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Steel Media's introduction to the Student Developer Challenge, Samsung Apps and everything you can expect!

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  • Scd2012 ppt

    1. 1. Intro Lecture
    2. 2. Today’s agenda1. Introducing the App Market, S- Pen and Samsung Apps o The app market, where Samsung Apps fits and cool features of the Note2. The student developer challenge 2012 o How it works, what’s on offer and what we’re looking for3. Inspiration o 8 weeks to create an app? What are we expecting?4. What next? o How to get involved and where to get help
    4. 4. The app market1. Big, lucrative market o Over 50 billion apps downloaded o Analysts estimate $29.5bn by 2013 o App developers making $10-100Ms o Natural Motion’s CSR Racing $12M in July!2. Multiple business models:Freemium, Premium, Ad-funded o Multiple tiers of app pricing established, but freemium with in-app purchase leading the way o Also revenue via advertising3. Main stores (apps) o Apple App Store (c.700K) Sept 2012 o Android Market (c.675K) Sept 2012 o Samsung Apps Store (c.80K) Sept 2012 o less competition , better chance of being the next big thing!4. Games lead the way, but there is demand for all app types
    5. 5. Why Samsungo Samsung are dominating the smartphone market.o 10 Million notes sold by Aug ‘12.o Samsung Apps spans 120 countries and different platforms.o 80k apps means less competition.o Extensive and free to use resources. Remote testing lab, thorough certification process.
    6. 6. Why Android1. The biggest Smartphone OS o 51% market share (compared to 31% iOS) o 500M install base o Over 1m activations a day Q3 ‘122. Advanced tools / support o Open nature means lots of tools and help out there3. Multiple OS/Formats o Ice Cream Sandwich is latest but fragmentation exists across devices
    8. 8. 5 Reasons you should care!1. Money!!! o £12.5K prize fund with £5,000 top prize and £500 to be won the at codeathon stage.2. Devices for Every Team o Note 2 and 10.1 with S-Pen3. Expert Support o SERI team on hand at codeathons, lectures, etc4. Priceless Promotion o ALL qualifying apps pushed on the Samsung Apps store5. Bragging Rights o Taking the crown from last years University!
    9. 9. How does the challenge work?1. Introductory Lecture (Now!) o Heads-up on the platform2. 24hr Codeathon (3-4 weeks) November! o Progress your idea with help from SERI experts3. Halfway Checkpoint (+ 4 weeks) o Send in an executable file and get feedback + tips4. Submission Deadline (+ 4 weeks) o Final apps are checked and shortlist created5. Code Camp (Jan-Feb) o Feedback on your work, time to tweak before final6. Grand Final (Mid-March) o Apps presented and winners selected7.App Promotion (March onwards)o All qualifying apps promoted
    10. 10. What are we looking for?1. Cool apps of any kind o Productivity, games, web- apps…just not scientific calculators!2. Critera – we’re judging: o (a) level of innovation o (b) suitability for the platform o (c) commercial feasibility o (d) quality of application*(* At the codeathon judging stage development progress will be used in place of quality.)
    11. 11. How will Samsung promote apps?1. Apps feature in a dedicated category2. Promote category and apps in newsletter3. Promotion of category on Samsung channels4. News coverage on Steel Media channels5. Press Release
    13. 13. Things to think about whilst coding…1. Different screen sizes o 5.3” and 10.1”2. Different inputs o S-Pen is prominent o Also voice, motion, face recognition, GPS, etc3. Constant connection o Can communicate data and messages and use internet o But bear in mind data costs (what happens offline?)4. Cross-platform sharing? o Will it work on othr Android phones devices?
    14. 14. Key Samsung SDKsS PenSamsung’s unique stylus pen designedexclusively for the Note devices. Has a varietyof apps purposely designed with it in mind.Used when precision is needed. CAN captureand annotate any screen and the phone canrecognise pressure, and a range of gestures.Ch@tONA communication service which serves morethan 120 countries in 60 languages onAndroid, iOS, and bada , Blackberry andwindows. Main functions are chatting one toone or in groups and can be used to send andreceive media files.
    15. 15. Galaxy Notes: BACK TO BACK1. Operating System o Both running on Android Ice cream sandwich2. Processor Power o Both very powerful devices. o Note (5.3) has a 1.4 GHz dual core o Note 10.1 has a quad core 1.4 GHz3. Display o Both devices support 1280 x 800 Display Resolution and can record in 1080p o 5.3 and 10.1 screens respectively4. Input o Note has an 8 megapixel camera with a 5 mega pixel front facing camera o Note 10.1 has a and a 1.9 FF camera o Both have the S pen o Both devices have GPS o Both have accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and barometer
    16. 16. What’s achievable in timeframe?1. Need to be realistic about what can be done – not an MMO!2. Simple games/apps can be v. successful3. Think of idea that can be prototyped quickly4. Focus on doing one thing really well5. Leave time for testing!
    17. 17. Inspiration…Flight ControlDev: FiremintDev Time: 2 weeksTeam size: 1Downloads: 3 million +Concept: Guide planes to runways using touch- screen controlsKey elements: Intuitive controls, simple graphics, well-balanced
    18. 18. Inspiration…Doodle JumpDev: Lima SkyDev Time: c. 2 monthsTeam size: 2Downloads: 10 million +Concept: Jump between moving platformsKey elements: v.simple accelerometer controls, distinctive visual style
    19. 19. Inspiration…Student AppsThe following apps were created by students of the Student Developer Challenge last year! Team: Moeba App:Quartic Llama Innovative colour-changing action game with a distinctive organic art style. o Simple gameplay o Great graphic design o Last years winner! Have since gone onto starting up their own company and won funding.
    20. 20. Inspiration…Student Apps (2)Team: The Time Is NowApp: Don’t be lazyThis ultimate alarm clock makes sureyou don’t sleep in!o Alarm clock ideao 3 stages of tasks that had to be completed before alarm could be turn offo - Simple but effective
    21. 21. Inspiration…Student Apps (3)Team: Razvan MoisaApp: Doodle FightSketch your own fighter then do battle with your friends!o Easy menu setupo Freedom to draw your own fightero Touch screen utilised perfectly
    22. 22. Inspiration…Student Apps (3)Team: Alex GhitulescuApp: Evacuate M15Guide the rockets safely home, evacuate the planet, blow up the asteroids, save the world!o Multiple levels with varied difficultyo Easy to graspo Physics altered for planets atmosphere to replicate gravity
    23. 23. Inspiration…Student Apps Round UpSome other app ideas…o App: Colour Fight Simple but addictive colour- matching puzzler.o App: Password Wallet A secure solution to managing multiple passwords.o App: Destrocktion The ideal game for procrastinators. The longer you wait to stop the rocks, the higher the score.o App: London Bikes Get on your (nearest) bike with this smart location-based app.
    24. 24. Do’s & Dont’sDo give yourself plenty of time for testingDo plan out your app and get adviceDo think about the best skill-sets of your teamDo take inspiration from other apps but...Don’t just rip-off an ideaDon’t use IP without permission, it won’t get into the store!
    25. 25. Business Models 101How will your app be monetised?(What effect on design?)1. Premium/Paymium o Charge a fee for your app – what price?2. Freemium o Free-App to download with in- app purchase or level packs (what are these?)3. Ad-funded o Totally free app to download/play with embedded ads4. Combo o A combination of some of the above models (i.e. paid app with in-app purchase and ads)
    26. 26. 4. WHAT NEXT?
    27. 27. How can I get involved?1. Form a team (1+)2. Sign up atwww.studentdeveloperchallenge.com3. Have a cool idea4. Download the SDKs and have a play5. Turn up to codeathon and develop your idea6. Make a good app!7. WIN! £££
    28. 28. HELP!!! Don’t panic there’s plenty at hand…o SERI team during lectures, codeathons and onlineo Online developer resources The challenge site itself www.studentdeveloperchallenge .como Devices on loan to University and students teamso Check out online media such as www.PocketGamer.Biz
    29. 29. SIGN UP TODAY!
    30. 30. REGISTER NOW AT: WWW.STUDENTDEVELOPERCHALLENGE.COMContacts:(Steel Media) Lee Kenny, Events Manager – lee.kenny@steelmedia.couk(SERI) Sameer Ballewar - Keith Bauwise – Manfred Bortenschlager - @StudentDevChall Facebook: StudentDeveloperChallenge