How to Learn the Guitar


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How to Learn the Guitar

  1. 1. How to learn the guitar A short guide by StringTown
  2. 2. Why learn the guitar? What's your main motivation behind learning the guitar? Make sure the reason why you want to learn the instrument is compelling enough for you. ● Is it because you want to be a guitar god? ● Do you just want to do something more productive with your time instead of watching TV? ● Do you want to impress someone, or hope that you can attract people's attention if you're good enough? ● Or do you simply just enjoy the incredible feeling you get when you are making good music?
  3. 3. Make sure the reason why you want to play guitar is strong enough to make you feel like you get to practice your instrument instead of having to practice it.
  4. 4. Stop and think about your reason why you want to learn guitar When you think you got it, write it down and place it somewhere where you can see it every day When you read it, you should feel something and want to learn or play your instrument!
  5. 5. Learning Goals One of the best ways to measure your progress in anything is to set for yourself some challenging goals. - When talking about guitar, you could say: I want to learn this solo by the end of the week! Or I want to learn 4 new arpeggios per month! - You goals should have a time period associated to them and should also be trackable. If you say: I want to be better at guitar. That's going to be very hard to track. - The main point of setting goals is to feel like you are making tangible progress towards achieving something.
  6. 6. Music is the ultimate goal A lot of people online are only focused on learning new techniques and playing faster. ● This is all good, but the main point of playing an instrument should be first and foremost, in my opinion, to make great music and enjoy the process! ● Great music can be made at any technical level. You don't need to learn all these cool tricks and gimmicks in order to make people enjoy listening to you! ● One of the best ways to learn the guitar is to try to reproduce the sounds you hear in your head as closely as possible. That is how you manage to turn boring practice into a hobby that you love!
  7. 7. What do all these players have in common? What got them so all so far? -It's Their uncontrollable love for guitar and music
  8. 8. In short 1. Know why you are learning guitar and write that reason down. 2. Set yourself some challenging, trackable goals that will motivate you to learn more 3. Remember that music is the ultimate goal, enjoy playing your guitar and try composing songs at any technical level!
  9. 9. My goal in making these informational slideshows is to help you on your musical journey. Would you happen to have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me personally here. I also own an online guitar shop so if ever you need a new guitar or just want to window shop for your next one, head on over to my website: -Dave, guitar fanatic Thanks for watching!