The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media


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Many understand that to grow their business, they need have to a solid marketing plan. However, business owners wear a lot of hats and often push marketing to the bottom of the ‘to-do list.’ Many also know they need to get serious about adding social media into the marketing mix, but are not sure where to start and become overwhelmed by the process.
Making it Happen will show you how to market your business by:
 Understanding the marketing pie and incorporating the social media slice
 Targeting the ideal client and creating powerful content
 Establishing the mechanics of branding and consistency
 Engaging in best practices
 Managing an online presence to minimize time and maximize results

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The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media

  1. 1. Making It Happen:The Nuts and Bolts of Social Media Rachel Strella Strella Social Media
  2. 2. Shout out to the staff!John Webster, Website and SEO Consultant Kayla McClintock, Marketing Intern Matt Hannaford, Relationship Manager Amanda Harrison, Marketing Manager
  3. 3. Today, we’ll discuss: The Marketing Pie The Social Mediums Targeting Your Ideal Client Branding and Consistency Creating Powerful Content Social Media Best PracticesManaging Your Online Presence
  4. 4. Before we begin!Find one person in the room that you’ve never met before. Introduce yourself to them.Tell them the one thing you hope you to learn from today’s presentation.
  5. 5. The Marketing Pie
  6. 6. Remember the 4 P’s?
  7. 7. The Marketing Pie
  8. 8. TraditionalPrint AdvertisingTV CommercialsRadio AnnouncementsSponsorships
  9. 9. Public RelationsPublic SpeakingNetworkingPress ReleasesWord of Mouth
  10. 10. BrandingLogoCompany ColorsCompany SloganBusiness Philosophy/VisionEmotional Connection
  11. 11. Direct MarketingDirect MailCold CallsDoor-to-Door Sales
  12. 12. DigitalWebsite/BlogSocial MediaEmail MarketingSearch EngineOptimization (SEO)
  13. 13. Integrated MarketingDigital marketing does notexist in a vacuumIntegrated marketingcombines digital with otherforms of marketing
  14. 14. Integrated Marketing: Examples
  15. 15. Integrated Marketing: ExamplesTV shows TwitterPrint Ads FacebookFacebook Direct MailWebsite WOM
  16. 16. Integrated Marketing: Digital to Digital ExamplesTwitter YouTubeFacebook EmailGoogle WebsiteBlog Twitter
  17. 17. What is the #1Source of Leads?Word of Mouth Referrals
  18. 18. #1 Source of Leads WOM is SocialSocial Media is SocialSocial Media = WOM
  19. 19. The Social Channels
  20. 20. Facebook
  21. 21. Facebook800+ million usersOne of the top three most-visited websites in the worldSocial media channel wheremost amount of time is spent
  22. 22. FacebookGreat for sharingChange is inevitableNetwork of personal friendsCommunity of fans via ‘like’page
  23. 23. FacebookPersonal page vs. businesspage via the “admin”Business target: B2C with aminor in B2BEdgerank score
  24. 24. LinkedIn
  25. 25. LinkedInBusiness networking site100+ million usersNot just a ‘resume’ siteBusiness target: B2BJoin groups; use advancedsearch and answers tool
  26. 26. LinkedIn
  27. 27. LinkedIn
  28. 28. LinkedIn
  29. 29. Twitter
  30. 30. Twitter#1 Micro-blogging service inthe worldLove/hate relationshipWide-openReal-time conversation
  31. 31. TwitterBusiness target: B2P(people)140-character limitPower is in the Re-TweetApps such as Tweetdeck arebest for following Twitter
  32. 32. TwitterInclude bio, site and a photo
  33. 33. TwitterHashtags: “#” symbol; usedto categorize content (ex: #FF = Follow Friday)
  34. 34. Twitter Hashtags useful for timelycontent & real-time interaction
  35. 35. YouTube
  36. 36. YouTube Key search tool500+ million usersBusiness target: B2CPeople looking to beentertained or informedUse keywords and contactinfo in description
  37. 37. Foursquare
  38. 38. FoursquareGeo-location serviceGaming/Gamification“Check-in” to locations andtell Foursquare communityand FB/TW community10+ million users - mostconnected on the web
  39. 39. FoursquareBusiness target: B2CBest for brick and mortarbusinessesGreat for customer loyaltyby offering “check-in” specials
  40. 40. Google+
  41. 41. Google+Interface similar to FBCircles rather than lists65 million usersGreat for SEOBusiness target: forwardthinking individuals andbusinesses
  42. 42. Blogs
  43. 43. BlogsBusiness target: Current orpotential customers &communityBe consistent, showcaseexpertise, and offer valueGreat for SEO and fordriving traffic to website
  44. 44. PinterestOnline PinboardCategorize interestsBusiness target: B2C
  45. 45. Target the Ideal Client
  46. 46. How do you determine your ideal client?Name of Product orService4 Key DescriptorsCall to Action
  47. 47. Descriptor ExamplesGeographyIndustry/MarketSizeCircumstance
  48. 48. Ideal Client ExamplesWedding IndustryProfessionalLive Examples Janet Bartelme Beverly Reider
  49. 49. Group Exercise: Part IBreak into groups of 4Define your ideal clientShare with each otherListen carefully 5 Minutes!
  50. 50. Group Exercise: Part IWho would like to share?
  51. 51. How do you market to your ideal client?Find out where they areListen and learnConnectOffer value
  52. 52. Market to your ideal clientJoin LinkedIn groups ofyour target audience andparticipateUse the advanced searchtool on LinkedIn forconnecting
  53. 53. Group Exercise: Part IIIn your group, determine…Where your client isHow to connect with themWhat value you’ll offer 10 Minutes!
  54. 54. Group Exercise: Part IIWho would like to share? QUESTIONS?
  55. 55. Break!
  56. 56. Branding & Consistency
  57. 57. Good Branding:Consistency through Change
  58. 58. Good Branding
  59. 59. Good Branding
  60. 60. Brands Gone Bad
  61. 61. Brands Gone Bad
  62. 62. Brands Gone Bad
  63. 63. Be ConsistentIf you’re going to be controversial….
  64. 64. Be Proactive Google your name and your business regularly Determine what you want your brand to say Publish fresh content Rinse and Repeat!
  65. 65. Remember to… Differentiate Be you And that… You are your brand!
  66. 66. More on Branding… Join our LinkedIn Group:Personal Brand Management Subscribe to our e-zine:We launch tomorrow! Be looking for our free branding e-book
  67. 67. Powerful Content
  68. 68. Content Checklist Offer Value Be Consistent Be Engaging Be Social! Be You
  69. 69. Content
  70. 70. Weak
  71. 71. Strong
  72. 72. Weak
  73. 73. Strong
  74. 74. Content can be… Written text Videos Photos Sharing of others’ content
  75. 75. Content Point to RememberIn order for your audience to know you, like you, trust you and eventually BUY from you, you must … OFFER VALUE!
  76. 76. SMOSocial Media Optimization
  77. 77. Best Practices
  78. 78. Common mistakesGoing into social mediablindly w/no strategy or goalsFailing to build yourcommunity
  79. 79. Common mistakesIgnoring your audienceClaiming your business isn’tsocial
  80. 80. Common mistakesFocusing too much on thecompetitionCopying the competition
  81. 81. Common mistakesHaving the intern ‘do it’Forgetting your manners
  82. 82. Common mistakesTrying to do it all and beeverywhereFailing to meet the needs ofyour audience
  83. 83. Common mistakesCommitting what PamMoore calls, “Random Act ofMarketing” (RAMS)
  84. 84. Common mistakesDeleting or ignoringnegative feedbackFailing to integrate efforts
  85. 85. Common mistakesTreating social media likeadvertisingAssuming one-size-fits-all
  86. 86. Common mistakesDabblingForgetting to manage youronline reputation
  87. 87. Common mistakesMaking the assumption thatsocial media is magicBecoming complacent
  88. 88. Best practicesListenIdentify needs and wantsOffer answers/solutionsFocus on the relationshipBe consistentReview and evaluateRinse and repeat!
  89. 89. This will take…TimeEffortEnergyCreativity
  90. 90. The good news is… You’re here today!Awareness, willingness, andopenness are the first steps!
  91. 91. Managing Social Media
  92. 92. Questions to askWhat are your specific goalsfor social media?Who is your audience?What do they need/want?
  93. 93. Questions to askWhere is your targetaudience? What channels?What’s your strategy forreaching them?What solutions can youoffer?
  94. 94. Building blocksFill your stadium
  95. 95. Building blocksKeep the fans in their seats
  96. 96. Building blocks Or better!
  97. 97. Building blocksA communityAn editorial calendarContent for social sites/blogsSystems for monitoring andinteractingSystems for measuring andevaluating
  98. 98. ToolsTimeEffortEnergyCreativity
  99. 99. If you’re missing a tool, you can’t build a masterpiece!Be honest with yourself and your business.
  100. 100. If you need time…Revise your priorities or hire help!
  101. 101. If you need effort…
  102. 102. If you need effort, but find you’re already tired or stretched thin… be honestwith yourself about how much effort you will put toward your goals. You may need to need to revise your priorities or hire help.
  103. 103. If you need energy…
  104. 104. If you need energy, ask yourself where yourmotivation lies and how you can shift your current activities to create more energy. You may need toneed to revise your priorities or hire help.
  105. 105. If you need creativity…
  106. 106. If you need creativity, ask yourself if that’s a tool yousimply lack or if you need toshift your thinking. You mayneed to need to revise your priorities or hire help!
  107. 107. How do you find help? Talk to others in your industry Consider hiring a consultant Consider hiring a social media manager Considering hiring in-house staff
  108. 108. Connections and Resources Website and Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:
  109. 109. Questions?!