Street United Overview


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A world of street sports and street or urban arts all under one roof.
Streets United is known as the "Global Resource Base" for the finest entertainment in street sports, urban arts and community development.

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Street United Overview

  1. 1. Streets United EntertainmentOver 30 Street Disciplinesavailable for your event, anywhere in the world
  2. 2. Free RunningFreerunning orParkour is the art ofmovement in naturaland urbanenvironments.Athletes identifyalternative and moreefficient routsbetween two pointsby vaulting, rolling,climbing andjumping
  3. 3. Freestyle Football Freestyle Football is the art and sport of juggling a football using all parts of the body to entertain audiences. Athletes choreograph performances to music and can be found in almost every country of the world
  4. 4. BMXBMX is the street sport where artists jump with theirbikes from and over ramps or other natural objects inthe street. There are various types of categories in BMXincluding - Street, skate park, jump ramp, half pipe orflatland
  5. 5. Break Dance Break Dance is an urban form of dance that involves popping, locking and moving to the rhythm of any beat. Artists are more commonly known as B-boys and B-girls and can be found in most countries worldwide
  6. 6. YoYo FreestyleYoYo Freestyle takethe classic school-yard art of yoyo to anew level.Performanceschoreographed tomusic which involvemoving 1 or 2 yoyo’saround the body toentertain audiencesand compete againstothers
  7. 7. One of the oldestJugglers forms of street entertainment, artists can perform juggling routines with almost any object making it an extremely eye catching and versatile art. Some of the finest are in London, but can be found anywhere in the world
  8. 8. Street FootballStreet football is an urban form of football that isclosely linked to freestyle football. It is at it’s most elitein the Netherlands, but played worldwide. The object isto nutmeg or ‘panna’ (placing the football between thelegs) of opponents to gain the ultimate respect. Goalsare also involved but are overshadowed by intense skilland style on the ball
  9. 9. Beatboxing Beatboxing is the art of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm and music sounds using ones mouth, lips, tongue and voice. It may also involve singing and although commonly associated with hip hop, it does cater for all genres of music
  10. 10. BMX FlatlandBMX Flatlanding is aunique and stylishform of BMX riding.It is performed on aflat surface and is acombination ofphysical spins,balances and tricks.The rider movesaround the bike itselfwhilst it is in motionon the flat land
  11. 11. Martial Arts / Tricking Extreme Martial Arts and Tricking are just two performance arts linked to many different types of martial art forms. Performances can be made by solo artists or larger groups between 4-10 artists. Some performances use artificial and plastic weapons
  12. 12. Street DanceStreet Dance has been popularised recently from talentshows worldwide and is performed by a group ofdancers (can be any number) choreographing routinesto a mixture of music and sounds
  13. 13. Streetball / FS The Olympic sport turned urban with 3 different entertainment variations - Acrobatic dunking (artists use mini trampolines to perform flying dunks), Street Ball (artists play against each other in teams of 3-5 performing tricks against each other), Freestyle Basketball (artists perform dribbling and juggling skills anywhere in front of any audience using 1,2,3 or 4 balls
  14. 14. FootbagFootbag or Hacki-Sakis the performanceof many freestylefootball moves butwith a small ball /sack filled with rice.It involves carefullychoreographedmoves with extremecontrol
  15. 15. Trial Riding Trial Riding is the performance of artists on mountain bikes, jumping, over, from and between any solid objects (either natural street environments or on safely constructed obstacle courses). Performances can involve a solo , duo or group of riders
  16. 16. Graffiti can come inan enormous varietyof forms… Artists Graffiticreate pieces of artwith crayons, paint,sand, pens, pins oranything else to tella story / createsomething new orportray a message.Traditionallyassociated withspray painting butmuch more isavailable
  17. 17. 3D Street ArtSome of the mostincredible and realistic3D artwork that can befound on the street.Artists on a dedicatedsection of any street,shopping centre orplaza surface create apiece of artwork thatonce finishedmembers of the publiccan have their phototaken in front of, on orbehind the 3D picture
  18. 18. DJ’ing and DMC Music is the glue to any street sport performance. DJ’ing is an art in it’s own right and the DMC is the most visual example of it – turntables and scratching of records live on stage in the form of a battle or performance has remained popular for decades. A DJ can play tracks of any genre to create atmospheres at any event
  19. 19. Pogo FreestylePogo Freestyle is anextreme stunt basedsport that involvesusing a pogo stick in anurban environment tojump over or betweenobjects. Visuallyimpressive andextremely intensesport to master.Displays can be madeby an individual artistor a group of pogofreestylers
  20. 20. Power Bocking Extreme stilts! Power Rising / Power Bocking is the act of jumping and running with elastic, spring loaded stilts. Artists provide spectacular stunts to events worldwide setting world records, jumping over objects and more. Even just walking throughout crowds these artists can create a stir!
  21. 21. SkateSkateboarding, Inline Skate, Roller blading, Half Pipe,Freestyle Skate – the art forms are endless. All acts involvethe movement of artists on wheels of various shapes andsizes, to perform stunts, tricks and high energy shows
  22. 22. Street Unicycle Riding on one wheel alone is not enough for these extreme sports artists. Street Unicyclist put their High-Tec unicycles to the test as they jump between objects, over people and obstacle courses. Think trial riding, but with one wheel!
  23. 23. Double DutchDouble Dutch skipping involves a team of skippers dancingand moving between two skipping ropes. This high energysport fills stages worldwide and can be seen in musicvideos too. High adrenaline action with up-tempo music
  24. 24. Freestyle Frisbee Not just a bit of fun on the beach – these artists take he art of Frisbee to a new level. Synchronised and choreographed routines to music where either as a solo or duo the Frisbee is thrown and caught around all parts of the body pushing the flexibility and agility of artists to the max
  25. 25. Motorbike FSAn extremely niche artform with danger atevery moment. Only 3artists knownworldwide, thesepeople master anymotorbike andperform stunts thatthe average humanwould never dream ofeven thinking about
  26. 26. Slacklining Slacklining is the art of balancing and moving along a slackline with ease and style. Artists not only walk across slacklines of all lengths, but also bounce, flip and lay on them as they push their balance to the limits
  27. 27. Available now for bespoke road-show,live event or PR activity anywhereworldwide.For more information contact StreetsUnited at info@streetsutd.comVideos of all sports in action can be seenat the streets to the