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Survival Guide for the Cyber Reporter


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The modern journalist has an array of media tools at their disposal. But how should community media best deploy them? And how does a reporter juggle filing for print, online and social platforms? Communications consultant STUART HOWIE gave this presentation to the New Zealand Community Newspaper Association's annual conference. He outlines the FIVE key aspects of a SMART Newsroom - and provides valuable insights for local reporters and communication professionals.

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Survival Guide for the Cyber Reporter

  1. 1. 2020 VISION: THE MODERN NEWSROOM SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR THE CYBER REPORTERNew Zealand Community Newspapers Association Annual conference, Rotorua STUART HOWIE June 2018
  2. 2. THE MODERN JOURNALIST In this session I want to go over what a SMART™ Newsroom – a Modern Newsroom – looks like today. What does that mean for community papers? What does that mean for the community reporter? This is your session: ask a stack of questions – that’s your caper, right? I want you to leave with lots of tips and a broader view of our craft.
  4. 4. YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE SMART Strategy To best serve your newsroom and to best serve your communities, you need to understand the business model you work under. What is the main game? What is your role? What part does your content play?
  5. 5. YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE SMART Media What is your “media ecosystem”? What is the place of digital? What media do you use to tell your stories? A cyber-reporter needs to be appropriately equipped. Have you heard of mojo?
  6. 6. YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE Authentically SMART Have you made a heartfelt connection with your community? How have you done that? Community journalism matters. But are we selling it well enough? Today, there are many online resources to support you in your craft.
  7. 7. YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE SMART Results What does success look like under your business model, in your newsroom? How do you chart what you do? What are the metrics that matter?
  8. 8. YOUR SURVIVAL GUIDE SMART Team How can a small community newsroom achieve such things? Building your team and workflow around functions, not jamming more tasks into a day, is the key. This requires thought. Indeed, you need to take the time to consider how best to use your time.
  9. 9. 5 INSIGHTS FOR THE MODERN JOURNALIST #1: Time is everything
  10. 10. 5 INSIGHTS FOR THE MODERN JOURNALIST #2: Local journalism matters
  11. 11. 5 INSIGHTS FOR THE MODERN JOURNALIST #3: Learn, network
  12. 12. 5 INSIGHTS FOR THE MODERN JOURNALIST #4: Print = trust
  13. 13. 5 INSIGHTS FOR THE MODERN JOURNALIST #5: Build your brand
  14. 14. Finally ... 1. Sign up to newsletter at 2. Follow us on social media 3. Email me at 4. The DIY Newsroom: published 2018 This material comprises or contains commercial-in-confidence information and is subject to the provisions of Australian and other laws relating to the use and disclosure of such information. The SMART™ methodology (Strategy, Media, Authenticity, Results, Team) and DIY Newsroom™ are the intellectual property of Flame Tree Media. © June 2018.
  15. 15. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Global context Advertising model is dying All about reader revenue Subscriber model is nuanced Then there’s membership Print’s new role Data divide Local: special challenges
  16. 16. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION National, local context Competitive, changing market Print decline, but new role Digital plays Local competition NZ CNA buoyant Value proposition Sales: low to no interest
  17. 17. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Business model innovation At the heart of the challenge is reorganising the way your business is funded. How will you do it? Advertising Subscriber, member base Government support University, industry support Community, philanthropic support Revenue diversification
  18. 18. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Perfect paper After agreeing the principles of collaboration, you go about the mechanics of producing the perfect paper. This model breaks the complexity nexus of print. This takes time, socialising and commitment. 3. Marriage of ad shapes with content 6. Customised edition build (within framework) 1. Standardised ad shapes across titles 7. Pre-set editorial layout 2. Agreed content and page flow 5. Programmatic print advertising 4. Advertising: plane seat model 8. Automated edition building