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Social media focus with Studio 24


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Sam Taylor, Head of SEO at Studio 24, presents for the Cambridge Network social media focus in April 2014. It includes his advice on how to promote a professional image on social media, creating a coherent brand strategy; how to be professional, but not boring; and social media adoption throughout the business.

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Social media focus with Studio 24

  1. 1. Promoting a professional image on social media
  2. 2. Sam Taylor & Studio 24 • Founded in 1999 • Web Design, Development & Digital marketing specialists • Cambridge based team of 14 • Comprehensive portfolio of clients • RAR+ Recommended Award winning full service digital agency, with a passionate team of creative, technical and search marketing web experts.
  3. 3. Creating a coherent brand strategy on social media
  4. 4. How? 1. Content 2. Audience 3. Relevance 4. Evaluation 1. Remove inefficiencies 2. More effective content distribution 3. Build stronger relationships 4. Avoid confusion 5. Achieve triangulations Why?
  5. 5. Its not about getting the most ‘Likes’
  6. 6. How to be professional but not boring
  7. 7. Boring industry doesn't mean boring marketing
  8. 8. Rules of interaction 1. Determine your voice and tone 2. Target your content at your customers 3. Follow back and interact 4. Keep the social in social media 5. Keep it short 6. Create brand awareness 7. Don’t over share 8. Be as transparent as possible 9. Be proactive vs Reactive 10.Respond to negative and positive feedback
  9. 9. Social media adoption throughout the business
  10. 10. Stages of social media adoption Stage 1. Planning: Listen to learn Stage 2. Presence: Stake our claim Stage 3. Engagement: Dialog deepens relationships Stage 4. Formalised: Organise for scale Stage 5. Strategic: Becoming a social business Stage 6. Converged: Business is social
  11. 11. Stop social media going wrong
  12. 12. Thank you & Questions?