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Concept art work


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Concept art work

  1. 1. Concept Artist
  2. 2. A concept artist is an individual who generates a visual design for an item, character, or area that does not yet exist. This includes, but is not limited to, film production, animation production and more recently video game production. A concept artist may be required for nothing more than preliminary artwork, or may be required to be part of a creative team until a project reaches fruition. While it is necessary to have the skills of a fine artist, a concept artist must also be able to work to strict deadlines in the capacity of a graphic designer. Some concept artists may start as fine artists, industrial designers, animators, or even special effects artists. Interpretation of ideas and how they are realized is where the concept artist's individual creativity is most evident, as subject matter is often beyond their control Creative assembly is a company known for its strategy games like the total war series total war shogun and napoleon total war and it has great experiences in these lines of work since there an established company and people who work for them all over the world there are most known for their strategy games which are normally the same people repeated in a large team of units but each team looks different and they have lots of different units on the field all with different styles that where determined by the concept artist they also do concept art for authentic Japanese building and in other games past military buildings all this is essential since it has such a great impact on the game overall if the concept art is incorrect and not to standard they cannot use it or will be reluctant to use it because it will degrade the quality of the game so the concepts are really important to the game since It the graphics are most essential to most game these days Ryan Church
  3. 3. This is another concept artist drawing that is made just outside of game to prove his work is up the standard this would help with a concept artists employment since in the game industry you need to provide proof that you can do what your being asked of by providing a portfolio and this is what these images are for this concept artist employers will see these images and will judge them by the quality of the images and then if there good enough he will get the job this concept artist seems to be set on the theme of sci fi and spaceships which is the a good skill set because a lot of games are focused on sci-fi since you can do so much things with sci-fi that so ridiculous and it be correct and actually exciting fun but you still need to do it to a true full extent but it mostly amazing what concept artist can do with a world they create and such amazing models that bring hyper reality to life and this can make or break games or become the next sensation or trend setter for video games that other concept artist will have to do work for this otherwise they could lose out at a lot of profit that why this position in the game industry is so important it also why game technology is getting so advanced in video games because the concept artist keep wanted their dreams realised and their dreams are what make video games what they are and why we want to play them since some people only play games since it has great graphics and its concept artist job to keep to ever increasing standard of games that is coming out these days concept artist are very much required in these lines of work so concept artist need to prove themselves before they go working for any sort of company and go work on games and that is what these images are about even through there only sci-fi also concept artist are required if you want to make something modern since you need to do research on how your ideas look and do it realistically otherwise you get heavily criticised by reviewers and then you lose a lots of profits and your game will die off along with the company it not always that serve its normally just a bad game that gets bad sale but it is important to get a good concept artist in the industry since it such an essential tools for a games company which such an expensive and growing industry And all concept artists are part of this and they are getting technology developed for them it such an expensive industry that people are even developing expensive technology for it like get even which allows hyper realistic graphics to be used