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Citizen Engagement Campaigns - Trewin Restorick - Changing Minds: Beyond Plastics

A talk on Citizen Engagement Campaigns by Trewin Restorick CEO/founder of Hubbub at Changing Minds: Beyond Plastics.

Communicate, the UK’s conference for environmental communicators, presented the second event in our Changing Minds series ahead of our main conference on October 23-24 in Bristol, UK. Head to for more information

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Citizen Engagement Campaigns - Trewin Restorick - Changing Minds: Beyond Plastics

  2. 2. HUBBUB • Hubbub is an environmental charity, established four years ago. • We look for creative solutions to pressing environmental issues. • We talk to mainstream consumers about sustainability in a way that resonates with them. • Collaboration is central to our work. • We have 4 hubs: Food, Fashion, Neighbourhoods, Homes. 1
  3. 3. BEHAVIOUR CHANGE 2 The ir r ationality of people
  4. 4. BEHAVIOUR CHANGE 3  NUDGE – At point when action is taken  VISUALISATION – Show the impact  REWARDS – Promoting positive actions  SOCIAL NORMS – Creating a sense of community  FUN THEORY – Playful and fun interventions
  5. 5. How can you stop young men on a night out dropping litter? Lets’ talk about sport – keeping it topical and fun. What behaviour change techniques can we use – nudge? Lets’ make the design strong, compelling and modern. THE BALLOT BIN The pow er of nudge
  6. 6. LITTER SHOP • Litter was collected from the forest and displayed in a one- off art installation. • The CON-venience store was open 3 days a week May – July. • Photo stunt carried out of a commercial fridge in the forest, filled with litter sourced from the forest floor. • Video made for sharing on social media. 5 Vis ualis ation
  7. 7. 6 Poly Mer a traditional punt made from 99% recycled plastic including 8,000 PET bottles. Made entirely in the UK with each stage of the construction filmed and shared. Boat named through a social media competition. Poly Mer used for plastic fishing trips for schools and businesses. Second boat has been commissioned. T H E P O LY M E R Vis ualis ation
  8. 8. COFFEE CUP RECYCLING 7 • One More Shot trial in Manchester recycled 30,000 cups in three months. • The Square Mile Challenge has recycled over 5 million cups. • Three mills are now recycling cups in the UK. • Costa is providing a £75 incentive for each tonne of cups collected. • Starbucks is trialing a 5p Latte Levy in 36 of their stores. Initial results highly positive. Vis ualis ation
  9. 9. BRIGHT FRIDAY 8 Vis ualis ation
  10. 10. #DRIVEDOWNLITTER • Coalition of companies testing ways to reduce roadside litter • Focussed on Maidstone and Folkestone service stations on M20.. • Will test impact of recycling reward machines. • Introduction of a range of new bins. • Nudge messaging across the sites and social media. • Trial to be measured by Highways England. 9 The Pow er of R ew ar ds
  11. 11. TRASHCONVERTER 10 The pow er of r ew ar ds
  12. 12. RECYCLING ON THE GO Campaign will explore ways to boost recycling on the go in Leeds. A branded campaign engaging local and national stakeholders. Coalition of 15 companies coming together to fund a measured trial Will launch and test the new OPRL App. Will assess impact of Deposit Return Machines. 11 Soc ial N or ms
  13. 13. COMMUNITY FRIDGES • A network 50 Community Fridges in the UK in the next twelve months. • Enable community groups to easily share learning and experiences. • A collaborative approach involving a wide range of retailers. • Fridges are saving on average 0.5 tonnes of perishable food a month. 12 Soc ial N or ms
  14. 14. 13 • Gifting beautiful outgrown baby clothing to families who need them. • Gifts from a mother to another on Mothers Day. • Run in partnership with mothercare. • Delivered in 41 stores has collected 48,000 items of clothing helping 4,800 families. GIFT A BUNDLE Soc ial N or ms
  15. 15. #TAPCHAT • The South East of England faces a drought. • How do you encourage people to use less water. • Start a debate around hidden water habits. • #TapChat 14 Soc ial N or ms
  16. 16. 15 BRING BACK HEAVY METAL Turning battery recycling up to 11