Social Media and The job search for those with disabilities


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Social Media and The job search for those with disabilities

  1. 1. Social Media & You Rachel Strella & Jigar Patel
  2. 2. Rachel Strella Rachel Strella OwnerCentral PA Webster, LLC
  3. 3. Jigar Patel Jigar PatelInstructional Media & Communications Specialist Tuscarora Intermediate Unit
  4. 4. Rachel and Jigar:Introduction and Background CILCP
  5. 5. Addressing Limitations: What’s Real and What’s Not? CILCP
  6. 6. Addressing Limitations Truth or Myth?Being Deaf or HOH is a Disability CILCP
  7. 7. Addressing Limitations Truth or Myth?Being Deaf or HOH is aMakes People Not Want to Hire Me CILCP
  8. 8. Addressing Limitations Truth or Myth? Being Deaf or HOH Excludes Me From Certain Things CILCP
  9. 9. Addressing Limitations Truth or Myth? Being Deaf or HOH Makes It Harder to Get a Job CILCP
  10. 10. Addressing LimitationsAll of these things can be overcome! How?? Social Media! CILCP
  11. 11. But, What IsSOCIAL MEDIA? CILCP
  12. 12. What Is Social Media? Facebook LinkedIn Twitter YouTube Blogs Google+ CILCP
  13. 13. What Is Social Media? It’s about sharing! Think:Campfire or Tradition CILCP
  14. 14. What Is Social Media?
  15. 15. What Is Social Media? Social media is an online conversationwith the power to reach many people. CILCP
  16. 16. Leveling the Playing Field Social Media Breaks Down the Real AND ‘Not Real’ Limitations CILCP
  17. 17. Leveling the Playing Field Bottom Line: On Social Media, No One Knows You Have Hearing Difficulty, Unless You Tell Them! CILCP
  18. 18. Leveling the Playing Field People Will Get to Know YOU as a “Person” First! CILCP
  19. 19. The Internet
  20. 20. How Do I Get Started ? CILCP
  21. 21. Getting Started  Determine GoalsWhat are you trying to do? CILCP
  22. 22. Getting Started  Decide Which Social Media Channels Can Help You Achieve Your GoalsWhich channels will help you with what you are trying to do? CILCP
  23. 23. Getting Started Set-up profiles If you aren’t sure which channels, I would set-up LinkedIn and Twitter CILCP
  24. 24. Getting Started LinkedIn Tips  Include a photo  Include skills and past work experience  Join groups  Start connecting CILCP
  25. 25. Getting Started CILCP
  26. 26. Getting Started Twitter  Include a short bio with short phrases  Include a photo  Start to follow others  Monitor conversations CILCP
  27. 27. Getting Started CILCP
  28. 28. Getting Started Connect with others Find common ground Start the conversation CILCP
  29. 29. Getting Started Be careful with Facebook Do you have a Facebook account? Be careful with information you’re sharing! CILCP
  30. 30. Building An Online Community Establish your Social Capital Circle of Knowledge Engage don’t shout CILCP
  31. 31. Building a Community For the job search: #HFchat #Entrychat #JobHuntChat #CBJobChat CILCP
  32. 32. Building a Community For the disability: Share resources and common interests Work opportunities Support CILCP
  33. 33. Monetizing SM Establish a Self-Brand Avoid Noise Engage Content/Product is King CILCP
  34. 34. Questions?!How can we help? CILCP
  35. 35. Connect with Rachel! Blog: Facebook: Twitter: CILCP
  36. 36. Connect with Jigar! Twitter: Email: CILCP