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End the Semester with a Bang


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Your Web Plan & The Plan for Plan
Hiring Help: Pro’s and Con’s
What To Look When Hiring Help
Contractors vs. Employees
Management & Expectations

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End the Semester with a Bang

  1. 1. End the Semester with a Presented by Strella Social Media
  2. 2. The #Strella TeamRachel Strella & Amanda Harrison
  3. 3. Today, we’ll discuss: Your Web Plan & The Plan for Plan  Hiring Help: Pro’s and Con’s  What To Look When Hiring Help (Exercise: Personality Profiles)  Contractors vs. Employees  Management & Expectations  Questions
  4. 4. Your Web Plan &The Plan for the Plan
  5. 5. Share Your Web Plan
  6. 6. Plan for the Plan
  7. 7. The Pro’s & Con’s of Hiring Help
  8. 8. AdvantagesDifferent skills to enhance teamDivvy-up workloadAllows you to keep focus intactFresh perspective/insightYou’re the boss!
  9. 9. DisadvantagesIf someone doesn’t do thework, you’re responsibleNeed to trainIC’s: Work own schedule, notyours (can be difficult to manageremotely)Employees: taxes, payroll,insurance costs
  10. 10. What to Look for
  11. 11. When Searching…Consider what skills you needKnow your management styleOutline expectationsAsk the right questions
  12. 12. When Searching…Have another person attend theinterview with youConsider personalitiesHire for attitudeIf you’re not sure, don’t settle
  13. 13. When Searching…Personalities play a big role inflow of workImportant to understand yourown personality traits so you caneffectively hire others
  14. 14. D: DominanceDirectDecisiveBottom-line orientatedStrong-willedAction-takerResults-driven
  15. 15. I: InfluenceOptimisticOutgoingSocialSharerEntertainingEnergizingEnjoys working with others
  16. 16. S: SteadinessEmpatheticCooperativeConsistent/PredictableTeam playerSupportiveHelpfulGood listenerAvoids change/conflict
  17. 17. C: ConscientiousnessConcernedCautiousCorrectDetail/Quality-FocusedPlannerAccurate
  18. 18. Personality!
  19. 19. Contractors vs. Employees
  20. 20. ContractorsIndependent team membersOften work from home anduse their own equipmentNot tied to a set schedule orset of tasks
  21. 21. EmployeesWork for you as a part of theteamOften work in-house/in-officeusing office equipmentHave a set schedule/hours andspecific tasks
  22. 22. Contract help if you…Have projects that require littledirectionAre looking for a specific skillset to assist with projectsSeek temporaryhelp/assistance or have workthat will be inconsistent
  23. 23. Hire help if you…Have steady work and can paya regular salaryNeed and/or want team towork in-housePlan to expand your company
  24. 24. TipsHave a written agreement forcontractors (including a W9)May wish to hire a contractorwho may eventually become anemployeeWork with an attorney to makesure you’re in compliance withfederal and state labor laws
  25. 25. Management & Expectations
  26. 26. Management StylesAutocraticDemocraticPaternalisticLaissez-faire
  27. 27. AutocraticLeader makes all decisions unilaterallyPro: can project an image of a confident, well managed businessCon: limits decision-making and freedom
  28. 28. Democratic Leaders allows the employees to take part in decision-makingPro: communication is extensive in both directionsCon: decision-making process could be slowed down
  29. 29. PaternalisticLeader is dictatorial; however, takes into account the best interests of the employees as well as the business.Pro: engenders loyaltyCon: lack of worker motivation
  30. 30. Laissez-faireLeaders role is as a mentor and stimulatorPro: brings out the best in highly professional and creative groups of employeesCon: can lack both focus and direction
  31. 31. Management ExpectationsEstablish a picture of what management isLearn about and practice Total Quality Management
  32. 32. Management ExpectationsKeep the conversation aliveAffirm what’s workingInvite honestyStep into their shoes
  33. 33. Questions
  34. 34. Need More Help? Check out… Website and Blog: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn:
  35. 35. Let’s Rock!