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The Powerpoint presentation displays a brief of the innovation and technology brought by the Research & Development unit of Su-Kam in it's products.

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Technovations at Su-Kam

  1. 1. Technovation at Su-Kam • our R & D unit has won many coveted awards such as ELCINA EFY, ….
  2. 2. Technovation at Su-Kam • …ISA Technovation Award etc. • We are also the approved partners for MNRE
  3. 3. Technovation at Su-Kam • Su-Kam has always endeavored to be pioneers in technology advancement and keeping to this commitment have developed several life- changing innovations over the years.
  4. 4. Plastic Body Inverters• Our first plastic body shock proof inverter which was also voted as best innovation of the decade by India Today along with Tata Nano and Mahindra Reva, to name a few.
  5. 5. Plastic Body Inverters• ……but these plastic body inverters (Chic) started the trend of light weight, shock-proof, compact size inverters.
  6. 6. Plastic Body Inverters• Earlier, customers used to relate inverters with bulky sized machines ….
  7. 7. Tractor Inverter• Majority of the Indian population reside in villages, we developed Tractor Inverter wherein the farmers could charge the inverters with the batteries in the day time ….
  8. 8. Tractor Inverter• ….. and use the energy conserved in the batteries during the night time to light up their homes.
  9. 9. Tractor Inverter• These inverter models were adopted by Escorts for the rural sector.
  10. 10. Mosfet Technology• Introduction of technically advanced Mosfet technology in inverters .
  11. 11. Mosfet Technology• This Mosfet technology helped in reducing the size of inverters to half. Its high efficiency eliminated the need of double batteries.
  12. 12. Mosfet Technology• The electricity consumption was reduced to 50% and also the need of regular water topping was reduced and needed in 6 months from instead of every 15 days
  13. 13. Sine Wave Inverters • The introduction of Sine First to introduce a Wave inverters removed Sine Wave Inverter the humming sound from the tube lights and fans which was common recurring problem of square wave inverter No Humming Sound Enhanced protection for appliances
  14. 14. Sine Wave Inverters• The introduction of Sine wave inverters reduced heating and increased longevity of the appliance. Now, the supplied electricity quality was better than the grid.
  15. 15. Home UPS• The introduction of Home UPS revolutionized the industry.
  16. 16. Home UPS• The inverters were converted to UPS function so that it could run computers or TV etc. without any switchover time.
  17. 17. Home UPS• Life of appliances was increased as there was no switchover and starting current required to start them again and again.
  18. 18. Home UPS• It replaced the need of separate UPS for computer, TV or satellite TV. The whole industry was shifted to this technology within 2 years of its introduction.
  19. 19. High Capacity Inverters• We developed high capacity inverters (upto 100kva) to run Air Conditioners which eliminated the need of generators completely.
  20. 20. Telecom Inverters• We replaced gensets with inverters at Telecom site thus reducing the dependency on manpower for genset maintenance and surveillance .
  21. 21. Telecom Inverters• This initiative also increased back-up reliability and reduced carbon footprints. This solution was successfully implemented by various Tata Telecom sites across India!
  22. 22. Petrol Pump Inverter• We developed the Petrol Pump Inverters which helped the service station save cost and eliminate the maintenance need of a genset.
  23. 23. Petrol Pump Inverter• The Petrol Pump Inverter was designed to align with the functioning and usage of the fuel dispenser. The inverter would be on only at the time of refueling and would be on a standby model when the fuel dispenser is not in use.
  24. 24. Dentist Chair Inverter• We developed inverters for dentist chair which had high surge handling capacity to power-up ……
  25. 25. Dentist Chair Inverter• …..micro motors necessary to operate hand pieces for scaling, buffing etc
  26. 26. Easy day Project• We jointly worked with big corporates, retail chains such as Walmart etc in providing customized solutions, thus reducing their operational cost and substantially reducing wastage.
  27. 27. Easy day Project CONTROLLED BY INVERTER Low priority Medium priority load load Critical load High Priority load SU-KAM SILENT CHARGING DG NOW
  28. 28. Power Doc• Our unique innovation – Power Doc is a complete protection device to safeguard appliances from high / low voltage, spikes and surges and frequency variation.
  29. 29. Power Doc• Power Doc helped in increasing the longevity of the appliances by switching off the grid power to the appliance in case of power disturbance and resumes the supply once the power is in suitable range.
  30. 30. Power Doc• A new variant of power doc which when used with TV (Dish TV etc) auto cuts the power supply when the device is not in use or the user has forgotten to switch off the TV.
  31. 31. Solar PCU• In Solar, we have developed Solar PCU (Power Conditioning Unit) which runs on grid as well as solar power. It provides the facility to charge the battery bank for the inverter either through grid power or solar power depending on the priority setting.
  32. 32. Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS - Brainy• Another unique innovation in Solar for Household usage is Solar Hybrid Home UPS – Brainy, which can work both on Solar as well as grid power with preference to solar while charging battery
  33. 33. Brainy Solar Hybrid UPS - Brainy• Solar Hybrid UPS helps in reducing electricity consumption, save cost and protect the environment as well
  34. 34. MPPT Solar Charge Controller• Provides regulated power to the battery from the Solar Panel• Equipped with MPPT microprocessor – 30% more efficient than traditional chargers• Protection against transient over voltage & reverse current flow
  35. 35. Solar PCU with GSM remotemonitoring RTU GSM Based Remote Monitoring Software
  36. 36. Remote Monitoring Software Ethernet based Remote Monitoring
  37. 37. Solar & Wind Energy ProjectSu-Kam is not just into solarprojects, we are also working onthe combination of Wind andSolar Energy to provide the mostadvanced solutions
  38. 38. Solar Projects of Su-Kam, Installed capacity- 100 KWp Solar Power Plants State Assam Electricity Boards, Guwahati
  39. 39. Solar Projects of Su-Kam Installed capacity- 69KWp Solar Power Plant Vellammal Residential school , Madurai
  40. 40. Solar Projects of Su-Kam Installed Capacity- 9X 50 KWp Solar Power Plant Assam Rifles Manipur
  41. 41. Solar Projects of Su-Kam Installed Capacity- 40 KWp Solar Power Plant runs and provides back up APEDA, Raj Bhawan Itanagar
  42. 42. Solar Projects of Su-Kam Installed capacity -100KWp Solar Off Grid Power Plant Gates Institute of Technology, Andhra Pradesh
  43. 43. Solar Projects of Su-Kam
  44. 44. Tamil Nadu Energy Development AgencyProject• Su-Kam is setting up Centralized Street Light Project• Energizing 3220 street lights through 322 numbers of 500 Wp Solar Power Plant Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency Project• Retrofitting a cluster of existing street lights• Energizing them from a central SPV Power Plant
  45. 45. Solar Projects of Su-Kam Installed Capacity- 10KWp Installed Capacity- 5KWp JJ Polytechnic, Trichy Bangalore
  46. 46. Upcoming Project in Chhattisgarh• Upcoming project in Chhattisgarh• 2 Solar Power Units of 8 KW each• 3 Solar Power Units of 3 KW each