A Social Media Plan that Works


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I’ve seen countless businesses and organizations fail to find their footing with social media simply because they don’t understand how social media works, their goals are simplistic, or they treat it like any other marketing outlet.

In this presentation, we’ll cover areas of social media where many businesses ‘get stuck,’ including:
• Determining the best social media channels for reach a target audience
• Establishing goals that generate results
• Building a social media audience on these channels
• Planning a marketing strategy, including content development
• Managing social media efforts with ease

Learn both the why and the how of social media and see real results!


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A Social Media Plan that Works

  1. 1. Creating A Social Media Plan that Works! Rachel Strella Strella Social Media www.strellasocialmedia.com
  2. 2. The #Strella TeamRachel Strella & Amanda Harrison
  3. 3. To Receive a Copy of Today’s PowerPoint Presentation! Please give Amanda: - your business card OR - index card with your email
  4. 4. Today, we’ll discuss…Creating A Social Media Plan… THAT WORKS! Recognize Challenges Create Goals Determine Channels Build Your Audience Develop a Content Strategy Execute & Evaluate the Plan
  5. 5. Social Media Challenges
  6. 6. Social Media Challenges
  7. 7. Common Mistakes→ Wrong Mindset→ Lack of Strategy/Goals→ Lack of Consistency→ Poor Content
  8. 8. Common Mistakes→ Ignoring the Audience→ “Silo” Efforts→ Too Many Media→ Complacency
  9. 9. A Social Media Plan That Works
  10. 10. A Plan That WorksStep 1: Determine Goals
  11. 11. A Plan That Works: GoalsSample GoalsIncrease website trafficEstablish credibilityBuild your audience/followingIncrease Search EngineOptimization (SEO)
  12. 12. A Plan That Works: GoalsSample GoalsDrive foot traffic to a locationGenerate awareness of aproduct/serviceReach a specific new audienceIncrease customer engagement
  13. 13. A Plan That Works: GoalsGoal ChecklistSelect 2-3 goals for 90-daysPlay to your strengths Try to choose goals that aremeasurable in some way
  14. 14. A Plan That WorksStep 2: Determine Channels
  15. 15. A Plan That Works: Channels“Big 3” Channels: FacebookAudience is consumer-basedLargest age segment is 21-24Great for sharingIntegrates well with a lot ofother sites and applicationsOversaturated channel
  16. 16. A Plan That Works: Channels“Big 3” Channels: LinkedInAudience is business-basedLargest age segment is 35-44Two powerful gems: groups andadvanced searchRelationships a MUST
  17. 17. A Plan That Works: Channels“Big 3” Channels: Twitter140-character limitLargest age segment is 30-49Channel is wide-openStrong customer-service outletLanguage can be confusing(hashtags, re-tweets, etc)
  18. 18. A Plan That Works: ChannelsSupplemental Channels: YouTubeTop search site along withGoogle/great for SEOLargest age segment is 18-34Opportunity for an audience toget to know youHard to leverage if camera shy
  19. 19. A Plan That Works: ChannelsSupplemental Channels: Google+Interface similar to FacebookLargest age segment is 25-34Higher usage among men(69%) than women (31%)Great for SEOAudience: engineers, webdevelopers, students, marketers
  20. 20. A Plan That Works: ChannelsSupplemental Channels: PinterestPhoto sharing site; pinboardsLargest age segment is 25-54Higher usage among women(80%) than men (20%)Attraction: fashion, food, décor,fitness, animals, kids, travel
  21. 21. A Plan That Works: ChannelsSupplemental Channels: InstagramPhoto sharing applicationLargest age segment is 18-34Appeals to African Americans,Latino’s & Urban AmericansMost useful for ‘telling a story’with images
  22. 22. A Plan That Works: ChannelsSupporting Channels: Blogs Online source of informationfrom a 1st person POVGreat for driving traffic to awebsite, gaining credibility,community building and SEOBest if you own the content(self-hosted site vs. free site)
  23. 23. A Plan That Works: ChannelsSupporting Channels: Enews Electronic communication sentvia email to a list of subscribersGenerate TOMAGreat for those who haveemail, but not social mediaDo not spam contacts; includean opt-out option
  24. 24. A Plan That Works: ChannelsChannel ChecklistDetermine your target audienceFind where they are on socialmediaSelect media that match yourgoals and target audience
  25. 25. Need More Info onSpecific Channels?bit.ly/jumpstartkit
  26. 26. A Plan That WorksStep 3: Build Your Audience
  27. 27. A Plan That Works: AudienceUse Built-In Social Media Tools Import email contacts to fanpageUse Twitter’s “Discover Tab”Do not import lists intoLinkedIn; make authenticconnections
  28. 28. A Plan That Works: AudienceAudience: Build During Use Join LinkedIn Groups; makepersonal connectionsUse hashtags and mentions intweets Beware of offers that‘guarantee’ immediate fans orfollowers
  29. 29. A Plan That Works: AudienceAudience: Marketing Integration List social media channels ondirect mail, newspaper ads,newsletter or business cardsAdd social sites to website andemail signatureUsing Facebook? Claim uniqueURL (facebook.com/username)
  30. 30. A Plan That Works: AudienceThink Outside the Box Use contests, a call for “re-tweets” or other methods togenerate interestBe mindful of what others aredoing to build fansIf you run a contest onFacebook, use a 3rd party app
  31. 31. A Plan That Works: AudienceAudience ChecklistIf you’re just starting out, thisshould be a primary goalIf you’re already established,continue to think of ways to buildRevisit audience-buildingregularly and brainstorm
  32. 32. A Plan That Works Step 4: Develop a Content Strategy
  33. 33. A Plan That Works: ContentThemes Develop engaging contentWhat value can I provide?What’s interesting about mybusiness?Where are growth opportunities?How can I educate my audience?
  34. 34. A Plan That Works: ContentTheme Examples Accountant: Tax tips during themonth of MarchRetailers: Christmas - DecemberSalon: Prom preparation tips inthe spring
  35. 35. A Plan That Works: ContentTheme/Idea Calendar Match goals with themesDevelop a “theme of themonth” to help create a cohesivemessage that resonates withyour audience
  36. 36. A Plan That Works: ContentTheme Calendar ExampleCredit UnionShort-Term Goals:#1: Establish credibility#2: Educate community onservices#3: Increase customerengagement
  37. 37. A Plan That Works: ContentContent: Theme/Idea Calendar Example Month #1: Why join a creditunion? Month #2: Services to matchthe needs of the members Month #3: Share real-timenews and encourage sharing
  38. 38. A Plan That Works: ContentSample postsGoal: Establish credibilityTheme: Why join a credit union?
  39. 39. A Plan That Works: ContentSample postsGoal: Educate communityTheme: Services to match needs
  40. 40. A Plan That Works: ContentSample postsGoal: Increase customer engagementTheme: Share real-time news
  41. 41. A Plan That Works: ContentSample postsGoal: Increase customer engagementTheme: Encourage feedback
  42. 42. A Plan That Works: ContentContent: GuidelinesShorter and punchier is betterKnowledge is powerEngage the audienceBe authenticReveal ‘human side’ of business
  43. 43. A Plan That Works: ContentContent GuidelinesUse pictures when relevantConsider timelinessHighlight industry events/newsUse sales pitches sparinglyProofread content
  44. 44. A Plan That Works: ContentContent ChecklistDetermine themesDevelop theme calendarConsider how to integrateDevelop an editorial calendarWrite content with zest!
  45. 45. A Plan That WorksStep 5: Execute & Evaluate
  46. 46. A Plan That Works: ExecuteExecute the PlanAssign responsibilitiesMonitor channelsEngage/respondPut a plan in place for handlingnegative feedback
  47. 47. A Plan That Works: EvaluateEvaluate the PlanWhat worked?What didn’t work?What should you shift?Are there new channels toembrace?What should the next 90 dayslook like?
  48. 48. A Plan That Works: ExecuteExecution & Evaluation ChecklistAssign work – including contentdevelopment, brandingmonitoring/engagement, andhandling negative feedbackEvaluate planMake necessary changes anddetermine plan for next 90 days
  49. 49. Need More Direction?strellasocialmedia.com/smb-guide
  50. 50. REMEMBER! To receive PowerPoint… Please give Amanda: - your business card OR- index card with your email
  51. 51. Questions
  52. 52. Connections and Resources Website and Blog: StrellaSocialMedia.com Facebook:Facebook.com/StrellaSocialMedia Twitter: Twitter.com/RachelStrella LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/in/RachelStrella