IPv4 Address Marketplace


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Hilco Streambank, a market leading advisory firm in the intellectual property disposition and valuation space, now offers a multi-channel market place for monetization of IPv4 addresses.

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IPv4 Address Marketplace

  1. 1. IPv4 Address MarketplaceNEW MULTI-CHANNEL MARKETPLACE FOR THESALE & ACQUISITION OF IPv4 ADDRESSESMay 2012__________________________________________________________________Hilco Streambank, a market leading advisory firm in theintellectual property disposition and valuation space, now Current IP Addressesoffers a multi-channel market place for monetization of IPv4addresses. for Sale Include:BACKGROUND • Various ranges of up to eight contiguous /16 legacy* blocksIP Addresses are the numerical addresses that are used to • Various individual /16 legacyroute internet traffic (a typical IP address looks like blocks regsitered in the ARIN, APNIC and RIPE regions • 2 contiguous non-legacy /16Under the current address protocol (IPv4), there are blocksapproximately 4.3 billion addresses. While these addresses • Various blocks ranging fromwere originally allocated at no cost, the pool of freely /21 to /24available addresses is almost depleted. The long termsolution is a new protocol, IPv6, which contains a virtuallyunlimited number of addresses (more than 340 undecillion – *A Legacy IP Address is one that was340 followed by 39 digits). However, the transition from IPv4 acquired prior to ARIN’s appointment in 1997.to IPv6 is time consuming and expensive. There will be acontinued need for IP addresses until IPv6 is fully deployed.Experts believe that full transition will not be completed for Contact us immediately ifmany years – if not decades. Currently only about 1% of you are an interested buyer:global internet traffic runs on the IPv6 network. During thetransition period, content providers, ISPs and other firms inneed of additional space will have to buy or lease IPv4 Gabe Friedaddresses. Ph: (781) 444-4940 gfried@hilcostreambank.comIP Addresses are generally held and transferred in blocks.Below is a table showing common allocations of IP addresses. Jack Hazan Class Name IT Synonym # of Addresses Ph: (212) 610-5663 Class A /8 16,777,216 Class B /16 65,536 jhazan@hilcostreambank. Class C /24 256
  2. 2. MARKET PLATFORMS PRIVATE SALES – LARGE BLOCKSHilco Streambank’s IPv4 marketplace is a logical extension of Hilco’s 25 year history of providingmarket solutions to the management of surplus assets. Our experience in handling high valueand complex asset transactions along with our extensive network of industry contacts acrossthe globe, has served our clients extremely well. Hilco Streambank can tailor a private salethrough an auction or through private negotiations with a targeted market. Our recent privatesale transactions for Borders Group Inc. and other liquidating debtors as well as for healthyoperating companies have recovered millions of dollars in additional value for our clients.The following illustrates some of our most recent private sale transactions: has sold one /16 block for has sold 2 /16 blocks for has sold one “non-legacy” $12 an address $12 an address /16 block Borders Group Hosting Company North American ISP to To to Cerner Corporation Cloud Computing Anonymous CompanyONLINE SALES – SMALL BLOCKSHilco Streambank has also partnered with HilcoBid in launching a new online IPv4 tradingplatform. This platform provides those who wish to buy or sell IP addresses in smaller blocks anefficient mechanism to conduct their trades. Hilco’s advanced-technology online auctionplatform efficiently manages a large number of smaller IPv4 portfolio sales. The online saleprocess enables buyers to develop a rapport with both Hilco Streambank and the seller beforeentering into larger transactions. Visit www.hilcobid.net to see some of our recent sales.VALUE CREATION – VALUE REALIZATIONHilco Streambank tailors a sale process for each seller’s specific needs and the size of theaddress portfolio. Sellers looking for immediate liquidity can receive guarantees or advancesagainst sale proceeds. Sellers looking to maximize value can take advantage of our ability topromote sales of large blocks in whole or in part, thereby finding the sale combination with thebest yield. Hilco Streambank is always sensitive to value, time requirements, and transactioncosts in determining the best sale strategy.
  3. 3. CONFIDENTIALITYMany of our marketplace participants request anonymity and disclosure of their corporateidentity on a need-to-know basis. We institute appropriate confidential procedures in each ofour representations to accommodate our market participants’ needs.IMMEDIATE LIQUIDITYHilco Streambank is ready to provide capital to sellers in order to solve immediate short termliquidity needs.CONTACT INFORMATIONAny organization with surplus IP addresses should contact Hilco Streambank to discussstrategies for monetizing their portfolio. Hilco Streambank can help understand the probablevalue and which disposition method is most likely to generate the best results.For more information regarding the sale or acquisition of IPv4 IP addresses, please contact HilcoStreambank.Gabe Fried Jack Hazan Anna MorevaPh: (781) 444-4940 Ph: (212) 610-5663 Ph: (781) 444-4940gfried@hilcostreambank.com jhazan@hilcostreambank.com amoreva@hilcostreambank.comABOUT HILCO STREAMBANKHilco Streambank is an intangible asset valuation and disposition services business. Our clients include healthy and distressedcompanies in all sectors as well as sponsors, lenders, and other stakeholders. Hilco Streambank identifies, preserves, andextracts value for clients through the application of experience, diligence and creativity. Our experience spans a broad range ofindustries (apparel, automotive, consumer products, food, manufacturing, medical technologies, retail and textiles) and assets(patents, trademarks, internet addresses, data and domains). Recent disposition clients include Circuit City Stores, BordersGroup, Tavern on the Green, Collins & Aikman, Berkline Benchcraft and others. Hilco Streambank also provides sound adviceon value maximization strategies and liquidity options. Hilco Streambank maintains offices in Needham, MA and New York, NY.Find out more at www.hilcostreambank.com. We are a division of Hilco Trading LLC.