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Family Enterprise Legacy


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Linking Your Business Legacy to Your Family's Legacy

Published in: Business
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Family Enterprise Legacy

  1. 1. Linking Your Business Legacy to Your Family’s Legacy Family Enterprise Legacy
  2. 2. Legacy What your family’s values are, and what your family stands for is its legacy. Now the question becomes – how does this relate to the family business?
  3. 3. It may be an opportune time to consider turning your business’ good fortune into a family tradition that nurtures each generation and develops a positive vision for the family that goes beyond your family legacy. You can do this by taking stock of what has made you so successful. You will likely find that your success – or your legacy --- is sourced in your values, and your family’s values. Leveraging Your Family Business
  4. 4. Here’s one way to look at what you might build. Imagine four pillars which are the foundation of your family owned enterprise Legacy Framework
  5. 5. Imagine four pillars which are the foundation of your family owned enterprise. Legacy Foundation PhilanthropicLegacy FinancialLegacy FamilyLegacy BusinessLegacy
  6. 6. Note that the two outside pillars, the Business and Financial legacies, provide the financial strength that supports the activities of the two inside pillars, where the Family legacy and the Philanthropic legacy of the family are found. A Strong Foundation Philanthropic Legacy FinancialLegacy FamilyLegacy BusinessLegacy
  7. 7. Recall we said that you already are in the process of building your legacy by the work that your business does? Your Business Legacy is the cornerstone of the family enterprise that generates the family wealth Business Legacy
  8. 8. Recall we said that you have had success supporting your family? Your Financial Legacy is the financial security and management of assets outside of your business Financial Legacy
  9. 9. Recall we said that you are already in the process of building your legacy by your values and family name? Your Family Legacy is where the family comes from and where they are heading together Family Legacy
  10. 10. Recall we spoke about your values? Your Philanthropic Legacy is the lasting contribution your family makes by giving back in a meaningful manner Philanthropic Legacy
  11. 11. We invite you to use this framework as you consider intentionally building your family enterprise legacy Don’t forget to talk it over with your family – they probably have some good ideas! Resources
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