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Corporate Online Testing Engine: ATUM-TestPad (ATP)


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One of the best corporate online testing engines; the ATUM-TestPad (ATP).

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Corporate Online Testing Engine: ATUM-TestPad (ATP)

  1. 1. Online Testing Engine for Corporate Trainings Stratbeans Consulting
  2. 2. What is an Online Testing Engine?  For creating and conducting computer based online examination.  It is a most powerful user friendly test generator, exam generator educational software available in the academic market at affordable price.  Comes with multiple language support enables you to create test/exam/quiz in any language.
  3. 3. An example of a Online Testing Engine? THE ATUM-TestPad (ATP)  Cloud based assessment and certification platform.  Creates online test papers quickly to conduct assessment for a large number of test takers.  Has an extensive reporting dashboard. i
  4. 4. When would you require the ATP? Imagine you are conducting an assessment for employees of your organization, you will expect answers of the following questions:  Who have passed / failed in a certain test?  Who have taken the tests assigned to them and who all are yet to finish the assessments?  What is the individual test score of test takers?  What is the comparative performance of various set of test takers?  In which knowledge areas the employees are weak and in which areas they are strong?
  5. 5. Benefits of Using ATP Atum Testpad can reveal knowledge areas in which test takers did not perform well - (i.e. knowledge gaps). This can help in creating a focused training program that fix those gaps. It offers the following benefits:  Selection from a variety of question types  Accessibility  User-friendly interface  Performer insight  Robust engine  Easy billing
  6. 6. Many type of questions can be created ranging from:  Multiple Choice  True/False  Match the Following  Image-based Questions  Voice-based Questions  Descriptive Questions Benefit 1: Variety of Question Types
  7. 7. The Atum-Testpad allows varying difficulty levels and randomize questions in each test paper. You can also set:  Duration  Passing Marks  Various Subject Areas  Period for which the test paper would be active Benefit 1: Variety of Question Types (ctnd)
  8. 8. Benefit 2: Accessibility  Test papers can be accessed from anywhere in the world.  Test papers are platform independent and supported on various devices.  Users can take the test using iPad, smartphones and laptops.
  9. 9. Benefit 3: User-friendly Interface  User-friendly interface of Atum Testpad makes it more convenient for test takers  There are many efficiency options in Atum Testpad, such as Bulk Creation of Question Banks and Bulk Creation of Test Taker IDs using excel upload.  Atum Testpad also allows quick automation of many important activities using the workflow integration.
  10. 10. Benefit 4: Performer Insight Using Atum Testpad, the test reports can be:  Downloaded as pdf and excel sheets  Categorized by parameters such as, location and designation  Forwarded to emails automatically using workflow integration
  11. 11. Benefit 5: Robust Engine & Easy Billing  Atum Testpad comes with a powerful reporting engine which gives robust reports in real time  Atum Testpad licenses are available in two billing modes: 1. Pay as you go charges based on number of test takers 2. Fixed yearly billing
  12. 12. Thanks Do YOU want a FREE DEMO or Consultation on ATP? Drop your queries or requests at