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  1. 1. Words For CopywritersA Collection of Handy Words and Phrases for a Copywriter’s ArsenalBy Paul Suggett, About.com GuideIf youre a seasoned copywriter with 20+ years of writing experience behindyou, youll have a list of go-to words and phrases that help you craft goodcopy. In fact, you start building this library after just a few months on thejob, and it becomes something that grows with you as you grow as a writer.Although some say that copy is a dying art, most believe that it is undergoinga resurgence. What is out of fashion one minute is back on top the next, andthe power of words to sell a product or service can never be underestimated.Yes, bad copy is dying out. But there will always be a need for carefullycrafted, powerful and imaginative copy. And with the right words andphrases, you can help keep that copy alive and kicking.The Golden Rule…This is copywriting, not an English grammar test. Your goal, as a writer, is toget across your message in the most powerful way possible. If that meanswriting sentences that finish in the middle. Do it. If that means writing justone words sentences. Fine. And if it means starting with "and" then go rightahead. You are communicating. Do it the way you feel is right, and if yourcopy is ever corrected by an account manager with an addiction to editing,tell them politely that they are not writers, just as you are not a budgetmanager or client schmoozer.Now that thats out of the way…Words and Phrases to Start WithYoull notice that sentence ended with a preposition. No worries. Its clunky,but correct, to say - Words and Phrases With Which to Start. But no one
  2. 2. speaks like that. So, dont do it. Stay true to the way people speak. If youdfeel comfortable reading it aloud to a good friend or colleague, youre doingwell.Here are some handy words phrases to start your copy. Use them as you seefit:Its said that…Have you ever…The thing about…Its interesting…Youll notice…Some people say…What if…They say that…Linking Words and PhrasesIf youre having trouble getting from one idea to the next, try some of these:Moreover…However…
  3. 3. That is to say…And…Also…But…Still…So…Indeed…Or…Except…Of course…In fact…After all…Take the [product name] for example…Today…And yet…Why? Because…
  4. 4. Words and Phrases That Finish WellThese may help if youre looking for a way to round out your copy.Think it over.See what we mean?Good call.Over to you.And its about time.