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Stuart simmons portfolio rev a

  1. 1. Stuart Simmons Portfolio
  2. 2. Portfolio Contents • Space Application • Military Aerospace • Military • Marine • Automotive • Commercial Aerospace • Sporting Goods • Patents • Resume
  3. 3. Military Aerospace • B2 Spirit Flight Control Rods – Table rolled prepreg tubes, tape wrap cured and cylindrically ground with secondarily bonded and riveted Titanium T Rod Inserts. – Responsible for initial process development. – Advanced Composite Products 1994
  4. 4. Military Aerospace • B2 Spirit Bomb Bay Door Torque Tubes – Extremely high torque loads I was responsible for the yearly production manufacture of this product for 6 years. – Advanced Composite Products
  5. 5. Military Aerospace • UAV Tail Booms – Carbon/Epoxy Tubes – Responsible for: • Primary Customer point of contact • Process Development and documentation • Production oversight – Advanced Composite Products 1994 • Searcher • Pioneer
  6. 6. Military • Talon MkVIIe Laser Range Finder. – Project Engineer for this program. – Unique Composite assembly capable of hermetic seal better than 5.2 X10-5 cc helium per second. – Responsibilities: • Process development • Mold and Fixture design • All process documentation • Primary customer point of contact – Awarded a flight simulator trip by AAR Corporate for outstanding achievement. – AAR Composites 2006
  7. 7. Military • RCA Phase Array Radar Unit . – One of Several Manufacturing Engineers for this program. – Sub Component fabrication, secondary bonding and hardware installation. – Advanced Composite Products 1987
  8. 8. Military • Folding Temporary Road Surface. (SBIR program) – One of Two Manufacturing Engineers for this program. – Filament Wound Thermoplastic Matrix Composite Structure. These Panels were compression molded in a custom designed shuttling press. – Designed Kreel holder and fiber placement mechanism for filament winder, Assisted in the design and fabrication of the consolidation press and managed production of these components. – Advanced Composite Products 1987-1992
  9. 9. Marine • Rowing Shells – Contract Position to launch new line of boats and to streamline the existing production process. – Increased production by 50% in six months with the introduction of a JIT subcomponent assembly line approach. – Trained technicians to use new high performance adhesives and fabrication processes. – Vespoli USA 1995 Note: The rowing shell shown on the right won the gold in the 2000 Olympics. • Vespoli USA 8 Man Rowing Shell
  10. 10. Automotive • Camper Top – Responsible for the development of the polyurethane formulation and preforming method used to mold this product. See patents – Part of a 6 engineer team responsible for the setup of a 100,000 sq.ft facility in New Stanton PA that produced 150 camper tops per day. – Corner stone product for Advance USA’s Strata Composites process – Advance USA 1996-2000 • Fleetwood Coleman Pop- up Camper Top
  11. 11. Automotive • Freightliner Fold Down Bunk. – Strata Composite Product development from inception to production launch. – Responsibilities included process development and product testing. – Designed an injection defuser to distribute the polyurethane and maintain a uniform foam density in the finished product. – Named as inventor on 2 US Patents – Advance USA 1996-2000
  12. 12. Automotive • Ford Tonneau Cover . – GE Plastics, Ford, Advance USA and Dow Chemical teamed for a 5 year NIST funded effort to introduce the Strata Composites to the Automotive Industry. – Responsible for process development and testing – Achieved a 5 minute cycle time for the production of this product. – Setup and operation of capitol equipment. – Development of UV curing equipment used to bond substrate materials. – Advance USA 1996-2000
  13. 13. Commercial Aerospace • Pratt & Whitney Global Services – Subcontracted from MTU Aero engines as a Repair Development Engineer. – Document repair procedures for turbine engines working with Pratt & Whitney level III engineers and DER’s. – Responsible for all internal composite engine components as well as Fan Case, Fan Blades and external components such as the engine fan cowl, trans cowl and nozzle. – Named as inventor on a patent for a repair procedure. – MTU Aero Engines 2005-2006
  14. 14. Commercial Aerospace • Counter MANPAD Fairings • Commercial Aircraft Counter Measures System. – Project Engineer. • Management of Engineering Team responsible for the fabrication of the fairings for this program. • Prepreg Carbon Composite Construction. – AAR Composites 2007
  15. 15. Commercial Aerospace • Aircraft Interiors – Fabrication of composite and decorative plexiglass pieces for business jet interiors. • Tooling design and fabrication of headliner, window panels, valence panel, side ledge and heated floor panels as well as all decorative plexiglass features. • Process development • Oversight of Installation in Aircraft Pictures shown are of several Dassualt Falcon 20 interiors – Jet Aviation 1981-1983
  16. 16. Commercial Aerospace • Aircraft Seating – Seat Designer • Arm rests and Head Rests – Manager of the test facility static and dynamic testing as well as the prototype shop. • Supervision of 10 technician team • Test sled scheduling – BE Aerospace 2001
  17. 17. Commercial Aerospace • Cessna CJ4 Fairings. – Senior Project Engineer. • Management of Engineering Team responsible for the fabrication of the fairings for this program. • VARTM and RTM Carbon Composite Construction – AAR Composites 2008
  18. 18. Sporting Goods • Bicycle Components – Spinergy Bicycle wheel • Project Engineer responsible for optimization and day to day production of this product. • 25000 units shipped in 6 months – Cannondale Mountain Bike Swing Arm • 1 of 2 Engineers responsible for product design and development. • RTM tool fabrication process which was later patented by Dow UT on another program – Dow UT 1994-1995
  19. 19. Patents • United States Patent 6,627,018O'Neill , et al. September 30, 2003 System and method of forming composite structures • Abstract • A system and method for forming a composite structure involves providing at least two polymeric sheets as outer layers such that a cavity is formed therebetween, adhesively bonding fibrous layers to the polymeric layers to hold the fibrous layers in place during processing, and injecting into the cavity a polymeric core material capable of exhibiting a foamed character and a resinous character. The cavity is evacuated during filling with the core material, and a blowing agent of the core material is activated upon exposure to the evacuated cavity. The core material contacting the fibrous layers is reconverted to its resinous character and forms a relative dense, resinous interface between the core and fibrous layers. Upon filling the region of the cavity between the fibrous layers, a catalytic reaction is initiated in the core. Then, each resinous interface is driven through the respective fibrous layer to impregnate the fibrous layer and form a dense, resinous layer between each fibrous layer and adjacent polymeric layer. A structural insert, such as a rigid plate adapted to receive fasteners, is embedded within the core material for attaching other devices or structures thereto. • Inventors: O'Neill; Michael A. (Stonington, CT); Kirk; Wayne D. (Old Lyme, CT); Simmons; Stuart C. (North Branford, CT); Trudeau; Paul (Old Lyme, CT); Bremmer; Jonathan W. (Portland, CT) Assignee:Advance USA, LLC (Old Lyme, CT) Appl. No.: 690660Filed: October 17, 2000Current U.S. Class:156/78 ; 156/245; 156/267; 156/275.3; 156/275.7; 156/291; 264/101; 264/257; 264/46.5; 264/46.8; 264/511; 264/54Field of Search: 156/77,78,267,245,275.3,275.7,291,285 264/54,46.5,46.8,101,257,514
  20. 20. Patents Continued • United States Patent 6,331,028O'Neill , et al. December 18, 2001 Fiber-reinforced composite structure • Abstract • A fiber-reinforced composite structure has two molded outer polymeric layers spaced apart from each other and defining a cavity therebetween. Each molded outer polymeric layer defines a sealing surface extending about a periphery of the respective layer, and the opposing sealing surfaces cooperate to define a hermetic seal extending about a periphery of the cavity. One or more multi-directional fiber reinforcement layers are adhesively attached in a discontinuous manner to each outer polymeric layer, and define a first region of the cavity extending between each respective outer polymeric layer and adjacent fiber reinforcement layer, and a second region of the cavity extending between the fiber reinforcement layers. A core is located between the two outer polymeric layers, and is made of a resinous core material capable of exhibiting a foamed character and a resinous character. The resinous core material has a blowing agent activatable upon exposure to a predetermined vacuum pressure within the cavity to convert the core material within the second region of the cavity from a resinous character to a foamed character and thereby fill the second region of the cavity with the foamed core material. Each multi-directional fiber reinforcement layer is impregnated with the core material exhibiting a relatively dense, resinous character, and each first region of the cavity is substantially filled with the core material exhibiting a resinous character to fixedly secure the multi-directional fiber reinforcement layers to the outer polymeric layers. A structural insert, such as a rigid plate adapted to receive fasteners, is embedded within the core material for attaching other devices or structures thereto. • Inventors: O'Neill; Michael A. (Stonington, CT); Kirk; Wayne D. (Old Lyme, CT); Simmons; Stuart C. (North Branford, CT); Trudeau; Paul (Old Lyme, CT); Bremmer; Jonathan W. (Portland, CT) Assignee:Advance USA, Inc. (Old Lyme, CT) Appl. No.: 690338Filed: October 17, 2000Current U.S. Class:296/100.01 ; 296/100.02; 428/71Field of Search: 296/100,100.01,160.02 428/71
  21. 21. Patents Continued • United States Patent Application 20080060752 • Kind Code A1 Bogue; William F. ; et al. March 13, 2008 • Rebonding a metallized fabric to an underlying layer • Abstract • A method and system for repairing an insulation blanket having a metallized fabric that becomes disbanded from an underlying layer of the insulation blanket. The method includes cutting a first slit in the metallized fabric near a disbanded portion of the fabric, inserting a repair material through the first slit such that the repair material is between the disbanded portion of the fabric and the underlying layer, and adhering the disbonded fabric and the underlying layer to the repair material to restore the functionality of the metallized fabric. • Inventors: Bogue; William F.; (Hebron, CT) ; Simmons; Stuart; (Northford, CT) Correspondence Name and Address: • KINNEY & LANGE, P.A. • THE KINNEY & LANGE BUILDING, 312 SOUTH THIRD STREET MINNEAPOLIS MN 55415-1002 • USAssignee Name and Adress: • United Technologies Corporation Hartford CT Serial No.: 517769 • Series Code: 11 • Filed: September 8, 2006