reputation and lost customers – if financial additional compliance costs.services companies don’t meet the standards required. 1 http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pages/Library/Communication/PR/2011/003.shtml 2 http://www.fsa.gov.uk/pubs/other/complaints_2009_h2.pdfBenefitting from complaintsBy adopting a different It involves: • Not treating complaints management • Integrating IT systems with businessapproach, financial as a compliance chore – as this does systems – to deliver better customerservices companies not bring any useful insight or improve customer satisfaction that can lead service at lower cost.can turn customer to more businesscomplaints into business • Regarding complaints management as an integral part of the business –improvement. like new customer acquisition or upselling services to existing customers. It needs champions at a senior level, metrics for feedback and specific goals, such as churn reduction Avanade Point of View: Avanade CRM for Insurance
  3. 3. The Avanade advantageThe Avanade solution Through our experience with enterprises For the greatest flexibility, our complaints and the financial services sector, we are management solution is available ongives you better insight uniquely best-placed to create a solution demand, as a hosted service on the cloud. that meets the specific challenges you face. Alternatively, it can run from your owninto the complaints you data centres. As Avanade’s complaints managementreceive, greater control solution is based on the familiar look Quick as it is to deploy, our system can beover your data and more and feel of Microsoft technology little training is needed – making it easy and easily tailored and configured to adapt to your own approach to customer care andaccurate management cost-effective for your people to use. any future changes in regulatory demands.information. Our specially created user dialogues also guide your people through the complaints procedure to ensure the best quality outcomes, regardless of the experience of individual staff.Transforming relationshipsMuch of the pain can be taken out of Increase customer loyalty and ultimately revenues Delays and poor treatment can turn a minor complaintcomplaints management by automating into a serious problem. Dealing properly with a complaintthe whole process to report, monitor is little cost compared with acquiring a new customer. Reducing customer churn is also likely to increase sales andand ultimately resolve disputes. the lifelong value of customers.Avanade’s solution is based on the highly configurable Microsoft Improve business performanceDynamics CRM. This provides a fast, consistent approach to Customer complaints are a rich source of free feedback and anhandling complaints across all customer touchpoints, including opportunity to spot problem areas. Only a small proportion ofhigh street branches, contact centres and online. people who feel the urge to complain actually do so. This meansWith Avanade’s automated complaints management system that collating and analysing complaints will give you a valuableyou can: insight into the attitudes of a much larger customer base.Cut costs Ensure complianceRun complaints management on demand, using Avanade Streamlining complaints management makes it easier toOnline Services (AOS). Infrastructure and IT costs are reduced comply with regulators’ guidelines – now and in the future –and you have a rapidly deployed, cloud-based solution for a as well as company policies.predictable pay-as-you-use fee.Resolve problems quickerThe workflow system ensures complaints are automaticallypassed to the right handler, who can resolve issues fasterand more efficiently.Avanade Point of View: Avanade CRM for Insurance
  4. 4. The Avanade approachAvanade has a strong heritage in delivering MicrosoftDynamics CRM solutions to clients in the financial sector.Exclusively dedicated to the Microsoft platform, our solutions,available on demand through Avanade Online Services oron site, help customers realise better business results –faster, at lower cost and with less risk.Born from a partnership between Accenture and Microsoftwe have the strength of both in our business consulting andtechnology expertise.Our people work with customers in more than 25 countriesto implement large-scale, enterprise-level solutions thathelp them achieve their business goals.We are Microsoft’s worldwide Enterprise Partner 2010,an award we have won for the last three years running.We are also Microsoft Dynamics CRM Partner of the Year 2010. About Avanade Americas Asia-Pacific Avanade provides business technology services that Seattle Sydney connect insight, innovation and expertise in Microsoft® Phone +1 206 239 5600 Phone +612 9005 5900 technologies to help customers realize results. Americas@avanade.com AsiaPac@avanade.com Avanade consultants apply unsurpassed expertise in the Microsoft platform to create innovative solutions Europe that enable large organisations across all industries to London improve performance, productivity and sales. Phone +44 (0) 20 7025 1000 Europe@avanade.com ©2011 Avanade Inc. All rights reserved. The Avanade name and logo are registered trademarks in the U.S. and other countries. Other brand and product names are trademarks of their respective owners.