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Introducing stream


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Introducing stream

  1. 1. Who we are and what we do Tel: +44 1727 810 561 Mob: +44 7921 816 160 Skype: streamresearch
  2. 2. Some of our client testimonials I have worked with Nick on many projects for our brands Maxi-Cosi and Quinny, ranging from npd concept labs on strollers to prototype evaluation focus groups on new car safety seats and pushchairs. Nick really stands out for his moderating skills and is my moderator of choice for any UK qual research as well as international npd workshops. I find that respondents in our studies (typically pregnant women and mothers of babies and toddlers up to 3 years old) relate very well to Nick, resulting in good group dynamics. I am always amazed that respondents literally tell him anything and everything. They seem very happy to teach Nick a thing or two about parenthood! What better way to uncover real consumer insights! Selma Mildenhall, Market Intelligence Manager, Dorel NL Stream pro-actively thinks with you to solve strategic, concept or marketing issues. The results are exactly tailored to your business needs, as Stream always makes strong efforts to fully understand the business issues at hand. On top of that, flexibility and speed are world class’ Aarnt Mensonides, Director Consumer & Marketing Intelligence , BU Audio & Video Multimedia Applications Stream Research has been doing work for Skype for the past 2+ years. They bring a great balance for us in terms of deep understanding of our business along with a strong focus on the consumer. We really value the insights they bring us, as well as the value add – Nick is always available to share learnings, attend meetings, discuss findings and help us inform other research we do. We really consider him an extension of our team and a valuable asset to our business Diana Easley, Director of Global Consumer Insights, Skype Nick is not just "a marketing researcher” he has an intrinsic empathy for people. This makes him a moderator who is really interested in people, and likes to hear what they have to say. This skill makes him one of the best moderators I know, especially for explorative research, he is capable of helping the client to get a first strategic direction for a project. His reporting is creative, to the point and very good at integrating business decisions. Yvonne Van Veen, Senior Business Director, RISC International
  3. 3. Since we established in 2006 Completed 180 projects in 25 countries Moderated over 500 groups, 180 depths and facilitated 40 workshops in that time in the UK alone Previously worked at Synovate, Pegram Walters and Happy Dog - working across many different sectors and for brands as diverse as Colgate, Vodafone and Carlsberg through to Virgin trains
  4. 4. Stream’s value for money commitment • Stream work to deliver the very best insights • We are genuinely fascinated by consumer behaviour and your market place and this helps us to support our position ‘we don’t stop when the presentation is done’ • We are there as active partners above and beyond the project, we will work with you until the job is done, not just the debrief
  5. 5. The way we approach the world of qualitative research
  7. 7. By innovating, engaging and helping to shape the industry The team at Stream have written for a number of industry magazines and presented at a number of conferences including; Admap - Cultural Trends Monitoring AQR - Use of websites when analysing research findings Research Magazine - Empowering Consumers Marketing Week - Myth or Reality and the Art of Ethnography Esomar Paper - 2003) Youth Culture and Hennessy, 2004) Trend Followers and Makers Research Show Paper - Ethnography approaches
  8. 8. By creating output that goes beyond observation Output based around Stream core values and always developed in co- operation with client needs; • 1 Detailed understanding of market context, usage and behaviours • 2 Real insights based on behaviours, attitudes and observations • 3 Understanding how everything ties in with consumer typologies and segmentations • 4 Visually interesting, easy to disseminate internally (video edits, mood boards, key findings sheets) • 5 Recommendations always based on what this means for the brand and the business needs
  9. 9. By using the very latest projective techniques “I believe convention is an obstacle to progress. You give a conventional person a problem, they’ll come up with a conventional solution. But if you look at it in a completely bizarre way, go out into your dream world, that’s where the solutions to your problems are” Trevor Baylis, Designer
  10. 10. Our International Network
  11. 11. The first postcard was sent in 1861 and you can guess that the person who got it felt pretty special In an age where quick ways of communication dominate most people have forgotten the art of writing a post card. A post card is personal, it says someone really took the time to make the message right just for you Stream’s international network - Nexus is that postcard, we deliver that personal touch. For us this means the guy who you meet at the pitch is the guy who you will go for a drink with in Tokyo, and is the guy who will write the presentation A Unique Global Research Boutique We are the kind of guys who take the time to write a postcard rather than just send a quick email
  12. 12. A Unique Global Research Boutique Our proposition is a simple one By matching the experience of hundreds of projects in dozens of markets with the careful, hands-on execution of a boutique agency, we can offer clients the intimate director led service they get from their local agencies on their international projects as well Working with Stream network - Nexus will deliver the same feeling you get from receiving a postcard – a project addressed directly, personally and never generically
  13. 13. Postcards from… our global reach We have shopped for electronics with consumers in the malls of Mumbai We rode hogs with bikers in Vancouver In Shanghai, we shadowed groups of friends in their hangouts We sat in HR departments and found out about online recruitment across the USA Consumers showed how they designed their homes in Sao Paulo We asked young people in Moscow what their aspirations for the future were We caught up with first time mothers to be in London about their babies needs for the future …and we have run focus groups in dozens of countries across Europe, Asia and the Americas
  14. 14. The team
  15. 15. Nick Head Started moderating focus groups during his MA course in London Has now moderated over 1000 groups in the UK, USA, India and Ireland Has co-ordinated research in 23 countries Believes that respondents need to be empowered and projective techniques are crucial to this Favourite research moment: interviewing backstage at the MTV music rewards Favourite research location: Newcastle, UK
  16. 16. Raf Manna Started moderating focus groups in London in the early 90’s Has co-ordinated over 300 international projects Believes in the importance of local moderators input to add texture to the findings Favourite research moment: interviewing chief executives of TV stations across South America and Africa about their programming needs Favourite research location: Buenos Aires
  17. 17. How to contact us Stream Research 49 Russet Drive St Albans Hertfordshire AL4 0DB United Kingdom Tel: +44 1727 810 561 Mob: +44 7921 816 160 Skype: streamresearch Web: