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Power point presentation greens environmental


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Power point

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Power point presentation greens environmental

  1. 1. The Total Environmental Management Solution
  2. 2. Total Environmental Management Solution Greens Environmental Ltd Stuart R Mitchell
  3. 3. Objective & Mission Statement Greens, using it’s experience, innovation and investment in technology will provide a specialised Environmental Management and Disposal Service We will identify the best practicable environmental solution available from recycling, recovery, treatment and or Dewatering, incineration of waste materials
  4. 4. Who Are Greens Environmental Ltd? Greens are a business providing an integrated Total Waste Management Solution i.e.; a One Stop Shop. Specialist Environmental Management and Recycling Company Chemical Waste Treatment &Transfer Facilities Landfill reclamation and disposal along with composting and recycling Waste to Energy plants Based within, The North West of the UK with Its purpose built transport facilities HQ on the International Hillhouse site in Thornton Cleaveleys
  5. 5. Who are Greens continued Our Waste Management Transport Licence enables us to transport and carry a wide range of waste materials such as; Acid’s Caustics, Petro Chemicals, solvents etc. with our ADR fleet of up to 20 specialised vacuum tankers. Our Flagship is the IVAC 8400 cfm High Volume Air Conveyance equipment which allows us to move wet and dry materials. Not to mention the vacuum tanker hire fleet to the industry. We also supply potable water for industry and for ground treatment and hydro blasting contractors
  6. 6. Industrial Tank Cleaning
  7. 7. Recycling & Transfer Stations
  8. 8. Facilities
  9. 9. In-depth industry experience and Legislative Knowledge The management team has in excess of 100 years combined Industrial services & Management Experience Benefit from local company service with PLC like resources Large enough to cope small enough to care with that local and personal touch interface with actual people, not a telephone answering service.
  10. 10. Organisation Chart Managing Director
  11. 11. •National Coverage, with a Local Service • 50 dedicated employees within the group Greens Environmental Ltd
  12. 12. Accreditations ISO 9001 – International Standard for Quality Management ISO 14001 – International Standard for Environmental Management Investors in People
  13. 13. Total Waste Management Experience Handled in the Past  Dale Pharmaceuticals  Lever Faberge  Astec  Biffa Waste  Rhom & Haas  S.S.L. International  Ineos Chlor Ltd  Viridor  Delphi Automotive  Flexsys Rubber Chemicals  Eli Lilly  Kodak  Phoenix Chemicals
  14. 14. Other Key Accounts  Robert McBride Group  B.A.S.F  United Utilities (Tredieb)  Shasun Chemicals  Ineos Chlor  Rohm & Hass (Scotland)  Cytech Engineering  Akzo Nobel (Crown Paints)  HMG Paints  Bradite Paints  Dynea  Ahlstrom Paper  Albermarl (UK)  3M E Woods Paints Ltd  Stepan UK Ltd  Veolia Environmental Ltd  Biffa Environmental Ltd
  15. 15. Site Services/Industrial Cleaning/Tank Cleaning
  16. 16. Typical Company Ltd – Waste Types Paper Wastes Scrap metals Bulk Effluents Packaged Hazardous waste (including drums/IBC’s & other chemicals, solvents) General waste (skips & bins) Plastics Cardboards Timber Filter Cake Rhodiasolv (laundering service) Resins & Polymers Filter Cake General Effluent Waste Shutdown Cleaning (mobile filter press)
  17. 17. Industrial Silo Cleaning Services
  18. 18. Paper Wastes It would be our intention to provide colour coded wheelie bins to be placed in dedicated area’s of the site where paper waste are mostly generated i.e.; offices and work place, these bins would be moved to a dedicated area of operation (the waste compound) where they like cardboard would be bailed/recycled into paper and board mills and therefore generate revenue for the site, cutting out the middle man.
  19. 19. Recycling Facilities
  20. 20. Scrap metal Aluminium, Stainless Steel ferrous/Scrap (metals) to be recycled Provide secure tagged bins British standard weighing equipment to allow weights to be recorded prior to exit from site. Ferrous scrap to be segregated to provide best possible revenue
  21. 21. Index linked prices Paper prices to be linked to Letts recycle index. Prices reviewed every three months Payment received by Another 60 days net Aluminium/metal prices linked to LME Based on previous month average Payment received by Another 60 days net
  22. 22. Bulk effluents and Hazardous waste Greens Environmental can actively manage all waste streams via on site contact within the waste management compound. We can provide a site services manager. Cost reduction strategies to be discussed with site personnel (possible provision of mobile dewatering plant to gain greater efficiency and a more effective filter cake and filtrate) this could be used at shutdown time to generate less tanker movement on and off site thereby reducing the environmental impact in traffic movements Provision of all documentation, Labelling and legislation updates
  23. 23. General Waste Current method of daily collection of general waste skips compaction and segregation, colour coded to identify various waste streams Massive cost reductions available by onsite compaction/shredding, waste minimisation programme to be implemented through training on site personnel Equipment can be supplied as part of contract avoiding capital outlay (new compactor and bins) new bins for filter cake with lidded design to stop spillage onto the floor and surrounding area of the effluent plant when moving bins around site for emptying.
  24. 24. Cardboard, Plastic Metal & Timber Cardboard and or paper to be recycled via direct contact with mills, cutting out the middle man. Possible bailer/compaction on site Plastics to be segregated and Recycled All metals to be recycled on site to create revenue for site Timber to be recycled All three to provide Revenue for site upon implementation of segregation
  25. 25. Benefits and Recognising Areas of Improvement Waste Management Contract – Strategy & Benefits – stricter budgeting 1 point of contact for all waste types on site Control of contractors and Health & Safety issues in conjunction with Company personnel Stricter compliance with regulations Fewer invoices Annual returns facilitated by annual breakdowns of waste types Monthly reports supplied On site implementation of waste minimisation programme along with the training of personnel on site Less transport movement of tankers and skips on site
  26. 26. Total Waste Management Solution  Provision of 1-3 year contract fixed prices with an option for a rollover to 4th and 5th year  Takes away varying price issues  Done by working closely with site personnel and understanding the chemistry between both companies along with each others needs, supplying the disalgesics to your industrial waste headaches  System and procedure / controls  Revenue returns on recycled waste streams available  Waste Manager to be appointed on contract  Provision within the contract price for off spec materials 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 Cost £k year 1 year 3 year 5
  27. 27. 24Hr availability to respond to any site emergency Provision of all necessary transit and internal labels incorporating the relevant legislation HQ / E A Returns for all waste leaving site produced in types & weights A commitment to maintain a level of service in line with site requirements Arranging of all transport and shipping requirements and appropriate documentation
  28. 28. Conclusion “Working in Partnership” Will enable both our companies to grow with a common goal to achieve the most cost effective and efficient operation possible
  29. 29. The Total Waste Management Solution Questions?