Under pressure


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This article is about designed to help students succeed in college. It offers 10 tips for college success.

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Under pressure

  1. 1. 10 Tips for Student Success
  2. 2. 10USE THE FORCEIf you have made it this far,you must have a strongdesire to get your degree.In other words, you holdthe force! Use your dreamsand goals as motivation tokeep you going. Withhomework and late nightsstudying you may begin toquestion why youre doingwhat youre doing. If youever get to this point,(which I am afraid you will)take a step back andremember why you aredoing what you are doing.Constantly remind yourselfthat YOU and only YOU arein charge of your future.Freedigitalphotos.net
  3. 3. 9DON’T SETTLEYou may have had to settle on adate to the prom in high school.You may have to settle for tunawhen you want grilled cheese.But you never, ever, have tosettle on a professor. This is acommon mistake that studentsmake these days. You are incharge of your education;youre paying for it arent you?Make the most of it! If you aftera few classes you find that youdont like you professor, or youfeel like youre not going to getmuch out of the class,TRANSFER. There are alsomany tools out there availableto students that allow them toresearch and rate professors.Put these resources to use andmake the most out of college.Freedigitalphotos.net
  4. 4. 8GO TO CLASSSeems self explanatory doesntit? Going to class is importantfor sure. But, you would besurprised how many studentsjust dont go to class. Mostcollege professors dontenforce attendance policies,and neither to the schools. Sostaying in bed can be way tooeasy. Get yourself to class everytime and you will notice a hugedifference.Freedigitalphotos.net
  5. 5. 7RETRAIN YOUR BRAINToday, with iPods, iPhones, andlaptops information andentertainment are constantlyat our fingertips. Since wevebecome used to this luxury, itcan be hard to sit through alecture and pay attention. Ifyou want to succeed in school,its time to retrain yourattention span. Force yourselfto pay attention and takenotes, and youll do better.Freedigitalphotos.net
  6. 6. 6DO YOUR HOMEWORK(ACTUALLY DO IT)Novel idea isnt it? But really,set a time for studying.Remove distractions, friends,and roommates and get to thegrindstone. A good rule ofthumb to use is for every onehour of class add 2 hours ofstudy time.Freedigitalphotos.net
  7. 7. 5ANSWER QUESTIONS (THERIGHT WAY)I know, this one seems kind ofdumb, but it is actually veryimportant. Most professorscomplain these days about howstudents dont seem to answerthe questions they pose fully oraccurately. If you dontunderstand the question, ask.Take your time to answer andbe detailed.Freedigitalphotos.net
  8. 8. 4TAKE YOUR TEST, THEN RE-TAKE YOUR TESTOnce you get a study guidefrom your professor, it ishelpful to make yourself a pretest. Take the test that youvemade and correct it. This willhelp you prepare for the test.Take the test. Once you getyour test back, look over theanswers that you got wrongand figure out the right answer.This will get you ready for yourfinal.Freedigitalphotos.net
  9. 9. 3USE YOUR PROFESSORMost students dont realizethat their professors are thereto help them learn. Yourprofessor wants you tosucceed. Most professors arerequired to be in their oncampus office for at least 4hours a week. This office time isfor you! If you have a questionabout an assignment or youneed help, take advantage ofyour professor and his or heroffice time and put it to use.Freedigitalphotos.net
  10. 10. 2GET YOUR FEET WETThere are a lot of collegecounselors out there that willstrongly encourage you tochoose your major right away.However, it is a better idea tostart with a few classes beforeyou decide on a major. Youneed to get into school and getyour feet wet. Try new things,rediscover yourself and findwhat makes you happy. Onceyouve found your dream field,then you can decide on a major.Otherwise you may think youwant one thing, and find thatyou dont.Freedigitalphotos.net
  11. 11. 1STAY HAPPYWith all the hard work thatgoes in to earning your collegedegree there is one thing thatremains the most important.YOUR DREAM. If you feel tiredand down trodden and dontwant to go to school anymore itcan help to remember why youare there and what you love.Take some fun classes once in awhile to boost creativity andyour spirits.Freedigitalphotos.net