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ROI Marketing and Advertising Your Web Presence (Inbound)


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ROI Marketing and Advertising Your Web Presence (Inbound)

  1. 1. ROI: (Return-on-Influence) Marketing and Advertising Your Web Presence (Inbound) Ohio Turf Foundation Conference & Show December 5, 2012 Presented by: Keith Gutierrez CEO Structure Marketing Structure Building Remarkable Brands#OTFINBOUND
  2. 2. Success Is About Making Those Who Believed In You Look Brillant -Dharmesh Shah Hi I’m Keith Gutierrez. Nice To Meet You. #OTFINBOUND @keithgutierrez CEO @StructureM
  3. 3. Today’s Agenda Your Web Presence1 The Evolution of Marketing and Advertising2 Why the Real ROI is Return-on-Influence3 The Story of Inbound Marketing4 How Inbound Marketing Campaigns Work5 Why you should Structure Your Marketing Targeted Audience
  4. 4. What IsMarketing?
  5. 5. What is Marketing?“To me … marketing is about Targeted Audiencevalues.” -Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. Founder
  6. 6. The Golden Circle Why How What
  7. 7. People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it!
  8. 8. Build a Triangle of Trust & Be Transparent Brand Why Purpose & Belief Trust Customer Experience Communication Transparency Value How What Story & Promise Product & Service
  9. 9. Be Remarkable
  10. 10. Start Helping. Stop Selling."You will get all you want in life if you help enough other Targeted Audience people get what they want.” -Zig Ziglar, Motivational Speaker, and Author
  11. 11. Be the Purple Cow“The world has changed. There Targetedare far more choices, but there Audience is less time to sort them out.” -Seth Godin, (Purple Cow) Best Selling Author
  12. 12. Marketing has Changed!
  13. 13. Before, During, and After
  14. 14. The Story of Inbound Marketing Targeted AudienceBrian Halligan – Founder Dharmesh Shah – FounderCEO, HubSpot CTO, HubSpot
  15. 15. The Old Days:How Advertising Worked
  16. 16. The Death of Advertising Targeted Audience
  17. 17. Now What?• Start with the Why• Be Helpful• Stop Selling• Build a Triangle of Trust• Be Transparent• Be Remarkable
  18. 18. New Marketing 2013+
  19. 19. Inbound Marketing is the Solution Targeted Audience
  20. 20. Be Attractive SEO, Blogging, Social Media, Viral Videos, Freemi Attract Targeted um Trials Audience OnlineMarketing VS. Audience Telemarketing, Direct Mail, Email Blast, Print, R adio Ads, PR, Paid Search
  21. 21. The Good News About Inbound Marketing
  22. 22. Increase Marketing Assets VS.
  23. 23. Great News! Lower Cost Per Lead Average Cost Per Lead Inbound Vs. Outbound 400Average Cost Per Lead USD 350 Targeted cost per lead 300 Audience 61% lower 250 Outbound Marketing Domainated 200 Organizations 150 Inbound Marketing Dominated Organizations 100 50 0 2010 2011 2012 Source: HubSpot
  24. 24. Inbound Marketing Works• Attracts customers• Builds relationships• Increases marketing assets• Is Cost effective
  25. 25. Inbound Marketing Methodology Get Found Inbound Convert Marketing Analyze
  26. 26. Inbound Marketing Campaigns Process Offer Offer Develop Targeted Offer to Generate New Email Contacts CTA + Analyze LPCTA + LP Advertise Offer On Your Website LN Automate Follow-up Emails Targeted Email Market Offer to Existing Contacts Audience Social LN Blog Attract Leads Through BloggingSocial Use Social Media To Promote Blog EmailAnalyze Measure Every Element with Analytics
  27. 27. The Process Offer Develop Targeted Offers to Generate New Email Contacts CTA + LP Advertise Offer On Your Website LN Automate Follow-up Emails Email Market Offer to Existing Contacts Blog Attract Leads Through Blogging Social Use Social Media To PromoteAnalyze Measure Every Element with Analytics
  28. 28. Offer CTA + Analyze LP TargetedSocial Audience LN Blog Email
  29. 29. Set Clear Goals Offer Offer LP LP CTABlog More CTA More LN More Traffic Leads CustomersSM Email Blog Blog SM SM
  30. 30. Understand theLead Conversion Path
  31. 31. Build Your Sales Funnel with Offers TOFU - Prospect knows there’s a problem Inbound Marketers are Publishers that needs to be solved Free Free Guides &Whitepapers Tip Sheets Free eBooks Free Videos TOFU MOFUMOFU – Prospect recognizes a need for BOFU a solution like yours Free Case Studies Free Sample FAQ Sheets WebinarsBOFU – Prospect seeks solution to their Customer need; ready to buy Free Estimates or Demos Coupons Consultations Quotes
  32. 32. How InboundGrows your Business
  33. 33. Case Study:Inbound Marketing
  34. 34. Create the Offer
  35. 35. Create a Landing Page to Advertise the Offer
  36. 36. Create a Call-To-Action that Links to the Landing Page
  37. 37. Create Lead Nurturing Workflow Emailsthat Follow Up with Leads
  38. 38. Create an Email Marketing Offer for Existing Contacts
  39. 39. Create and Publish a Series ofBlog Posts on the Topic of the Offer
  40. 40. Promote Landing Page and Blog Articles on Social Media
  41. 41. Integrate Pay-Per-Click Efforts(PPC) & Outbound Marketing
  42. 42. Use Closed Loop MarketingAnalytics To Measure Results
  43. 43. Results! Weed Pro Inbound Marketing January 1st, 2012 November 1st, 2012 Website Grade: 36 Website Grade: 90 Indexed Pages: 33 Indexed Pages: 383Social Media Reach: 868 Social Media Reach: 1,391 2011 2012 9,950 Visits 25,973 Visits 166 Program Estimate 537 Program Estimate Requests Requests 76 Program Sales 321 Program Sales$22,724 in Program Sales $74,006 in Program Sales
  44. 44. Fall Aeration Inbound Campaign• Campaign to existing and new customerspromoting Fall Aerations and Over seeding.• Email Marketing, and social mediaopportunities were created featuring FallRecovery Guides that stressed the importanceof Fall Aerations.•Generated 319 estimate requests, 244 salesthat returned $34,784 in revenue.
  45. 45. Next Steps
  46. 46. Get Going• Learn more• Get Resources• Commit to the Process• Invest• Begin
  47. 47. Learn More about
  48. 48. How we do inbound!
  49. 49. Build a Triangle of Trust & Be Transparent Brand Why Purpose & Belief Trust Customer Experience Communication Transparency Value How What Story & Promise Product & Service
  50. 50. Structure Marketing System 7 Cycles for Inbound Marketing Success Listen to Demand Build a Analyze Powerful Growth Website Define Your Brand Transform Drive Traffic Customers and Leads Engage Your Community
  51. 51. Define Your Brand Policies & Guidelines Hedgehog & BHAG Core Buyer Personas Cycle 1: Goals, Plans, Challenges, & Timelines Define Leads Scoring Framework Your Brand Benchmarks & Milestones Key Performance Service Level Agreement Indicators
  52. 52. Listen to the Demand Groups and Your Communities Employees Your Keyword CustomerResearch & Wins & Alerts Cycle 2: Listen Losses toMonitor Your Brand Demand Your Industry Your Your Prospects Competitors
  53. 53. Build a Powerful Website Publishing Content Strategy Calendars Website Content Email Strategy Cycle 3: Build a CTAs &Landing Pages Powerful Lead Workflow Strategy Website TOFU, MOFU, BOFU Mobile Strategy Offers SEO Strategy
  54. 54. Drive Traffic and Leads Integrating Activate Outbound Inbound Strategies Campaigns Cycle 4: Newsletter Drive Living By The Calendar Traffic & Leads Activate PPC PR Campaigns Opportunities
  55. 55. Engage Your Community Customer Keyword Service Alerts Customer Social Media Relationship Participation Management Cycle 5: Engage Your Answering Community Blogging & Guest Questions Blogging Industry Brand Pages Groups & Forums
  56. 56. Transform Customers Lead Marketing Conversion AttractionLead Scoring Cycle 6: Emotional Connection Transform Customers Lead Buying Workflows Behavior Lead Management
  57. 57. Analyze Growth Conversion Website Rate Analytics Optimization Loyalty, Rete ntion and, Growth Cycle 7: Closed Loop Marketing Analytics Metrics Analyze Growth A/B & Multi- Content Variant Lifecycle Testing Key Performance Indicators
  58. 58. Structure Marketing Success Getting the best from inbound by: • Listening to every new lead • Creating content that educates, builds trust, and profile • Engaging in conversation that is more than a one-way process • Generating compounding results – Your improvement never ends • Transforming your sales leads into customers
  59. 59. Questions & Discussion