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Responsive design


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Presentatie gegeven op 2 november door Alard Weisscher over Responsive Design

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Responsive design

  1. 1. Responsive Design By Alard Weisscher
  2. 2. Boston Globe
  3. 3. Alard Weisscher By Alard Weisscher
  4. 4. In the beginning … .page { width: 960px }
  5. 5. Ingredients 1.  Flexible grid based layout 2.  Flexible images and media 3.  Media queries
  6. 6. Using percentages instead of fixed values. Sizing related to its context. Strange nrs …
  7. 7. Scaling images.Meet max-width: 100%, overflow and the IE nightmares
  8. 8. Media queries@media  screen  and  (min-­‐width:  1024px)  {  …  },   <meta  name=‘viewport’  …  />    
  9. 9. The DARK SIDE of responsive design
  10. 10. Browser resizing of imagesBIG files for mobile, processor intensive, media queries support flaky in mobile
  11. 11. On the fly generation of right sizeExperiment: use javascript and PHP to generate a image on the fly.
  12. 12. Heavy footprint of files on mobile Javascript, CSS files, imagese.g. NY times mobile (54K) vs NY times desktop (637.4K)
  13. 13. Mobile FirstDefault is light weight, progressively build upwards.
  14. 14. But hey! … mobile is a different context People have different needs in different contexts. Touch proof? Poor connectivity?Can you even ‘detect’ if a person is in a mobile context?
  15. 15. RD ResourcesGoogle:  responsive  design  tools  
  16. 16. Responsive design beyond the Web Interactive Video / TV world