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Genius Underground Marketing Machine

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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  1. 1. Genius Underground Marketing Machine
  2. 2. Josh’s Personal Friend and Guest: Francis Ablola
  3. 3. Francis Ablola • Top Real Estate Copywriter and Marketing Strategist • “Hired gun” helped create tens of thousands of new leads, and over $7 million in revenue for clients in the last three years. • 2010 Copywriter of the Year (awarded by the country’s TOP Real Estate Investing trainers.) • Led Internet marketing operations for 5 business units of Fortune 1000 company.
  4. 4. In Demand• “I first worked with Francis on a project that brought in over a million in revenue and thousands of new customers for my business in just a matter of weeks. Its no wonder Ive hired him several times since. When it comes to marketing, he knows his stuff and his copy sells like magic. Thats why I gave him the Copywriter of the Year Award at my 2010 Internet Marketing Super Conference.” – Jeff Adams
  5. 5. Why should YOU care?•Behind The Scenes! Get ThingsDone!•What Works vs. What Doesn’t•How To Put It Together
  6. 6. 24 (Little Known) & Powerful Tools To Immediately Increase…•Your Online Lead Flow•Your Brand•Your Position•Your Credibility•Your Connections•Your Revenue!
  7. 7. Everything You’re About To See Is… •Easy To Use •Quick To Implement •Low Cost •Or No Cost •Make You Look Like A Rock Star Online! •Awesome!
  8. 8. How To Dominate The Internet In 4 Easy Steps …
  9. 9. Step 1: Get ProfessionallyDesigned Websites Up And Running In Minutes… …With no webmaster /no experience. …Absolutely FREE!
  10. 10. Step 2:Drive Massive Traffic To Your Websites All Day And Night …..with powerful low cost or no cost Automated traffic tools
  11. 11. Step 3:Automate The Follow Up …..with killer copy and mind reading persuasion techniques
  12. 12. Step 4: OutsourceEVERYTHING! …$3 Per Hour…Work While You Sleep!
  13. 13. So let’s get to it… (Get your pens ready)•Lots of cool stuff•Very little time•I use everything I recommend
  14. 14. What You’re About To Learn……
  15. 15. Why This Is Important To You Image
  16. 16. The marketing game has changed drastically over the last 5-10 years.Newspaper – Down 20%TV – Down 10%Radio - Down 20%Yellow Pages – Down 50%Etc…ALL Declining Each Year
  17. 17. The Marketing Game Has ChangedWhat worked then, Does NOT work now.Jump on board now and stake your claim of the Internet “Real Estate” or you’ll soon be a guppy swimming with the sharks.
  18. 18. The Online Opportunity is Huge 87% of house buyers search onlineprior to engaging a real estate agent.- According to the National Association of Realtors
  19. 19. Real MassiveInternet Estate Success
  20. 20. The Problem for Most Investors… No Internet Presence = No Credibility & No Leads Have Website but… No lead flow. Lack of leads = lack of deals. Lack of deals = lack of income. Lack of income = stuck in same old place.
  21. 21. 4 Steps to Internet Domination Success1. Good Converting Websites2. Traffic3. Follow Up4. Outsourcing
  22. 22. Step 1:Websites!
  23. 23. Awesome Resource #1
  24. 24. Awesome Resource #1•Access dozens of professionaldesigns to customize•Easy to USE Totally Drag And Drop(WYSIWYG)•Use you own pictures, videos.•No Experience Needed•Set up a website in minutes•Completely Free / No Ads
  25. 25. Awesome Resource #1
  26. 26. Awesome Resource #1
  27. 27. Want A More Dramatic Looking Website?(Without spending a ton of cash?)
  28. 28. Awesome Resource
  29. 29. Awesome Resource•Access THOUSANDS of professionalhigh quality designs•Not just website, but logos,Facebookpages, mobile ready websites, fullvideo intros, blog templates•As little as $35.
  30. 30. Awesome Resource
  31. 31. Awesome Resource
  32. 32. Awesome Resource $51
  33. 33. Awesome Resource $65
  34. 34. Awesome Resource
  35. 35. Awesome Resource
  36. 36. Awesome Resource•Customize any “Template Monster”design•Low cost•Fast
  37. 37. Awesome Resource
  38. 38. Awesome Resource #4•Contest driven (Crowd Sourcing)•YOU Decide How Much•Multiple Designers Give You Design Concepts•You choose your favorite (only if you like them)•No risk•They’ll design practically anything…
  39. 39. Awesome Resource
  40. 40. Your Website DesignOpt-In Box and Video Above “The Fold”Contact Info With Call to Action in Top Right- Hand CornerGOOD=BAD =
  41. 41. Step 2:Traffic!
  42. 42. Step #2-Let’s Talk Driving Traffic
  43. 43. “Classified AdSyndication”
  44. 44. Classified Sites are Free!
  45. 45. Awesome Resource #6 Postlets
  46. 46. Postlets is FREE!• Pushes properties out to dozens of websites with a single click. – Backpage – ByOwnerMLS – Enormo – FrontDoor – Hotpads – – Lycos – Oodle – Overstock – Trulia – Vast – Yahoo – Zillow – Craigslist
  47. 47. (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin… Just Do it)
  48. 48. “Social Media On Steroids”
  49. 49. Awesome Resource
  50. 50. Awesome Resource
  51. 51. Awesome Resource #7• Social Media on Steroids•Reserves and creates a profile for you acrossup to 300 social and business websites.•Protect your online identity•Extend your reach online. / Get Found Easier•Dominate your search engine rankings
  52. 52. Twitter and Postlets Together
  53. 53. Awesome Resource #8 And #9• Twitter: – Download Hoot Suite ( • Schedule Tweets once a week. – 3 quotes every morning, one hour apart.• Make Connections: – Treat Twitter like a Cocktail Party! • Content/Sales ratio of at least 10 to 1. – Connect with 5 people a day (Engagement).• Get & track your Klout Score weekly (
  54. 54. Online Video Is POWERFUL...-People want to see and hearyou to know like and trust you.-You don’t need an expensiveset up. (Digital Cameras, FlipCams, Smart Phones)
  55. 55. (Be Seen Everywhere!) Online Video Is Easy!Shoot videos at noteworthyevents you participate.Here’s How…
  56. 56. Awesome Resource #10
  57. 57. Awesome Resource #10
  58. 58. Awesome Resource #10•Don’t want to be on video? Use Slide Shows!•Unlimited videos. FREE!•Easy to use, videos are done in minutes.•Use videos to highlight your work and your brand.•Resell videos to clients•Use to increase search rankings and traffic.
  59. 59. Bonus Awesome Resource # 11, 12, 13: BigStockPhoto.comLow cost royalty free professional quality images, videos, music, on any subject for anything. ($1 and up) SXC.HU – FREE Professional Images
  60. 60. Online Video Builds Relationships Take Pictures Of PeopleYou Meet Here And Create An Video!Upload videos to YouTube, Tag On Facebook… Syndicate them on the web…
  61. 61. Awesome Resource
  62. 62. Awesome Resource #14• increase your brand, position and reach•30 most popular video websites from 1 dashboard.•Be seen everywhere•FREE!
  63. 63. Awesome Resource
  64. 64. Awesome Resource #15 Videos Articles Pictures Blog Content Social Media Networks (
  65. 65. Awesome Resource #15
  66. 66. Online Press Releases•Build Credibility / Enhance Your Image•Be Seen – (News Outlets, SEO, WebsiteTraffic)•Easy to Write – 500 Words.•Attach photos, and videos.
  67. 67. Everything is PR newsworthy…Write a press releaseabout you attending Mega Partnering
  68. 68. Awesome Resource #16
  69. 69. Awesome Resource #16•Free Press Release Distribution•Search engine friendly articles•Been seen in online news outlets like asGoogle News and Many Others
  70. 70. Awesome Resource
  71. 71. Awesome Resource #18
  72. 72. Awesome Resource #18•Paid Service, Free Account•Only pay per press release•Get your name out to major media outlets.•Much larger distribution than –250,000 subscribers, 30,000 websites, 30,000bloggers.•Search engine friendly
  73. 73. Step 3:AutomatedFollow Up !
  74. 74. Step #3 - Follow UpThe Most Profitable ComponentMost of your real buyers, customers and clients come after the 2nd contactFollow up with series of 7 automated emails every 1- 3 weeks
  75. 75. Build Your Email List!•(You’re leaving money on the table)•The customer and client is the most importantasset in your business•Create Connection•Follow up with clients / prospects•Keep Top Of Mind•Present new offers
  76. 76. Awesome Resource #19
  77. 77. Awesome Resource #19• Email Management Software• Builds relationship + make money• Send out notifications, newsletter, things of value• Copy and paste easy to put on your site• Start with a Free Trial
  78. 78. Step #3 - Follow Up Sample
  79. 79. Aweber Opt-In Forms
  80. 80. Case StudyRyan Bush, Member of Genius Underground Marketing Machine, Received Seller Lead through His site
  81. 81. Marketing Funnel:Landing Page with Opt In Box
  82. 82. Seller Property Information Sheet
  83. 83. Case Study• ARV- $60-70K• Repairs- $10K
  84. 84. Case StudySeller agreed to $10K and 60 days to closeSent 2 emails to my buyers list and ran 2 craigslist ads.In less than 1 week I had 3 interested wholesale buyers from my list and added 25 people to my buyers list
  85. 85. Case StudyOne Interested buyer agreed on $17,500.Buyer discovered a $2,500 property tax lien on the house, so I agreed to drop the price to $14,500.
  86. 86. Buyers List: Lucky #16
  87. 87. Case StudyAssigned the contract and received a check for $4,500. TOTAL TIME INVESTED: Less Than 2 Hours All Done ONLINE
  88. 88. Only a Few Minutes of Work and Only $10 Out Of My Pocket
  89. 89. Step 4:OutsourceEverything!
  90. 90. How to have a experts writefor you – on any topic -- for less than 2 cents a word.
  91. 91. Awesome Resource
  92. 92. Awesome Resource #20•US Based Writers•Original content on any subject•Fast•Cheap– about $.02 per word.•(50 pages @ 350 per page = $350)•You can have them write articles, Press Releases, special reports,even books!
  93. 93. How To OutsourceEverything For As LittleAs $3 dollars An Hour…
  94. 94. Awesome Resource #21
  95. 95. Awesome Resource
  96. 96. Awesome Resource #23
  97. 97. Awesome Resource #21 - 23•Do and Search and Find Someone To Do Anything!•Rank by experience, and feedback from other employers.•Rank by cost per hour or per job.•Payments and billing go through the service•Find workers from all around the world even the US.
  98. 98. Awesome Resource #23
  99. 99. Awesome Resource #23• See Examples of Past Work• Test vendors for skill level• Let’s you screen capture their work by the hour.• Find trusted virtual employees and hire them off ODesk for a lesser rate.
  100. 100. Awesome Resource #24
  101. 101. Awesome Resource #24
  102. 102. BONUS TOOLS….. To Become the “TopOf Mind” Expert InYour Industry or Market…
  103. 103. Create A How-To Course On CD or DVD
  104. 104. Expert InterviewAn easy way to create your CD orDVD course is to record someoneinterviewing you on your expert topic…Or You Interview An Well Known Industry Expert
  105. 105. Awesome Resource #25
  106. 106. Awesome Resource #25•Full production and shipping of CDs and DVDs•retail ready packaging, Even UPC bar code•CD and DVD ready in a day.•Fulfillment fully automated.•No warehousing -- ships with no minimum order•$1 + S&H
  107. 107. Write and Publish Your Book
  108. 108. The Ultimate Calling Card A Short Cut To Becoming AnObvious Expert In Your Industry… after all…You Wrote The Book On The Subject!
  109. 109. The Lazy Author’s Way…•Create the outline of chapters(table of contents)•Research your topic and takenotes.•Give everything to your writer.•Enjoy
  110. 110. Awesome Resource #26
  111. 111. Awesome Resource #26•Books are great credibility builders•Self Publish Your Own Book With No Upfront Cost•Professional Binding, book store quality.•Print Books On Demand•Simple step-by-step interface•Sell though the Store•You can also buy in bulk and sell or give away.
  112. 112. Awesome Resource
  113. 113. Awesome Resource #27•Similar to•An Company•Free ISBN Number for your book.•Distribute through•Expanded Distribution Channels to sell your bookthrough retail bookstores.
  114. 114. Your Mission: *Action Plan!-Free Website -Don’t Write Anything!-Build Your List -Create Your Book, CD or-Dominate Social Media DVD.-Be An Internet Video -Outsource Everything!Celebrity -Have People do Crazy-Send Out Press Releases things for $5.
  115. 115. Hey Ryan!I wanted to send you an update with a big thank you ! We took one of the sites live about 10 days aftersome training from you and your team. We only launched the Calgary sell site so far and within days Ivereceived a pile of leads of people dying to sell their houses...two are from Europe actually lookin g to selltheir homes back here in Canada. One particular seller stood out that contacted me a couple days ago.She has 25 houses to sell quickly as it is a divorce sale. I now have these houses under contract and Shealso mentioned some of her tenants wou ld like to buy! My pulse is ready to explode! I haven’t decidehow I’m going to sell them yet but Even if I close on these with jv partners or I wholesale them to otherreal estate investors I stand to make 250,000.00 to 375,000.00! Seems like a large number but reallythats only 10,000.00 per house cut! I wish I would have started with you sooner...Im starting to see allthe deals Ive lost not having an online present that is professionally structured like the sites youprovide!Jason WatsonCalgary,Alberta
  116. 116. Still Not Convinced?Unsure what to do next?Do you still feel like the Internet is uncharted territory for you?
  117. 117. Will You Be the Next Success Story?
  118. 118. What People are saying about the Genius Underground…• “Josh, I bought the Genius Underground and I was blown away by how simple it was. I was expecting to be completely overwhelmed. I’ve used just a few of the strategies in the training program and my online lead flow has tripled. Thanks again. – Kyle Garifo (GUMM Member)
  119. 119. What People Are Saying About Brian Hanson…Hello Brian,I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you did for me. Lord knows I wouldhave never had time to do all of the behind the scenes work it takes to get to thetop of Google. Every month my sales keep going up and my commissions too!Last month I increased my sales record by 80%. WOW!Im now the the Rock Star of the company and Everybody is wondering what Imdoing to get this much business... even the owner of the company... whos lookingto use your service for several of his 38+ locations.Thanks again for all you and your team have done and continue to do. With thesekinds of results Ill never need to hard sell again. - Cassie Thomas, Jacksonville, FL
  120. 120. What people are saying about Francis Ablola… “Francis has an unique ability to write killer, killer copy that converts. Its not that often that you come across a copywriter who can easily create the perfect sales angle for a unique product. Hes one of the best copywriters in the Real Estate space... and thats the truth. Just ask almost anyone in the industry - theyll tell you the same.” Chris Brisson, Founder, PowerLaunch Consulting, Delray Beach, FL “Ive had the good fortune of consulting with Francis on a few occasions, and he always seems to come up with good ideas for applying proven marketing concepts to whatever it is Im working on. He really knows his stuff and is very experienced not only in a variety of markets, but with a wide variety of media. I would recommend working with Francis--if hes available for hire!” - Alan Brymer, Salt Lake City, UT
  121. 121. “Benefits of G.U.M.M.”• Set it and Forget it• Automated Lead Generation• Dealing with REAL Sellers and Buyers• Works With Any Type Of Transaction• More Time & Money• Financial Freedom• A Competitive Advantage
  122. 122. Are Your Ready to RampUp Your Online Business?
  123. 123. It’s easy with SREC’sGenius UndergroundMarketing Machine
  124. 124. Genius Underground:What’s Included?
  125. 125. Genius Underground Marketing Machine• 8 Coaching modules that take you in-depth into the world of generating leads online.• Secret strategies from Josh, Ryan, Bernard, Brian, Francis, Remy, Mike and more!• Everything you need to jump-start or accelerate your Internet Marketing.
  126. 126.
  127. 127. Genius Underground MODULE 1: DOMINATE YOUR MARKETHow to Dominate Your Marketplace: Foundations• Setting up your business for total Internet Marketing success.• Professional websites made easy (Fast, cheap, even free!)• Uncovering hidden profit goldmines in your local market and around the country.
  128. 128. Genius Underground MODULE 2: PAID Traffic BOOSTERSThe Fastest Way To Drive New Seller And Buyer Leads ToYour Business Instantly… You Can Start In Minutes!• Google, Yahoo/MSN• Facebook Advertising• Secret Low Cost Traffic Source No One Else Talks About!
  129. 129. Genius Underground MODULE 3: FREE TRAFFIC BOOSTERSFree Traffic To Drive Reliable Buyer And SellerLeads On Autopilot.• Low cost video marketing to dominate the market place.• Advanced Local Search Marketing.• Little known free classified ads sites that generate tons of traffic.
  130. 130. Genius Underground MODULE 4: Copy and CONVERSIONMastering The Art of Salesmanship in Print.• Building trust, rapport, credibility and driving your prospects to action.• The magic email system that keeps you Top Of Mind, and drives sellers and buyers wild to work with you!• Testing and tracking increase your profits.
  131. 131. Genius Underground MODULE 5: VideoLow Cost Video That Produces Big Budget Results!• How to have professional advertising videos made for less than $2 each (or even free).• How to get your videos (and your brand) spread across the web with the click of a mouse.• Optimizing videos to get seen by your target market in your local area, and nationwide.• How to do video if you never want to be on camera!
  132. 132. Genius Underground MODULE 6: Social Media Marketing How to Establish Your Brand and Become a Person Of Influence.• Using Twitter to build your brand, your audience and generate leads.• Using Facebook to build your business.• Using LinkedIn to build your network.• Building your list through social media.• Creating trust, relationship, rapport.
  133. 133. Genius Underground MODULE 7: Virtual Cheap Labor1. Virtual Assistants2. Fiverr3. Odesk4. TextBroker5. Elance
  134. 134. Genius Underground MODULE 8:Start, Build, Buy and Sell a 7- Figure Business How to Start, Build, Buy and Sell a 7 Figure Online Business
  135. 135. GENIUS UNDERGROUND OFFER• Mod 1: DOMINATE YOUR MARKET • $497• Mod 2: PAID Traffic BOOSTERS • $497• Mod 3: FREE TRAFFIC BOOSTERS • $497• Mod 4: Copy and CONVERSION • $497• Mod 5: Professional Video • $497• Mod 6: Social Media On STERIODS • $497• Mod 7: Virtual Cheap Labor • $497• Mod 8: Start, Build, Buy and Sell a • $497 7- Figure Business• Total Value Of G.U.M.M. = • $3,976
  136. 136.
  137. 137. But We’re Not Done Yet!
  138. 138. Bonus #1: GUMM Internet Marketing Mastermind Event In Jacksonville, FL• Gain in-depth training on the strategies and techniques that will take your Internet marketing to new levels.• Share ideas and ask questions in this exclusive mastermind setting.• 2-day event in Jacksonville.
  139. 139. Bonus #2: Project Quick Start• Quick start guide includes ideas for making money fast!• How to grab your prospects by the eyeballs in 4 easy steps to increase your new leads and profits.• The fastest way to get found online in under 15 minutes.• Dominating your local market and building your online business brand.• FREE traffic sources you can start using today!
  140. 140. Bonus #3: Genius Interview Series• Monthly interviews.• 6 start-up interviews.• Josh interviews each genius separately.• MP3 format.• $197 value each.
  141. 141. Bonus #4: Genius Management Machine• Genius Management Machine• ALL DONE FOR YOU!! – Database Management – Websites – Auto-responders – Blogs
  142. 142. RealeFlow• Powerful, complete real estate investing business management platform.• Open Road 3x – Three systems in one: – Marketing (Lead Pipes, Sellpoint, Squeeze Pages, Blogs, Artificial Intelligence and more!) – Business Management (Short Sale Pack, Hammerpoint Estimator, CRM, Expense Generator, Reporting, HUD-1, and more!) – Community (Power Matching Plus, Power Linking, Crossroads, Business Advisor)
  143. 143. Bonus #5: Professional Videos Done For You• You’ll Receive Professionally Produced Buyer And Seller Videos For Your Squeeze Pages And Websites
  144. 144. Bonus #6: 30-Minute Strategy Session with a SREC Business Coach• Work with one of my expert Business Coaches to define your path to success.• Unprecedented opportunity to fine-tune your business focus.
  145. 145. Bonus #7: Mega Media Marketing• Learn how television advertising can bring in enough leads to keep your pipeline full at all times.• Super-charge your lead generation capabilities.• Get more control and make more money.
  146. 146. Bonus #8: 2 Tickets to Real Estate Main Event 3• SREC’s 3rd Annual Real Estate Main Event 3.• Bringing together the top minds in Real Estate Investing and Internet marketing all on one stage.
  147. 147. GENIUS UNDERGROUND BONUSES• Mastermind Event in Jacksonville • $10,000• GUMM Quick Start Guide • $497• Genius Interview Series • $1182• 60 day free trial of Realeflow • $997• 2 Professional Videos for Your Websites • $740• Mega Media Marketing • $497• 30 Min One on One Coaching Session • $497• 2 TX to Real Estate Main Event 3 • $1997• Total Value of Bonuses = • $16,407
  148. 148. Real World Value $20,383 Your Risk FREE Investment Only
  149. 149. Miss out on just one deal and you’vepaid 10-40 times the investment in this Program…Make one extra mortgage paymentbecause you don’t have a buyers list and you’ve paid for the entire investment in this program…
  150. 150. Guarantee #1 My Personal 100% Iron-Clad • [INSERT CERTIFICATE] Money Back Guarantee Take action now and try the complete system for 90 days. If you aren’toverwhelmed at how easy it is to do this system simply send it back. But I know once you try it, you’ll see powerful results.
  151. 151. Guarantee #2 My Personal 100% Iron-Clad • [INSERT CERTIFICATE] Money Back Guarantee Attend the Genius Underground Mastermind Event and stay the entire 2 days. If you are not completely blown away,just let us know and we will refund your entire investment.
  152. 152. Guarantee #3: My Personal 100% Iron-Clad • [INSERT CERTIFICATE] Money Back Guarantee Implement at least 6 strategies and ifyou don’t get results we’ll give you your money back. But I know once you try it, you’ll see powerful results.
  153. 153.
  154. 154. Guarantee #4Lifetime Do a CERTIFICATE] • [INSERT deal guarantee Do one deal using the strategies in theG.U.M.M., send us HUD1 and video, and we’ll send u a full 100% refund of your $297 Investment.
  155. 155. Your Going To “Pay” For It One Way Or Another!(What’s the worst that can happen?) (What’s the best that can happen?)
  156. 156. Reserve Your Spot Today!• Take advantage of these AMAZING BONUSES!
  157. 157. Fast Action Mega BonusFor the First 15 people who sign up
  158. 158. One-on-One Internet Marketing Strategy Session with Mike Gleba• Social Media Manager for SREC and Sharp Concepts Realty.• Find out his secrets and apply them to your business.• A rare opportunity to talk with one of the best in the business.
  159. 159. Real World Value $20,383
  160. 160. Reserve Your Spot Today!• Take advantage of these AMAZING BONUSES!
  161. 161. Brian Hanson• Serial Internet Entrepreneur.• First website at age 21, first multi-million dollar online empire at 29.• No background in any niche he’s ever gone into.• Turned a $1500 investment into 5.5+ Million in annual sales.• Owns over 300 different niche websites.• Businesses are all on auto pilot, even my call center.• “My drive is lifestyle, not money.”
  162. 162. Francis Ablola• Top Real Estate Copywriter and Marketing Strategist• “Hired gun” helped create tens of thousands of new leads, and over $7 million in revenue for clients in the last three years.• 2010 Copywriter of the Year (awarded by the country’s TOP Real Estate Investing trainers.)• Led Internet marketing operations for 5 business units of Fortune 1000 company.
  163. 163. Bernard Ablola• World Traveler and Entrepreneur.• Helped launched Microsoft’s adCenter, managing over $20 Million in ad spend for Fortune 1000 clients.• He knows what people search for, when they search and how to leverage this information for your business.• When it comes to getting MORE from your online advertising dollars, there are very few on this planet more qualified. (And thats a very small list).
  164. 164. Mike Gleba• Social Media Expert• Brand new to Internet Marketing – less than one year of experience.• In 1st 8 months – increased SREC’s total social media audience by 399%.• Twitter alone increased by 3111% (almost 60,000 new followers).• Over 13,000 visitors to opt in pages (just in first 3 months).• 750% average Klout score increase across all SREC profiles.• 38% increase in YouTube video views.• Tripled the size of our Social Media department.• Turned Twitter into SREC’s 3rd biggest traffic source.
  165. 165. Reserve Your Spot Today!• Take advantage of these AMAZING BONUSES!