Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved137Brazi...
Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved138Brazi...
Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved139Brazi...
Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved140Brazi...
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Gsmediayearbook2010 brazil


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Gsmediayearbook2010 brazil

  1. 1. Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved137BrazilPopulation 198,739,269GDP/PPP $2,030bnGDP per capital $10,300TVHH 53 millionTotal pay-TV 6.3 millionCable TV subs 4.2mSatellite TV subs 2.4mBroadband subs 2mMobile broadband 300,000Digital switchover June 2016Population 198,739,269GDP/PPP $1,998bnGDP per capita $10,200TV Households 53mTotal pay-TV 6.9mBrazilThe Brazilian broadcasting market has long been dominated bythe powerful Organizações Globo media group. The companyoperates a nation-wide free-to-air network and a range of pay-television channels and pay-per-view services. It also holds minoritystakes in the leading cable and digital satellite platforms and, asif that weren’t enough, it has a wide range of top domestic andinternational media rights to top soccer properties – a key draw insoccer-mad Brazil, due to host the Fifa World Cup in 2014.Globo’s rivals have tried hard in recent years to whittle down itshuge market share, and to some extent have succeeded, withRede Record in particular increasing its audience share through asuccessful mix of soap operas and top sport – including the 2010and 2012 Olympic Games and the 2011 and 2015 Pan American,all of which it snatched from long-term rights holder Globo in thepast two years.Globo has fought back by teaming up with fellow commercialbroadcaster Bandeirantes to buy non-exclusive free-to-air rights to the2014 and 2016 Games. Globo also acquired exclusive pay-TV, newmedia and mobile rights, paying the lion’s share of the combined $140million fee. Record also jumped in, paying $30 million for shared free-to-air rights, for a total of $170 million, nearly triple the $60 million feepaid by Record for 2010 and 2012.The deal was central to Rio’s winning bid to host the 2016 Games, butalso notable as it cuts out internet and mobile operator Terra from therights it acquired pan-regionally for the 2008, 2010 and 2012 Games.The bigger challenge to Globo will nevertheless come from pay-television, which has a penetration rate of just over 10 per cent– low by Latin American standards. Rising competition from newplayers, including Spain’s Telefônica and Mexico’s Telmex, as wellas local telecoms operators Embratel and Oi, will almost certainlybe felt in the next few years.Even the government has had a go at reducing Globo’sdominance; in 2006, the competition authority, the CADE, ruledthat Globo could not maintain exclusive control over top domesticand international soccer rights, a decision which led Globo tosublicense its popular sports channels, SporTV and SporTV2, torival pay-TV operators. Even so, although Globo’s rating has fallen17 per cent over the past four years, it still more than doubles therating of closest rival Record.Brazil will switch off its analogue signal on 29 June 2016, and ithas begun testing digital terrestrial transmissions in several cities.The government adopted the Japanese DTT standard ISDB-T,adapting it to the Brazilian market under the name SBTVD.At the end of Q2 2009, Brazil had close to 100,000 subscribersto HD services, with Sky holding around 60,000 and cableoperator NET Servicios having the remaining 40,000.
  2. 2. Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved138BrazilFree-to-air BroadcastersRadio e Televisão RecordType Free-to-air commercial broadcasterW Rua da Várzea 240, 01140-080 SP São Paulo,BrazilC Paulo Calil – Sports acquisitions directorE + 55 11 2184 5459F + 55 11 3660 5065Ownership Igreja Universal do Reino de DeusReach UniversalChannels Rede Record, Record NewsMajor sports rightsGames Olympic Games 2010-2016,Pan American Games 2011 & 2015Radio e TelevisãoBandeirantesType Free-to-air commercial broadcasterW R. Radiantes 13, 05699-900 SPSão Paulo, BrazilC Carlos Gomes – Sports directorE + 55 11 3131 1313F + 55 11 3131 3447Ownership Grupo Bandeirantes deComunicaçãoChannels Band network. Also ownsBandSports pay-TV sports channelMajor sports rights Soccer Euro 2012, Campeonato Brasileiroto 2011,Copa do Brasil to 2011, CopaSudamericana, 2010 Fifa World Cup (allsublicensed from Globo)Olympics Olympic Games 2014 & 2016Sistema Brasileirode Televisão (SBT)Type Free-to-air commercial broadcasterW Av. das Comunicações, 04 – Osasco,SP São Paulo, BrasilT + 55 11 7087 3000F + 55 11 7087 3509C Luiz Carlos Crespo – International salesE Grupo Silvio SantosReach 97%Channels SBTRede TV!Type Free-to-air commercial broadcasterW Av. Presidente Kennedy, 2869, Vila SãoJosé - Osasco - SP São Paulo, BrazilC Terence Mattar de Carvalho Paiva – Head ofsportsE + 55 11 3306 1102F + 55 11 3306 1066Ownership Amilcare Dallveo and Marcelode CarvalhoReach 82%Channels Rede TV!Major sports rights Motorsports A1GP to end 2008-09Brazil: TV ratingsBroadcaster 2005 2006 2007 2008Globo 21 21.4 18.7 17.4Record 5 6.1 7.2 8.3SBT 9 7.6 6.5 6.3Bandeirantes 2 2.1 2.3 2.5Rede TV! 1.8 1.5 1.5 1.7Ibope. Each rating point = 52,300 TVHH in Greater Sao Paulo areaGlobo TV NetworkType Free-to-air commercial broadcasterW Rua Evandro Carlos de Andrade 160 – 7andar, 04583115 SP São Paulo, BrazilC Marcelo Pinto – Globo TV Network DirectorE + 55 21 2540 1415F + 55 21 2540 6967Ownership Organizações GloboChannels/Platforms Rede Globo network;pay-sports broadcaster SporTv, pay-per-viewsoccer service Premiere Futebol Clube,sports portal sport rights Soccer 2010 & 2014 Fifa World Cup, Euro 2012Campeonato Brasileiro national league to2011, Carioca state championship to 2011,Paulista state championship to 2011,Uefa Champions League to 2011-12,Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana to 2014,Copa do Brasil to 2011Motorsport Formula 1Olympics Olympic Games 2010-2016Volleyball FIVB Grand Prix, World League,World Cup, Beach Volleyball World TourBrazil: Key sports rights at a glanceProperty Broadcaster Years FeeSoccer: Fifa World Cup Globo, Band*, SporTV 2010 & 2014 $380mSoccer: Cpto Brasileiro Globo, Band*, SporTV, PFC 2009 to 2011 R$420m/yrSoccer: Copa Libertadores Globo, Band*, SporTV 2009 to 2014 $30m/yrSoccer: National team Globo, SporTV 2007 to 2010 $1m/matchMotorsport: Formula 1 Globo, SporTV 2007 to 2010 $10m/yr**Volleyball: FIVB World League Globo 2006 to 2010 $20m**Olympic Games Rede Record 2010 & 2012 $60mOlympic Games Globo, Band, Rede Record 2014 & 2016 $170m Sportcal, 2009 *sublicence from Globo 2014 & 2016 ** EstimateEsporte InterativoType Free-to-air commercial broadcaster,mobile-TVW Rua Visconde de Ouro Preto 75, 22250-180 RJ Rio de Janeiro, BrazilC Carlos Moreira – Executive directorE + 55 21 2103 7716F + 55 21 2103 7701Ownership ManagementReach 28m TVHHChannels TV Esporte Interativo via satellite,online and mobileMajor sports rights Soccer Bundesliga to 2011-12, UefaChampions League to 2011-12 (1st pickTuesday match), Italian Serie A to 2009-10,Portuguese Liga Sagres to 2009-10, AfricaCup of Nations 2010 and 2012Basketball FIBA package: WorldChampionships, Pre-Olympic tournaments,U19 World CupInternet and mobile Uefa Champions Leagueto 2011-12 (1st pick Tuesday match)
  3. 3. Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved139BrazilNet Serviçosde ComunicaçãoType Pay-TV cable operatorW Rua Verbo Divino 1356 – 1st floor, 4719002São Paulo, BrazilC Fernando Magalhães – Director of TV channelsE + 55 11 2111 2815See also GlobosatOwnership Telmex/Embratel (30%),Globo (12%), publicly-tradedSubscribers 3.6m (Q3 09)Basic sports channel SporTV, SporTV2,Upper-tier sports channels ESPN Brasil,ESPN International, BandSportsPpv services Premiere Futebol Clube,Premiere CombateOiType Pay-TV digital satellite operatorW R. Humberto de Campos, 425, 8th floor,22430-190 Rio de Janeiro – RJ. BrazilC Luis Volpini – Manager Oi TV E + 55 21 3131 3606F + 55 21 3131 2626C Chris Mendes – MarketingE + 55 21 8801 1373Ownership Publicly-tradedPay-TV subscribers 62,000 (Q3 09)Basic sports channels SporTV, SporTV2,Esporte InterativoUpper-tier sports channel ESPN Brasil,ESPN, BandSports, WoohooPpv services Premiere Futebol ClubeMobile subscribers 34.8m (Q3 09Sports content Oi launched a mobile-TVservice in May 2009. The new service carriesESPN Brasil, ESPN, Woohoo and EsporteInterativo mobile channelsSky BrasilType Pay-TV digital cable and satellite operatorW Rua Itapiru 1209/304A, 2025/1032Rio de Janeiro, BrazilT + 55 21 2502 1233C See SporTVOwnership DirecTV (74.1%), Globo (25.9%)Subscribers 1.8m (Q3 09Basic sports channel SporTV, SporTV2,Upper tier sports channels BandSports,ESPN, ESPN Brasil, Speed, The Golf ChannelPpv services Premiere Futebol Clube,Premiere CombateTerraType Broadband and mobile-TV operatorW Av. Nações Unidas, 12/901 – 12th Floor,CENU – North Tower, 04578 – São Paulo,BrazilC Pedro Rolla – Sports directorE + 55 11 5509 0500F + 55 11 5509 0505Ownership TelefônicaUnique visitors 12 million per monthSports content Broadband and mobilerights to 2010 and 2012 Olympic Games.Operates joint-venture sports portal,ESPN360, with ESPNTVA / Telefônica TV DigitalType Pay-TV cable and satellite operatorW Rua Martiniano de Carvalho, 851 – 17º andar,Bela Vista - SP Cep 01321-001 BrazilT + 55 11 3549 7200F + 55 11 3549 7202Ownership Grupo Abril, TelefônicaSubscribers 508,800 (Q3 09Basic sports channels SporTV, SporTV2Premium sports channels ESPN Brasil, ESPN,BandSports, Speed, WooHoo,Premiere Futebol ClubeVia EmbratelType Pay-TV digital satellite operatorW Av. Marechal Rondon 260, 13063-001 –Campinas – São Paulo, BrazilC Maria Regina dos Santos – ProgramManagerE + 55 19 3721 6304F + 55 21 2121 6388Ownership TelmexSubscribers 241,897 (Q3 09Basic sports channel SporTV, SporTV2,Upper-tier sports channels ESPN Brasil,ESPN, BandSports, WooHoo, Speed.Ppv services Premiere Futebol Clube,Premiere CombateMultichannel OperatorsBrazil: Pay-TV subscribers 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009*Cable 2,511 2,842 3,228 3,811 4,157Satellite 1,438 1,479 1,762 2,092 2,350MMDS 227 258 347 398 379Total 4,176 4,579 5,337 6,301 6,886Source: Anatel *to July 09
  4. 4. Global Sports Media Yearbook 2010© and Database Right 2010 Sportcal Global Communications ltd. All rights Reserved140BrazilClaroType Mobile operatorW Fiamma Zarife – Senior executiveE + 55 11 9301 0014C João Victor Martins – Senior executiveE + 55 11 9415 7215Ownership América Móvil (Telmex)Subscribers 40m (Q2 09)Sports content Claro carries the EsporteInterativo mobile channelTIM TVType Mobile operatorW executive Alexandre BuonoE + 55 21 8113 0699Ownership Telecom ItaliaSubscribers 38m (Q2 09)Sports content Tim TV carries ESPN Brasil andEsporte Interativo mobile channelsVivoType Mobile operatorW + 55 11 7420 1062Ownership Telefônica (50%), PT (50%)Subscribers 50m (end 2009)Multichannel Operators – MobilePay-TV BroadcastersType Pay-TV sports channelW Rua Carlos Cyrillo Jr 92, 0561 4000 SPSão Paulo, BrazilC Evandro Figuiera – International coordinatorE + 55 11 3131 1313F + 55 11 3743 0244OwnershipGrupo Bandeirantes de ComunicaçãoMajor sports rights Soccer Copa do Brasil, Bundesliga to 2011-12, 2010 World Cup qualifers(Asia, Europe, North and Central America)Basketball NCAA, Spanish ACB LigaMotorsport Nascar, IndyCar to 2010,South American Formula 3, FIM MotocrossTennis WTA TourESPN Brasil Videocom BrazilType Pay-TV sports channel, mobile-TVW www.espn.comA Rua Piraciciaba 175, Sumaré, São Paulo,01254-050, BrazilC Carlos Maluf – Director of acquisitionsand programmingE Carlos.e.maluf@espn.comT + 55 11 3677 7550Ownership ESPNCarriage all major pay-television platformsMajor sports rights Soccer Copa do Brasil, Uefa ChampionsLeague to 2011-12, English Premier League to2009-10, Italian Serie A to 2009-10Table tennis ITTF Pro Tour to 2011Type Teleport operator and productionservices integrator (horse racing)W Pça Santos Dumont 31- Tribuna B, Gávea,Rio de Janeiro, 22470-060 RJ, BrasilT +55 11 5078 9938F +55 11 5594 5822C Guilherme Rabello - International salesE TV Jockey (owned by Jockey ClubeBrasileiro)Major sports rights Live content from 4racetracks (Jockey Club Brasileiro, Jockey Clubdo Paraná, Jockey Club do Rio Grande do Suland Jockey Club de Campos)BandSportsPremiere Futebol Clube/Premiere CombateType Pay-per-view soccer serviceW www. Rua Itapiru 1209/304A, 2025/1032Rio de Janeiro, BrazilC Fernando Manuel – Head of acquisitionsMarcia Cintra – Director of sports contractsE + 55 21 2540 1446F + 55 21 2266 7544Ownership GloboChannels PFC, PFC Internacional and PremiereCombate (ppv combat sports channel)Major sports rights Soccer Campeonato Brasileiro national leagueto 2011, Carioca state championship to 2011,Paulista state championship to 2011, Copado Brasil to 2011, State championships ofMinas Gerais, Pernambuco, Santa Catarina, RioGrande do Sul, Baia, Parana, GoiasSporTVType Basic pay-TV sports channelsW www. Rua Itapiru 1209/304A,2025/1032 Rio de Janeiro, BrazilC Claudia de Macedo – Research andacquisitions directorE + 55 21 2502 1233C Elton Simões – Managing directorE Globosat Programadora Ltda (Globo)Channels SporTV, SporTV2Major sports rights Soccer 2010 & 2014 Fifa World Cup,Campeonato Brasileiro national league to2011, Carioca state championship to 2011,Paulista state championship to 2011,Uefa Champions League to 2011-12,Copa Libertadores and Sudamericana to 2014,Copa do Brasil to 2011.Basketball National teamsMotorsport Formula 1Volleyball FIVB Grand Prix, World League,World Cup, Beach Volleyball World TourOther FIG Gymnastics World Championships,Davis Cup tennis.