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10 timeless tips for creating a DIY Newsroom


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Control your message by creating your own newsroom. It doesn't matter the size of your comms team or what sector your business or cause operates in. Here's how to do it.

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10 timeless tips for creating a DIY Newsroom

  1. 1. for creating a DIY Newsroom STUART HOWIE, Flame Tree Media, March 2017 10 TIPS
  2. 2. THE DIY NEWSROOM G’day Hi, I’m Stuart Howie. I run Flame Tree Media, which sets up newsrooms for organisations and causes so they can maximise their communications efforts. I’m a former editorial executive, editor and journalist. I love information and I’m passionate about helping teams achieve their best.
  3. 3. FORECAST The amount of information distributed online will treble by 2020. - International News Media Association, News Media Outlook 2016 THE DIY NEWSROOM Never more complex
  4. 4. THE DIY NEWSROOM Media disruption 2. More layers of comms 3. Limited resources 4. Demand for ROI 1. Shrinking local media
  5. 5. THE DIY NEWSROOM Fishing where the fish are In these heady times, communications must be strategically directed. Common mistakes are to continue with old-school thinking, jumping at every new shiny object or winging it. This costs money, time, focus and energy.
  6. 6. THE DIY NEWSROOM Perpetual motion With all this communication flying around, there are high expectations. Powers-that-be want ROI. Residents and ratepayers want useful, relevant information personally tailored and delivered to them. You will have your own KPIs.
  7. 7. THE DIY NEWSROOM SMART solution You want a solution that is simple, strategic and sustainable. And if you act SMART-ly you have a great opportunity to control your own message. STRATEGY ACTIONMEDIA RESULTS TEAM
  8. 8. CONTROLYOUR MESSAGE 10 TOP TIPS for creating a DIY Newsroom
  9. 9. THE DIY NEWSROOM 1. Be strategic
  10. 10. THE DIY NEWSROOM 2. May the Force be with you
  11. 11. THE DIY NEWSROOM Video FORECAST Online videos will account for more than 80 per cent of all consumer internet traffic by 2020 - CISCO, 2017
  12. 12. FACT Every Australian spends an average of 28 hours per month on a smart phone - Nielson, 2016 THE DIY NEWSROOM Mobile
  13. 13. THE DIY NEWSROOM Data & search
  14. 14. THE DIY NEWSROOM 3. Choose your weapons
  15. 15. THE DIY NEWSROOM 4. Create amazing content recipe
  16. 16. THE DIY NEWSROOM 5. Create a community
  17. 17. THE DIY NEWSROOM 6. Be systematic “ Repetition is the mother of all learning. - ZIG ZIGLAR
  18. 18. THE DIY NEWSROOM 7. Think, act like a newsroom
  19. 19. THE DIY NEWSROOM 8. Kit up #MOJOCON on Facebook
  20. 20. THE DIY NEWSROOM 9. Track results
  21. 21. THE DIY NEWSROOM 10. Channel the X-factor
  22. 22. THE DIY NEWSROOM 11. Have fun
  23. 23. THE DIY NEWSROOM Summing up
  24. 24. THE DIY NEWSROOM Success is ...
  25. 25. THE DIY NEWSROOM Want to know more? 3. Email me at 1. Subscribe to my newsletter via 2. Follow me: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter In 2017: Look for my book on this very subject THE DIY NEWSROOM
  26. 26. THE DIY NEWSROOM Questions, comments
  27. 27. DIY NEWSROOM March 2017 This presentation, its branding, the SMART methodology and the DIY Newsroom are the intellectual property of Flame Tree Media Pty Ltd. Images used here are subject to copyright.