Social Media and Video


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A Presentation to the Harrisburg Chamber featuring Rachel Strella and Fran Masciantonio!

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Social Media and Video

  1. 1. Rachel Strella Central PA Webster, LLC Fran MasciantonioFirst Generation Video, Inc.
  2. 2. Social Media Is Not... Good Morning Harrisburg
  3. 3. Social Media Is ...A relationship-building tool Good Morning Harrisburg
  4. 4. Social Media Is Not... Good Morning Harrisburg
  5. 5. Social Media Is ...A conversation Good Morning Harrisburg
  6. 6. Social Media Is Not... Good Morning Harrisburg
  7. 7. Social Media Is ...A way to build credibility Good Morning Harrisburg
  8. 8. Social Media Is Not... Good Morning Harrisburg
  9. 9. Social Media Is ...About people Good Morning Harrisburg
  10. 10. Rules of Engagement...90/10Be AvailableBe ConsistentBe You Good Morning Harrisburg
  11. 11. Rules of Engagement...Facebook Good Morning Harrisburg
  12. 12. Rules of Engagement...LinkedIn Good Morning Harrisburg
  13. 13. Rules of Engagement...Twitter Good Morning Harrisburg
  14. 14. Rules of Engagement...Other Media Good Morning Harrisburg
  15. 15. Video Revolution Good Morning Harrisburg
  16. 16. Video Revolution Before the launch of YouTube in 2005, there were few easy methods available for ordinary computer users who wanted to post videos online. With its simple interface, YouTube made it possible for anyone with an Internet connection to post a video that a worldwide audiencecould watch within a few minutes. The wide range of topics covered by YouTube has turned video sharing into one of the most important parts of Internet culture. Good Morning Harrisburg
  17. 17. Video RevolutionTelevision vs The Internet – How did television lose theweb“I can’t believe we didn’t own video on the web. Wemissed the boat.” -Washington DC TV Executive Good Morning Harrisburg
  18. 18. Video RevolutionThe internet is one gigantic well-stocked fridge ready forraiding; for some strange reason, people go up there andjust give stuff away. —Mega Zines, MacWorld 1995 Good Morning Harrisburg
  19. 19. Video Revolution You Tube Vimeo Facebook HuLu Warner Home Video Channel Choosers Joost many moreGood Morning Harrisburg
  20. 20. Video 62 million monthly 48 million monthly 27 million monthly 21 million monthly 10 million monthly uniques Good Morning Harrisburg
  21. 21. Video RevolutionTelevision vs InternetBroadcast Television -Nielsen Ratings BookCableRatingsTarget zones &demosSocial Media Key words target audiences Hit/View information instant feedback Profile info Good Morning Harrisburg
  22. 22. Video RevolutionTelevision Cost 30 Sec Ad $350-750 per spot 6p News Broadcast $2,000 / spot Primetime 8-11p broadcast Cable ROS based on zone/market $5-$100/spot $50-100 / spot fixed position Hbg East/West Good Morning Harrisburg
  23. 23. Video RevolutionTargeting Your Audience Good Morning Harrisburg
  24. 24. Video RevolutionGood Morning Harrisburg
  25. 25. Video RevolutionChange AgentsGrowing audience viewing webbasedvideo more oftenUser control of viewing “watch it when I want”More Focus on the video AND the adsWatching more video every dayUser Reliance on Technology iPhone, iPad, Droid, Kindle Fire, others to come Good Morning Harrisburg
  26. 26. Video RevolutionDeveloping Your Web VideoWho is the target audience?What’s your message?Where? Delivery MethodFeedback on your message Good Morning Harrisburg
  27. 27. Video RevolutionConsiderationsEntertainingBeneficial to viewerSomething they want to shareTargets their needsEnhances their life or informs themKeep it short Good Morning Harrisburg
  28. 28. Video Revolution LaTorre Communications Good Morning Harrisburg
  29. 29. Video RevolutionThink it through, does your message fit webDon’t make it an advertisementHelpful informationBe social, friendly and entertainingQuality is still important!Keep it short, under 3 minutes maxGood audio and interesting content Good Morning Harrisburg
  30. 30. Video RevolutionSocial impact of YouTubeCharlie Bit My Finger is YouTubes most-viewed user generated video.Charlie Bit My Finger, which was uploaded on May 22, 2007, is a viral video that hasreceived the most views of any user generated YouTube video, with over 300 millionviews."Charlie Bit My Finger" was ranked at number one. Good Morning Harrisburg
  31. 31. Video Revolution Good Morning Harrisburg
  32. 32. VideoRevolution Vs Good Morning Harrisburg
  33. 33. Video RevolutionGood Morning Harrisburg
  34. 34. Internet RevolutionDon’t be ignored Good Morning Harrisburg