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Flyer StroNGER S.r.l.


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Flyer StroNGER S.r.l.

  1. 1. StroNGER S.r.l. was founded byresearchers and scientists from theacademic world and researchers in thecivil engineering field. On a personal StroNGER S.r.l.level all founding partners work together Structures of the Next Generationfor many years both in the scientific and Energy harvesting and Resilienceprofessional sector, sharing the sameprinciples, values, ideas, studies andknowledge. Research spin-off Rome – Athens – Milan – Nice Cote Azur StrCo-founders:Chiara Crosti, Ph.D., P.E.Stefania Arangio, Ph.D., P.E. o NFrancesco Petrini, Ph.D., P.E.Konstantinos Gkoumas, Ph.D., P.E. GERScientific advisor: www.stronger2012.comProf. Franco Bontempi, Ph.D., P.E.STRONGER office:Via Cardinale Andrea Aiuti 1700123 - RomaC.F. 12123751005 – P. IVA 12123751005Iscritta al Registro delle Imprese di RomaNr. REA 1352657
  2. 2. Design, Rehabilitation, Design, Rehabilitation, Advanced Numerical ModelingOptimization Optimization ≠ Development of numerical finite≠ Complex structures in steel, element models of different scale and reinforced concrete and masonry, also complexity using both commercial precast or with innovative materials and open-source software≠ Special structural components ≠ Modeling of actions and loads using≠ Pedestrian, highway and railway Sustainability and custom made software bridges, with a special focus on long Energy Harvesting ≠ Structural analysis of different types: spans static, dynamic, linear, non-linear,≠ Tunnels and foundation works thermic etc.≠ Offshore and onshore wind turbines≠ Performance-based Wind Design & Performance-based Earthquake Resilience Design Advanced Numerical Modeling ≠ Resilience assessment and≠ Life-Cycle design and assessment enhancement of urban areas,≠ Safety and reliability assessment of structures and strategic existing structures infrastructures≠ Rehabilitation planning for existing ≠ Identification of strategic elements structures for the serviceability and definition of improvement improvement or for complying with Resilience techniques current codes≠ Structural Health Monitoring also with the integration of remote sensing Fire Safety Design data≠ Structural damage identification using ≠ Advanced numerical modeling for the also soft computing methods Fire Safety Design design and rehabilitation ≠ Vulnerability assessment of existing structuresSustainability andEnergy Harvesting≠ Sustainability assessment of Forensic Structural Engineering structures and infrastructures Forensic Structural Engineering ≠ Technical consulting≠ Energy optimized design ≠ Back-analysis for the interpretation of≠ Optimal coupling of energy harvesting structural failures and collapse of civil devices with structures and structures infrastructures