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Rise of the Strategy Platforms


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The world of strategy is changing.

Around the world, we see the pressures on management increasing with the speed of disruption accelerating.

To better equip the leaders of tomorrow, a number of digital strategy platforms are on the rise.

Coming from well-established consulting firms or academic experts, these platforms are built on the ideas of digital platforms, open architectures and connecting users and producers in entirely new ways.

In the webinar, Rise of the Strategy Platforms, four speakers will share their work and thinking and bring you into the global discussion of reshaping the modern strategy landscape.

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Rise of the Strategy Platforms

  1. 1. 15 Rita McGrath Introduction Rita Gunther McGrath is a best-selling author and longtime professor at Columbia Business School. Rita is one of the world’s top experts on innovation and growth and is one of the most regularly published authors in the Harvard Business Review. She is consistently ranked among the top 10 management thinkers in the world and was ranked #1 for strategy by Thinkers50. Rita is a highly sought-after speaker at exclusive events around the globe, including the Global Peter Drucker Forum and various CEO summits. She regularly contributes articles and perspectives in business-oriented publications such as Fast Company, the Wall Street Journal and Fortune. Valize Introduction ▪ Productize and scale tools, concepts and frameworks ▪ Make the content widely accessible ▪ Help firms navigate the transient advantage economy
  2. 2. Why Strategy Isn’t What it Used to Be Rita Gunther McGrath
  3. 3. A Brief History
  4. 4. Industry Unit of Analyses
  5. 5. // Your Strategy Needs a Strategy Courtesy BCG
  6. 6. //
  7. 7. Arenas, not industries
  8. 8. // Example Toolkit
  9. 9. Strategy + Innovation + Digital
  10. 10. // And happy to announce Coming in September! You can pre-order now wherever you buy books Ask me about a discount for pre-orders
  11. 11. If we don’t make small amounts of resources available for experimentation, our ventures get big before they get smart. @rgmcgrath
  12. 12. Platform: Innosight X
  13. 13. Innosight works with leading companies to drive long-term growth 32 CLAY CHRISTENSEN INNOSIGHT CO-FOUNDER Harvard Business School Professor We empower forward-thinking organizations to navigate disruptive change and own the future -------------- Select thought leadership from Innosight --------------
  14. 14. Innosight X is an online platform that provides business leaders with innovation tools and expert advice GROWTH EXPERTS GROWTH SPRINTS PLATFORM FEATURES Intuitive tools and templates Videos, concept guides & cases Personalized task tracker Teamwork and collaboration Surveys and benchmarking 33
  15. 15. COMING SOON A new offering to empower boutique consultancies with Innosight’s IP LICENSE HOLDER GETS: PLATFORM ACCESS for all employees in your organization MEETINGS AND WEBINARS with experienced Consultants FREE CERTIFICATION for select number of employees INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC advice from the innovation community THOUGHT LEADERSHIP with copies of our best-selling books EXCLUSIVE EARLY PREVIEWS of content from upcoming sprints REFERRALS to projects in your market (geography) SALES MATERIALS to pitch projects to clients SUPPORT by phone and email ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► ► 34
  16. 16. How to achieve the ambidextrous organization - Costas Markides, LBS “ ”
  17. 17. EXPLORE Low death/disruption risk PROTECT — > High innovation risk Low expected profit High expected profit TEST — > DESIGN—> Low real profit High real profit High death/disruption risk BOOST—> Low innovation risk Exploit Explore
  18. 18. Visual Inquiry Tools …
  19. 19. Visual Inquiry Tools … … help teams in addressing wicked problems
  20. 20. Our platform combines visual enquiry tools with software to facilitate collaboration
  21. 21. The convergence of visual tools, technology and strategy as continuous reinvention