Social Media and Small Business: Pitfalls to Avoid


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“Social Media and Small Business: Pitfalls to Avoid” - A Webinar with Rachel Strella and Cathy Jennings

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Social Media and Small Business: Pitfalls to Avoid

  1. 1. Social Media & SmallBusiness: Pitfalls to Avoid Rachel Strella Strella Social Media Cathy Jennings No Pressure Networking
  2. 2. Introductions Rachel Strella Strella Social
  3. 3. Introductions Cathy Jennings No Pressure
  4. 4. Small Business Challenges
  5. 5. Small Business Challenges Time
  6. 6. Small Business Challenges Resources
  7. 7. Small Business Challenges Money
  8. 8. Small Business ChallengesSocial Media Knowledge
  9. 9. Common Pitfalls to Avoid
  10. 10. Common Pitfalls to AvoidPoor Planning→ Lack of Strategy→ No Measurement→ Failure to apply adequate resources to execute your strategy
  11. 11. Common Pitfalls to AvoidPoor Engagement→ Lack of Consistency→ Poor Content
  12. 12. Common Pitfalls to AvoidPoor Customer Service→ Ignoring the Audience→ Deleting Negative Feedback→ No Reputation Management
  13. 13. Common Pitfalls to AvoidPoor Synergy→ “Silo” Efforts→ Lack of Integration with other social media channels, traditional media, and offline efforts
  14. 14. Common Pitfalls to AvoidMisuse→ Treating Social Media Like Advertising→ Mimicking or Focusing Too Much on the Competition→ Assuming It’s Magic or that It Will “Fix” Your Business
  15. 15. Common Pitfalls to AvoidMismanagement→ Managing Too Many Media→ Having the Intern or Youngest Person on the Staff Manage Efforts→ Becoming Complacent
  16. 16. Practical Solutions
  17. 17. Practical SolutionsIf You’re Already Guilty ofThese Pitfalls, It’s Not Too Late to Get on Track!
  18. 18. Practical Solutions Determine Goals Define Ideal Client Find Out Where They Are on Social Media
  19. 19. Practical Solutions Develop a Content Strategy Develop a Short-Term Plan Brainstorm Ways to Integrate Efforts Build Audience
  20. 20. Practical Solutions List Tasks and Assign Responsibilities Listen to Your Audience & Respond to Their Needs Evaluate
  21. 21. A Plan for Your Small Business
  22. 22. A Plan for Your Small Business A Plan Developed Just for You-The Small Business! Small Business Owner’s Guide to Social Media Releasing in Early November
  23. 23. A Plan for Your Small Business Downloadable Guide 5 Modules Theories Examples Exercises & Checklists Bonuses
  24. 24. A Plan for Your Small BusinessModules Selecting the Right Social Media Channels Building Your Audience Planning Your Strategy Executing Your Strategy Evaluation
  25. 25. The Difference
  26. 26. The DifferenceExplains the Why and theHOWExamples Guide YouThrough the ModulesWorkbooks Allow You toApply it to Your Business
  27. 27. The DifferenceComprehensive, Yet Easy toUseREAL Strategy ExamplesExclusively for SmallBusinessAffordable
  28. 28. The Difference ACT NOW & SAVE $50!Email Strella Social Media & let us know you want to take advantage of this webinar offer! We’ll add you to the pre-order list!
  29. 29. The Difference Email us To Save $50 on “The SmallBusiness Owner’s Guide to Social Media!”This brings your cost to just $99! Offer valid thru 11/04/2012
  30. 30. Connections and Resources Website and Blog:
  31. 31. Connections and Resources Twitter: LinkedIn: