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StreetShares Small Business Community Equals Big Impact Nationwide


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As the leader in social finance for the military community, including business loans and investment products, StreetShares contributes greatly to the overall economy. Discover the millions of dollars we fund to small businesses, thousands of jobs we support and the millions of dollars of revenue our funding helps in keeping small businesses operating. Our focus on the veteran business community shows for itself. About 80 percent of our small business members are veterans who represent each branch of the military.

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StreetShares Small Business Community Equals Big Impact Nationwide

  1. 1. BILLION IN REVENUE SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY of Funds Go to U.S. VETERAN Small Businesses 80% 5,600 THOUSANDS OF JOBS Americans Employed by StreetShares Members in Annual Revenue Earned by All StreetShares Members in the U.S. $1 Billion ARMY StreetShares is America’s social finance solution for the military community, providing small business loans, lines of credit and government contract financing. Funding is backed by military community supporters who invest in businesses they believe in. - Zachary Green, Marine Corps Veteran and Founder/CEO of MN8 Foxfire LEARN MORE about business funding CONTACT US to speak to a consultant StreetShares Small Business Members employ thousands of people. Our funding supports these hard working small business employees. StreetShares Small Business Members have a robust impact on the economy. Our funding helps keep small businesses going. (1) (2) (3) StreetShares defines “veteran small business” as a company that is at least 25 percent owned by a veteran or military spouse, or has a veteran or military spouse as the co-guarantor. Job numbers are reported by StreetShares Small Business Member borrowers and are not independently verified. Revenue numbers provided by StreetShares Small Business Member borrowers at time of funding.(3) (2) (1) GET BUSINESS FUNDING BIG IMPACT NATIONWIDE STREETSHARES = AIR FORCE COAST GUARD NAVY MARINE CORPS U.S. VETERAN SMALL BUSINESS MEMBERS 39% 27% 1% 17% 16% ““We want to make sure we've got enough supply to keep up with the demand. StreetShares has been a great partner. We've taken out four lines of credit so far and look forward to working with them more." @StreetShares | $340 MillionFinancing Contracted $60 MillionFinancing Delivered + (1) Updated January 2018