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  • Study Abroad Presentation

    1. 1. James DavisTravis HoltEric KlugeJeffrey LaneStefany Ruiz
    2. 2. Why Should You Study Abroad?•Learn a new language•Get to know anotherculture first-hand•Learn about yourself•Enhance the value ofyour degree!Vistawide – World Languages and Cultures
    3. 3. What are the costs?• Some countries are free, low-cost• 1k to 9k+ tuition persemester, expenses
    4. 4. How do I pay for Studying Abroad?•Student aid•School’s study abroad program•Fellowships, grants
    5. 5. Where Will You Be Living?• Option 1: Universities • Many students are placed in Universities abroad • Allows you to live with fellow Salisbury Students as well as local students in your country • (Right) University of Stirling- Stirling, Scotland
    6. 6. Where Will You Be Living?• Option 2:Home Stay • Some programs allow you to live with a resident of your selected country • Gives you a authentic understanding of the culture. • Tends to be cheaper • (Right) Andalucia, Spain
    7. 7. Where Will You Be Living?• Option 3: Hotels • Gives you the luxury benefits of a Hotel • May be easier to transition • (Right) Venice, Italy
    8. 8. Adding Value to your Degree• Linking a minor to your degree is a smart choice• Classes taken abroad can be applied to a minor• It can enhance your For Example: A Communications Major with a communication major as Spanish Minor could be accomplished in well Malaga, Spain
    9. 9. Studying Abroad: An Interview With Someone Who’s Been There..Corey Nethen:• Journalism major with a Spanish minor• Many minors available with many study abroad programs• Learn a new language• Open your horizons• Live a unique college experience Corey in Malaga, Spain
    10. 10. Cultural Benefits• 1. Gain New Perspectives of The World: • Studying abroad gives opportunities to students to see and interact with different cultures. • Cultures can include foreign city life, ancient civilizations, and more! • Gives students hands-on experience to understand the world.
    11. 11. Cultural Benefits• 2. Sharpen Language and Communication Skills: • Students will continue to learn how to fluently speak different languages in authentic atmosphere. (beginner to advanced levels) • Courses incorporate instruction from local community as well as the classroom. • Invaluable first-hand experience.
    12. 12. Cultural Benefits3. Learn About Ethics in Cultures andCustoms: • Students learn differences in cultures and customs around the world that can be compared to ones in the United States. • These differences can be benefit an individuals career by understanding how to effectively communicate with people from different cultures. • Add value to future employers by shaping certain skills like communication, analytical abilities, teamwork, and flexibility.
    13. 13. Cultural Benefits• 4. Create New Networking Connections: • Students have opportunities to meet and network all over the world. • Connections can vary from students, professors, and community acquaintances.
    14. 14. SU Study Abroad Opportunities for CMAT MajorsSummer 2013 Option:• England/Wales - International Studies in Communication• June 15-24, 2013• Estimated cost: $2000• Enriching activities
    15. 15. SU Study Abroad Opportunities for CMAT Majors Fall 2013 Option: • Salisbury Abroad: Italy - Communications Internship Semester • Estimated Cost: $9,300 (before airfare and board) • 12 Week Program earning 12 University Credits
    16. 16. References• programs/single.asp?pid=162• blog/pros-and-cons-homestay-abroad• n/edlife/guidance.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0• Corey Nethen, Salisbury University Senior (CMAT major, Spanish minor)• programs/programs.asp• oad_reasons.pdf• 0Abroad/NoteforParents.html• parent_benefit.aspx• colleges/paying-for- college/articles/2012/09/18/consider-study- abroad-to-save-money-on-college