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  1. 1. It seems that during the quizzing process I asked 4 more males than females, this may cause the results to be slightly biased. I do not believe this will be a problem.<br />The results for this question have proved my song choice right, with a massive 44% explaining that they enjoy rock music and another 25% supporting acoustic music. This has proven to be very useful to my research as it supports my song choice.<br />The results here show that the people I asked are in he age bracket I stated at the beginning meaning that the song should appeal to the majority of the audience asked.<br />As the majority of the people asked hear most of there music through the Internet gives me a great opportunity when advertising my digipack to have major section of the advertisements digitally based through the Internet.<br />As the majority answered with “Not Bothered” it seems that I am free to decide on how to film my video. I must also take into consideration the 31% who voted “Yes” as this I believe is more valid as they have expressed their opinion more clearly then the rest of people who took the quiz.<br />Yet again this has led me to include more Meat shots in my video when it comes to the filming of the music video. Since receiving these results I have made slight changes to my storyboard to include more Meat shots.<br />The results have confirmed to me that I will film the video in Black & White, it was an idea I already wanted to include but with these results it is now something I am very happy to do. Another idea that struck me is to listen to those who opted for a mix in black & white and colour, I will seriously consider this when filming as it would be a great way to separate narrative and performance.<br />These results show that the majority of the 32 people I asked to complete this survey enjoy music videos that tend not to relate to the song itself creating a narrative that may link in many ways but is not in your face with lyrics making the pictures on screen. This allows me to get a deeper meaning from the video which is what I wanted to from the start, partly the reason for choosing such a soothing relaxing song.<br />