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Brand Your Business with YouTube


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In the book Social Boom, guest writer Julien Smith says, “YouTube is magic.” YouTube videos are a great way to engage your audience and give your business communications a personal touch.

Why YouTube?
Getting Started
What to Film
Best Practices
Loading to Your Channel

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Brand Your Business with YouTube

  1. 1. Brand Your Business with YouTube Presented by Rachel Strella Strella Social Media
  2. 2. The #Strella TeamRachel Strella & Amanda Harrison
  3. 3. Thank you! Ric Albano 33 Dimensions
  4. 4. Introductions! Share your name, yourbusiness, and one thing you hope to learn today!
  5. 5. Today, we’ll discuss: - Why YouTube? - Getting Started - What to Film - Best Practices - Loading to Your Channel - Sharing &- Film a video for your business(and time for group questions)
  6. 6. Why YouTube?
  7. 7. Why YouTube?800 million unique usersLast year, YouTube had morethan 1 trillion views - around 140views for every person on EarthThere is a huge businessopportunity in YouTube
  8. 8. Why YouTube?Boost SEOEstablish credibilityPeople to get to know youInexpensiveEasy-to-doHelps you stand out
  9. 9. Getting Started
  10. 10. Getting StartedPurchase a flip cam, use aSmartphone or computer/ipadSet-up a YouTube channelEstablish an action planUse content you already haveIntegrate efforts into currentmarketing plan
  11. 11. What to Film?
  12. 12. What to Film?‘Tip of the week’‘How-to’ videosClips of yourself speaking infront of an audienceCustomer TestimonialsPoints of differentiation
  13. 13. Best Practices
  14. 14. Best PracticesKeep it short and lightOffer valueBe entertaining or informative
  15. 15. Best PracticesKeep on eye on light, sound,and shakinessBe YOU!Don’t try to being perfect
  16. 16. Best Practices - Example
  17. 17. Loading to Your Channel
  18. 18. Loading to Your ChannelOn computer – save clip todesktopOn phone – select the YouTubeloading buttonImport to YouTube channelusing the “Upload” buttonAdd a keyword-specific title
  19. 19. Loading to Your Channel- Title Example
  20. 20. Loading to Your ChannelPeople are looking to beentertained or informed – notlooking to buyImportant to include yourwebsite and contact informationin the description
  21. 21. Loading to Your Channel- Description Example
  22. 22. Loading to Your ChannelAdd a category so people cansee what the video is aboutAdd keyword-specific tags to aidin (SEO)Note: Include geographiclocation if your target audience islocal (Ex: manager Harrisburg PA)
  23. 23. Loading to Your Channel- Category & Example
  24. 24. Loading to Your ChannelAfter loading, you can edit usingthe “enhancements” buttonCan trim the ends or createadd-insEditing will take up to an hourfor YouTube to finalizeSave all changes
  25. 25. Loading to Your Channel Editing Example
  26. 26. Sharing
  27. 27. Sharing500 years of YouTube video arewatched every day on FacebookSharing on Facebook fan page,Twitter, LinkedIn, blog, embed linkin stories or articles, etc.Can share twice on social mediachannels-once in AM and once inPM
  28. 28. Need HelpGetting Started?Take advantage of our special offer! TODAY ONLY!
  29. 29. Film a Video for Your Business
  30. 30. Film YOUR VideoCHOOSE ONE:30 second-commercialWhat makes your business rockA quick tip or piece of advicerelated to your businessSomething fun that othersmight not know about you
  31. 31. Order of Filming1. Julie2. Keith3. Michelle4. Melissa5. Rick6. Lori
  32. 32. Let’s Rock!
  33. 33. Connections and Resources Website and Blog: Twitter: LinkedIn: