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Community newspapers: a 2020 vision


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Community newspapers are alive and kicking. They are not immune from the global impact of digital disruption. But in some parts of the world, such as New Zealand, they are holding their own. In his "2020 vision", newspaper strategist STUART HOWIE suggests seven response for publishers to retain and even extend their reach. He delivered this presentation to the New Zealand Community Newspapers Association annual conference in Rotorua in June 2018.

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Community newspapers: a 2020 vision

  1. 1. HOW ALLIANCES WIN WARS 2020 VISION New Zealand Community Newspapers Association Annual conference, Rotorua STUART HOWIE June 2018
  2. 2. CITIZEN KANE ”Fun to run newspapers”
  3. 3. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Mesmerised by media
  4. 4. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION What I’ll tell you I want to show you the bigger picture and reflect on what that means for you. This includes: § going over some of the hard truths facing print; § exploring the NZ scene; § putting to you some options; and § dreaming a little bit about the “perfect paper” as part of a 2020 vision.
  5. 5. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Global context Advertising model is dying All about reader revenue Subscriber model is nuanced Then there’s membership Print’s new role Data divide Local: special challenges
  6. 6. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION National, local context Competitive, changing market Print decline, but new role Digital plays Local competition NZ CNA buoyant Value proposition Sales: low to no interest
  7. 7. 2020 VISION: 5 RESPONSES #1: Diversify
  8. 8. 2020 VISION: 5 RESPONSES #2: Digital subs
  9. 9. 2020 VISION: 5 RESPONSES #2: Digital subs
  10. 10. 2020 VISION: 5 RESPONSES #3: Drive efficiencies
  11. 11. 2020 VISION: 5 RESPONSES #4: Local journalism matters
  12. 12. 2020 VISION: 5 RESPONSES #5: Alliances win wars How can you work together to create scale and a more sustainable market? Partner with your colleagues for ... § systems (editorial, digital platforms etc.); § way of working; § building newspapers; § might, clout; § business model innovation.
  13. 13. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Perfect paper Let’s start with principles, set around collaboration in your industry – or at least a cluster approach. This is about making publishing easier, cheaper and better. 3. Pool skills and resources to produce 6. Apply approach to other channels 1. Create shell of a paper 4. Simplify, standardise, share 8. You’ve written your community playbook (IP) 2. Split as local editions 5. Local is point of difference 7. Systemise way of working (training, biz rules)
  14. 14. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Perfect paper After agreeing the principles of collaboration, you go about the mechanics of producing the perfect paper. This model breaks the complexity nexus of print. This takes time, socialising and commitment. 3. Marriage of ad shapes with content 6. Customised edition build (within framework) 1. Standardised ad shapes across titles 7. Pre-set editorial layout 2. Agreed content and page flow 5. Programmatic print advertising 4. Advertising: plane seat model 8. Automated edition building
  15. 15. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Business model innovation At the heart of the challenge is reorganising the way your business is funded. How will you do it? Advertising Subscriber, member base Government support University, industry support Community, philanthropic support Revenue diversification
  16. 16. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Obstacles
  17. 17. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION Opportunities
  18. 18. NZ COMMUNITIES: 2020 VISION In conclusion
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