Geothermal Power Plants


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Geothermal Power Plants

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Geothermal Power Plants

  1. 1. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011 Geothermal Power Plants Linde - Cryostar 1
  2. 2. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde and Cryostar World Presence - FiguresThe Linde Group •Global presence in > 100 countries •48’000 employees • € 11.2 Mrd sales (year 2009)Cryostar (Linde Engineering subsidiary) •Global presence •500 employees •€ 150 M sales (year 2009) Linde Group Presence 2
  3. 3. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde and Cryostar Markets & Technologies Focus Energy Value Chain Energy Transport Energy Extraction Energy Conversion Storage & UsageLinde Baseload Floating GTL NG Process. Merchant LPGExisting Business Fossil LNG LNG LNG (Gaseous) Unconv. Gas Cogene-Linde rationBusiness Focus N2 EOR NRU Clean Coal Refinery CO2 NetworkLinde Fossil HydrogenTechnology Focus (Solid Liquid) CO2 EOR Oxyfuel PCCLinde & Cryostar Geothermal Heat Biomass Photo Voltaïc HydrogenJoint Focus Renewable Recovery Conv. as Fuel Solar Green Energy Thermal Hydrogen Storage 3
  4. 4. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar Vision and objectives for geothermal business• Geothermal business is a key target for Linde & cryostar• Technology is characterized by • Higher power output • Better efficiency / Energy output on « off design » points • Expertise of both Linde & Cryostar• Offer characterized by • Flexible ORC and Power Plant design • From turbo generator up to turnkey power plant supply• We want to become the reference for geothermal power plant in Europe 4
  5. 5. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar Linde and Cryostar Offer• Cryostar • Turbogenerator • ORCs • Engineering, Manufacturing, on site Construction Supervision, Local sourcing, Local Subcontracting• Linde and Cryostar • Turnkey Power plants (engineering, equipment sourcing, and construction) From wells heads up to grid connexion • EPC contract • Engineering, Manufacturing, on site Construction, Local sourcing, Local Subcontracting 5
  6. 6. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar Split of scope of supply for turnkey power plants Item Linde Cryostar Project Management Process Engineering for ORC Process Engineering for Geothermal loop Process Engineering for District Heating Detailed Engineering Leader Equipment Supply (turbo generator excluded) Equipment Supply (Turbo generator + Aux) Assistant Civil Work / Steel Structure / Piping / Elect. Works Construction Precommissioning Start-up & Performances Commissioning & Final Acceptance 6
  7. 7. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar Sub and Supercritical cycle Temp. Supercritical• Supercritical ORC = Medium Pressure over critical pressure Available • Built and tested in the US in the 80s Work Lost • Our solution is application for ORC at medium pressure of current high performance supercritical steam rankine cycle Dual Pressure (used in more than 500 modern coal fired power plants)• Subcritical cycle dual pressure ORC Single Pressure• Subcritical cycle single pressure ORC Air Entropy 7
  8. 8. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar Sub and Supercritical cycleAdvantages of medium pressure supercritical ORC • Recovering the largest amount of heat with minimized energy losses • Smoother and easier evaporation process compared to the conventional design which would need preheater, vaporiser and superheater • Easy control: no risk of ingress of liquid inside the turbine • Standard execution of radial turbine • High pressure operation reduces the frame size of the turbine 8
  9. 9. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011 Linde References Biogas refuelling stations with LNG plant, StatoilHydro, LNG import terminal, StatoilHydro, PCC flue gas wash, RWE, Hammerfest, Norway Nynäshamn, Sweden Niederaußem, GermanyLinde is already involved LNG backup, Swedenin many clean energy projects Landfill gas LNG plant, Oxyfuel pilot plant, Vattenfall, Waste Management, Altamont, Schwarze Pumpe, Germany USA N2 EOR plant, Pemex, Cantarell, CO2 network, OCAP, LNG plant network for fleet Mexico Rotterdam/Amsterdam, fueling, South East Australia NetherlandsHydrogen Fuel Stations, Germany, CO2 injection for EGR, Gas de CO2 injection and storage, GFZ N2 EOR plant, ADNOC,USA, Japan, China France, Maxdorf, Germany Potsdam, Ketzin, Germany Mirfa, Abu Dhabi 9
  10. 10. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde LNG References• Linde covers the entire LNG value chain• Commercial plants in operation and under construction• Altamont California • Landfill Gas from the natural decomposition of organic waste • World’s largest landfill gas to liquefied natural gas • Use of Cryostar LNG pumps and dispensers• Stockholm, Sweden • LNG terminal to supply greater Stockholm area with NG 10
  11. 11. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde CCS References, e.g., Post Combustion Capture• Projects description: • Cooperation with RWE • Capturing carbon from flue gas of coal-fired power plants • Pilot plant status, 1 552 Nm3/h flue gas from lignite power plant , 7.2 t/d CO2 • Since Q1/2010, tests with new solvent • Lower steam consumption (-20%)• Next Steps • Demonstration of scaled technology in DoE financed project • Extended operational testing for long term stability • CO2 utilization for tests and R&D programs 11
  12. 12. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde Algea ReferencesAlgea to Biofuel: Sapphire Energy & Algenol Biofuels • Method utilizes algae, CO2, salt water and sunlight to directly produce 3G bioethanol and other 3G biofuels. • Optimal and cost-efficient supply of CO2 key success factor. • CO2 from fossil fuel sources. • Fuels or chemicals from algae are a promising way of reducing green-house gas emissions. • Sapphire Energy: open-pond, algae-to-fuel cultivation systems. • Algenol: photobioreactor technology 12
  13. 13. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde 2011 Highlights & outlook: Hydrogen as fuel Fuelling station projects currently implemented in G.A.S.Highlights Shell, Berlin Vattenfall, Hamburg • 13 Mio € order intake -Commissioning: Q2/ 2011 -Commissioning: Q4/ 2011 - • 10 stations projects won • H2 supplier & partner of Mercedes-Benz World Drive Linde, Munich -Commissioning: Q2/ 2011 H2 Mobility, Germany - 2 Stations for TOTAL: - Linde HRS-Test Center - 2 Stations for EnBW: • Daimler and Linde announced integrated initiative to set-up 20 additional -C - ommissioning: Q3 + Q4/ 2011 H2 stations until 2014 ATZ, Vienna BMW, Munich -Commissioning: Q4/ 2011 - 2 Prototype Stations: • New H2 dustribution concept for efficient bulk H2 delivery - ATZComponent-Test Center -Commissioning: Q3/ 2011 + Q4/ 2012 • Certified green H2 @ biomass to hydrogen plant, Leuna site • Handover of first public station with newly developed cryo pump and underground LH2 storage (Shell Berlin)Mid-term strategic perspective • Aim to be leading H2 as fuel supplier in full value chain • Improve H2 sourcing to lever current strength in refueling • Build capabilities to scale up to be ready for vehicle ramp-up in 2015 13
  14. 14. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Cryostar ReferencesTurbines and turbogenerators • 1800 turbines in operation worldwide • 200 turbogenerators in operationGeothermal projects in operation • Soultz-sous-Forêts (France) • EGS project • ORC – Isobutane • Radial inflow turbine - TG400 - 2,5MWel • Unterhaching (Germany) • Kalina: Ammonia/water • Radial inflow turbine - TG500 - 3,7MWel 14
  15. 15. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar 2011 Highlights - GeothermalTurnkey geothermal power plants • under construction • 1 project won in Germany • Final bid • Several projects in Europe 15
  16. 16. GeoPower Turkey, Istanbul 2011Linde & Cryostar Thank you for your attention Cryostar Headquarters Hésingue FranceCryostar SASZI - BP 4868220 Hésingue FranceDamien THIOLETBusiness DevelopmentTel: 16