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Strukturas General Presentation (200ppi)


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Strukturas General Presentation

Published in: Engineering
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Strukturas General Presentation (200ppi)

  1. 1. Bridge Building Equipment General Presentation
  2. 2. Strukturas, your partner for turnkey projects, worldwide. Strukturas was founded in 1991 as a continuation of Olav Opedal AS, an Aker owned company specializing in construction and mechanical engineering. Strukturas history therefore dates back to the 1960s with long standing traditions and considerable experience.
  3. 3. Bridge Building Equipment -Design and engineering, - Fabrication and quality control, - Supervision & operation of bridge building equipment for cast in situ and precast concrete bridges
  4. 4. Movable Scaffolding System Form Travellers Segmental Form Travellers Full Span Launching Method Beam Launcher END Launching Gantry
  5. 5. Movable Scaffolding System
  6. 6. Movable Scaffolding System Underslung Solution MENU END NEXT • in situ casting of full spans • TT or box cross sections decks • Special solutions for special bridge projects • Hydraulic operated main functions • Labor saving solutions • Easy to adjust to radius, slope and span variations • Easy installation of the rebar deck prefabricated parts • Can be made symmetrical
  7. 7. Movable Scaffolding System Overhead Solution MENU END NEXTPREVIOUS • Supported on top of columns • External formwork panels suspended by hangers and threaded bars from MSS main structure • Formwork can be designed in special cases to open horizontally like in a drawer rather than rotate around the hangers • Can be made symmetrical • Usually easier to assemble behind the abutment • Usually easier to move from one deck to the parallel one
  8. 8. Movable Scaffolding System Selflaunching Underslung Solution MENU END NEXTPREVIOUS • Supporting brackets self relocation without the need for cranes • Easy to use above water or with very high columns
  9. 9. Movable Scaffolding System Selflaunching Overhead Solution MENU END PREVIOUS • Main supports are relocated by a winch device • Tailor made solutions, meeting specific requirements of each project • Easy to use above water or with very high columns
  10. 10. Form Travellers
  11. 11. Formtraveller Overhead MENU END NEXT • One concept • Many different applications • Usually made to max. 5m length segments, but may be made to measure • Segment weight typically range in between 80ton and 550ton • Easily adjustable to the segment variations • Reduced weight, saving prestressing • Easy to assemble
  12. 12. Formtraveller Underslung MENU END NEXTPREVIOUS • Excellent alternative to the classical overhead systems • Free space to install the stays • Easy to install pre-assembled rebar cages
  13. 13. Formtraveller Arch MENU END PREVIOUS • The Underslung concept can be adapted to different types of bridges, such as arches and stayed decks NEXT
  14. 14. Formtraveller Wings MENU END PREVIOUS • Used to cast the deck external top slab.
  15. 15. Launching Gantry
  16. 16. Launching Gantry Underslung MENU END NEXT • Simple solution to support the precast concrete segments • Two independent halves only connected by the gantry crane, allowing to easy transversal adjustments • Hinge connection makes possible to be used at decks with horizontal radius as small as 75m • Hydraulic underslung supports allows correction of any misalignments
  17. 17. Launching Gantry Overhead MENU END PREVIOUS • Solution especially suitable for situations where the space bellow the deck is limited and also if there are significant variations in the deck width • The Combo Launching Gantry version allows for the assembling of precast segments both by the in fill method and the cantilever method • Utilization of special hinges to run the system with horizontal curves up to 350m and spans lengths above 50m
  18. 18. Segmental Form Travellers
  19. 19. Formtraveller Segmental MENU END • Simple steel supporting structure equipped with a lifting unit • The lifting unit can be equipped by winches or strand jacks depending of the elevation height and segment weight • Launching and leveling hydraulic operated
  20. 20. Full Span Launching Method
  21. 21. Full Span Launching Method MENU END • Especially suited for projects that require minimal deck deformations and fast construction • The Full Span Launching method is part of a wider set of devices that operate all together as the gantry crane/straddle carrier and the special multi wheeled transporters • Capacity: 500-1800ton • Spans up to 60m
  22. 22. Beam Launcher
  23. 23. Beam Launcher MENU END • One of the most commonly used construction methods for standard bridges • Cost efficient, fast and technically flexible solution • Specially suitable for bridges and viaducts with very high columns and difficult access conditions
  24. 24. OVER 200 PROJECTS WORLD WIDE! Strukturas can design and deliver Bridge Building Equipment covering all the cast in situ and precast bridge deck constructions methods Strukturas is a regular partner of the specialized world bridge contractors, during the development process and procurement stages. Contributing with optimized and integrated package solutions Strukturas is committed to quality Special design solutions!
  25. 25. END