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Stratadigm Key Profiles


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Stratadigm Key Profiles

  1. 1. Stratadigm A consulting firm that shares its learnings Profile
  2. 2. Firm Experience Stratadigm was formed in March of 2005 Since then we have conducted over 60 specialist programs for banks including - most of India’s leading public sector banks - a key seminar for top management of during the merger of two banks, involving 120 CGM/GM/SGMs in commercial banking - In Sri Lanka for one of the top banks there - in London on MiFID, UCITS and Risk Management for GARP/ACCA We have trained several thousand persons for BPOs in India. Most of these are for discerning and demanding BPOs, for instance the captive of an overseas bank. We are quality-conscious and focus on the solidity of our growth.
  3. 3. Key Profiles Sushil Sharma, Managing Director ACA, PGDM, ACII UK 20+ years experience Banking, general insurance, asset management, venture capital In India and abroad Core competency: consulting, course design, training and development Leading expert in London in the “Markets in Financial Instruments Directive” (MiFID) Sushil heads the company as a whole, leading strategy, organisation building and the organisation’s own learning process.
  4. 4. B Sc., MBA Fin, CAIIB 15+ years experience Banking experience 10 years Software and Industry 6 years Training and teaching over 10 years Rajan continues to consult for banks in risk and Basel II even as he teaches wherever his skills are in demand. He heads the Operational Management of the company. Key Profiles B.T. Rajan, CEO
  5. 5. Key Profiles Vasantha Seshadri, Director- Network and Relationships 10 years of Banking experience with Bank of America Experience in business intelligence, portfolio relations and treasury operations at strategic investment division of Intel PG with special focus on International Law & Public Administration Trained over 2000 persons in Retail banking and mortgage areas, Wholesale banking/Cash management Vasantha builds the network of professionals with whom we engage, onboarding them over a period of time, assessing their alignment to the value systems and the philosophies in play at Stratadigm.
  6. 6. <ul><li>Products </li></ul><ul><li>Processes </li></ul><ul><li>Client fulfillment processes </li></ul><ul><li>How products and processes interface with distribution channels </li></ul><ul><li>India </li></ul>Mr Vaidya is a banker with over 25 years experience. Most recently he was Executive Director – Risk at IDBI Bank (the combined entity) Mr. Vaidya has significant business experience in banking in India and has been active in the training space for several years both domestically and overseas. Pramod oversees the strategic direction and organisation building at Stratadigm, guiding us and ensuring integrity with the value system we subscribe to. Key Profiles Mr. Pramod Vaidya, Advisory Board
  7. 7. Over 30 years banking experience. He successfully headed London derivative trading for Bank of America and initially set up their global commodity business then went on to run the  global exotic option trading and structuring and, finally, helped to set up the credit derivative business. He has worked extensively in trading, risk management and client services area. His  strengths have revolved around innovative thinking and carefully planned product development. He served clients such as ABN Amro, ANZ, Armour Security, British Petroleum, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Evalue SA, etc. Brian is based in London. Key Profiles Mr. Brian Ford, Advisory Board
  8. 8. Persons associated with Stratadigm in conducting classroom sessions are carefully chosen for their - knowledge - communication ability - willingness to conform to Stratadigm’s methodology and design - shared value systems We thus have a pool of tried and tested hands developed over time. With their invaluable support, we are able to run enough sessions at peak demand levels as well. Our resources carry out sessions for no more than 14 to 16 days a month; the rest of the period is for reflection, re-energising and relaxing. The result is enthusiasm in the classroom. Faculty Pool