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StringHub - Innovation in Higher Education


Published on is a web-based platform that connects university student class projects with businesses in order to support business growth and provide a real world learning experience at the same time.

Published in: Education, Business
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StringHub - Innovation in Higher Education

  1. 1. Innovation in Higher Education: Connecting Student Class Projects with BusinessesPoliticians understand that the future of innovation rests in the hands of highereducation. According to the National Association of State Budget Officers StateExpenditure Report for Fiscal Year 2009 states spent 14 percent of state spending,or $139 billion on higher education. It is the politician’s responsibility to keep highereducation accountable, they must ensure that colleges and universities are preparingstudents for the real world.StringHub is a web-based platform that connects university student class projects withbusinesses who can utilize these projects and provide a real world learning experiencefor students at the same time. There are three reasons for politicians to supportStringHub:1. Reduce Brain Drain - StringHub will connect students with businesses to help: ● Gain real world experience ● Connect with potential employers for jobs and internships ● Create a portfolio of completed workAll of these things will help your city or state reduce “brain drain” because thesestudents will have built meaningful relationships with businesses.2. Economic Development - Businesses (especially small businesses) need helpwith things like marketing, web design, video production, engineering and more. Formany businesses, simple class projects could drive major growth for the business. Forexample, The Center for Project Excellence at the University of Dayton reports thatover the past 25 years, “Nearly 300 completed projects have resulted in documentedsavings of more than $25 million for the participating businesses” Student classprojects can have real economic impact on a local or regional economy.3. Inspire Entrepreneurship - When students have the opportunity to work on projectswith business owners and entrepreneurs they will have a chance to witness what ittakes to be an entrepreneur, as well as, be inspired to launch their own entrepreneurialventures. The businesses they work with while in school may serve as mentors,customers or even investors when the students launch their own business.StringHub is a simple and free tool that can have a profound impact in the effectivenessof higher education. State and local elected officials, please take this opportunity tosend a quick note or email to your colleges and universities and let them know about
  2. 2. you have any questions at all please feel free to contact me at,Adam HoeksemaCo-Founder - StringHub