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Optimally Using Office 365


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Primarily functioning as the cloud-based technology, office 365 streamlines the majority of the operations within the organization. Currently, the software suite is used by more than 20000 organizations, spread across 181 economies and running in more than 39 languages. No doubt, the gamut of Office 365 is wider than you can anticipate.

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Optimally Using Office 365

  1. 1. Optimally Using Office 365
  2. 2. Integrating Business Operations • Software-as-a-solution • Drifting From Manual office to Cloud • Integrates Microsoft Office with other apps • Retiring Skype to direct all business communications • Streamline documentation, management, and communication within the organization • Integrates Share Point Online For Management Automation OVERCOMING CHALLENGES • To create a single point for sharing data in an organization • To infuse an environment where all employees can effectively communicate • To maintain sync between all the employees
  3. 3. Why Cloud? Cuts down Cost Embed productive tool Prompt Delivery The Need for Office 365 of the workers opine using the self brought product for workflow enhancement 95% hours spent per week over tools that promote real-time communication 34 of IT budget spent on providing equipment for the inflexible data center 70%
  4. 4. Elements of Office 365 SharePoint Online Microsoft Office Exchange Online Lync Online • Building a platform to help corporates collaborate, organize and share data. – My site • Intranet to promote data sharing within the organization leading to higher engagement • Extranet for external data sharing • Dynamic sites to aid seamless communication • Per-user licensing • User-friendly interface • Multiple app integrations • Customized archiving • 254mb sized mailbox • Policy of retention • Live Windows Federation • GAL search • Share desktop to facilitate web meetings • Firewall presence • Voice to video
  5. 5. Mobility • Accessing Through Exchange ActiveSync • Remote control, device wipe, etc. • Microsoft Data Center enables anywhere access to data Leveraged Productivity • Embed cost specific functionalities • Enhances collaboration, expands communication and optimizes processes. • From finance to HR, legal and operations, marketing and sales, O365 affect all kind of business operations, clearing the clutter and boosting productivity. Secured & Reliable • Continuous Compliance and inbuilt security • Remotely wipe off data in case the device gets stolen. • Embeds risk compliant multi-based approach In-Control Operations • Identity federation and one point sign-in. • Enterprises purchase solutions that transform from CAPEX to OPEX • 99% financially backed IT support Organizes Workload • Single Point Update • Synchronize emails, Contacts & Calendar Extensible • Connect existing platforms with Microsoft Azure • Promote finding partner application using O365 marketplace. • Enable third party interaction through platform Web Services Hybrid Environment • Seamless mitigation from on-premises to cloud and vice versa. • Flexible migration of users. • Does not entails licensing issues. A single license used across the entire organization
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