Drug endings


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Drug endings

  1. 1. Phamacology:Learn 3 things:... 1. Classifications... 2. Adverse /side effects... 3. Nursing implications •learn classes first•then learn s/e & NI of each class•then learn the exceptionsDrug Ending Drug Category Drug Ending Drug Category-zosin -operidol-afil -azole-tidine -caine-barbital -olol-triptan -pril-cillin -tropin-navir -azepam-ane -zolam-etine -ipramine-philline -cycline-triptyline -terol-azine -oxin Statins
  2. 2. Indication: HyperlipidemiaSide Effects: Muscle cramps - liver problems - liver function tests requiredName Hint: End in StatinSSRISelective Serotonin Reuptake InhiborsIndication: DepressionSide Effects: Insomnia, Erectile Disfunction, deperssionProtein Pump InhibitorsIndication: GERD (Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease)Beta BlockersIndication: Hypertension, ArrythmiaSide Effects: Difficulty breathing, lowered heart rateName Hint: End in lolAntihistaminesIndication: AllergiesSide Effects: drowsiness (new agents such as Allegra, Claritin &Zyrtec have less)ARBIndication: HypertensionWarning: Can increase potassium levels - do not take with potassium sparing drugs or supplementsNaming Hint: SartanDiureticsIndications: Blood Pressure/Water RetentionNotes: Strongest (Lasix &Bumex) used for water retension, rest (HCTZ & Potassium sparing) used for BP.Stronger = more Potassium lossSSNRI
  3. 3. Selective Serotonin Norephinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor Indication: Depression Side effects: Insomnia, Erectile Disfunction, Depression Cox II Inhibitor Indication: Pain & Inflammation Notes: same strength as NSAID drugs, but no blood thinning or stomach upset More heart risk only Celebrex on market Atypical Antipsychotics Indication: Pyschosis, severe depression, bipolar disease Side Effects: Drowsiness, weight gainCalcium Channel Blockers Indication: Hypertension Notes: Short acting meds increase heart risk/cannot use in heart failure Fibrates Indication: Hyperlipidemia Notes: Primary actions - increase HDL and lower Triglycerides Require liver function tests ACE Inhibitors Indication: Hypertension Notes: Kidney protective can increase Potassium (dont take with potassium sparing diruetics or suppliments) Side Effects: dry hacking cough Name Hint: end in "pril" Sedative/Hypnotic Benzodiazepam Indication: Sleep/Anxiety Side Effects: drowsiness, dizzyness
  4. 4. Digoxin Indication: Congestive Heart Failure Multiple drug interactions, often monitored by blood level, overdose symptoms include nausea/vomiting and heart arrythmiasWarfarin Indication: Blood thinner Notes: many drug interactions - 99% protein bound, regulated by testing clotting time Contraindications: other blood thinners (including Aspirin and NSAIDs) Counterated by Vitamin K Corticosteroids (non muscle building) Indication: inflamation including asthma, hives and auto immune diseases Side effects: high dose/short term - increased appetite, moodiness, water retention: low dose/long term - diabetes, osteopiorsis, heart disease, humped back, moon face Narcotic Analgesic Indication: Pain Side Effects: drowsiness, dizzyness, respiratory suppression Macrolide Antibiotic Indication: Infection Side Effects: upset stomach Penicillin Antibiotic Indication: Infection Notes: High rate of allergy - can be life threatening Very large therapuetic window NSAID Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs Indication: Pain & Inflammation Side Effects: stomach upset; also have some blood thinning properties and increase heart risk
  5. 5. Cephalosporin AntibioticIndication: InfectionNote: 1/3 of people allergic to penicillin will have a cross over allergy to cephalosporin’sTetracycline AntibioticIndication: InfectionNot stabile in dairy products or with ironShould not be given to children as can cause discoloration of teethSulfonylureaIndication: DiabetesCan cause hypoglycemia