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Marketing Automation: A Tool Your Company Can't Afford to Ignore


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Marketing automation can help your business by streamlining, automating and measuring marketing tasks and processes across multiple marketing channels. Think it's not for you? Without it, your content marketing strategy isn't living up to its full potential. Don't let your competitors beat you, learn why you need this powerful tool.

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Marketing Automation: A Tool Your Company Can't Afford to Ignore

  1. 1. 78 34 61 76 Marketing Automation A TOOL YOUR COMPANY CAN’T AFFORD TO IGNORE CREATED BY
  2. 2. What mar ket ing au to ma tion noun ’mär-kә-tiŋ ō-tә-’mā-shәn DEFINITION Marketing automation is a type of software that allows a company to align its marketing processes, people and technology to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue. CREATED BY
  3. 3. How By streamlining, automating, and measuring marketing tasks and processes across multiple marketing channels. THESE CHANNELS INCLUDE: EMAIL YOUTUBE DIRECT MAIL SOCIAL MEDIA MOBILE CREATED BY ...and many more!
  4. 4. Why Without it, your content marketing strategy isn’t living up to its full potential. CREATED BY Content marketing is most effective when combined with marketing automation tools. These tools allow you to segment leads and determine which are most likely to buy. The sales team can then spend their time working these “hot” leads while the others continue to receive appropriate marketing communications as they progress further down the sales funnel. 459
  5. 5. Why Creating great content is step one. Using a marketing automation solution to appropriately deliver that content and effectively nurture and manage leads is step two. CREATED BY Organizational Goals for Content Marketing *According to a recent Content Marketing Institute survey 68% 68% 66% Brand Awareness Customer Acquisition Lead Generation 61% 56% 55% Customer Retention/ Loyalty Website Traffic Engagement 55% 47% 39% Thought Leadership Sales Lead Management/ Nurturing
  6. 6. John McTigue, Kuno Creative CREATED BY “ Marketers are beginning to realize that the quality of content is crucial to success in both lead generation and lead nurturing. Marketing automation will yield higher conversion rates and ROI because campaigns are better targeted towards the right persona and utilize consistently high quality, relevant content.”
  7. 7. Who Is marketing automation a solution for only large corporations? CREATED BY Since its introduction, large companies have found great value in marketing automation technology. Today, small & midsized businesses (between $5M and $500M in annual revenue) are catching up & represent the fastest growing segment to utilize this technology.
  8. 8. When Are you ready for marketing automation? For each question, select the appropriate number as it applies to you. Choose 1 if you strongly disagree, choose 5 if you strongly agree. DISAGREE 1 2 NEUTRAL 3 AGREE 4 5 1. Our revenue process is complicated. It involves multiple touches from Marketing and/or Sales. 2. We target sophisticated buyers who do a lot of research before they engage with us. 3. Our company requires more insight into the exact value that our Marketing programs deliver, so we can quantify our investment. 4. Our customer base out-sizes our Sales team (assuming you have one), so we lack direct personal relationships with all of our customers and prospects. 5. It would be impossible to personally call every potential customer or new lead that we generate. CREATED BY survey continued on next slide.
  9. 9. When Are you ready for marketing automation? DISAGREE 1 2 NEUTRAL 3 AGREE 4 5 6. Many of our new leads aren’t ready to buy from us. They require nurturing. 7. We would improve our sales results if Marketing played a bigger role in our revenue process, particularly as it applies to nurturing relationships with target early stage prospects. 8. We already use most, or all, of the capabilities of our current email marketing service provider. 9. Data drives almost every decision that our marketing team makes. 10. Our marketing team is generating (or has specific plans to generate) significant amounts of personalized content for our target prospects. CREATED BY To interpret your results, tally your score!
  10. 10. When Are you ready for marketing automation? IF YOU SCORED... >35 20-35 <20 If you scored >35, you’re ready for marketing automation. If you scored between 20 - 35, you’re moving in that direction. You should consider getting started with marketing automation very soon. If you scored under 20, you may not be ready for marketing automation quite yet. Regardless of your score, there’s good news: where you are now is exactly where you need to be in order to get more leads, get better leads, and know how to tell the good from the bad. CREATED BY Survey courtesy of Marketo |
  11. 11. Contact WANT TO LEARN MORE? Contact StrataBlue online or call 317-207-0195 to discuss your unique needs and learn how a customized, end-to-end marketing automation solution can benefit your company. StrataBlue CREATED BY @StrataBlue