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Infographic facebook group for 10 industries


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Besides Facebook Page, more and more companies and organizations start to use Facebook Group to build their communities. Facebook Group is extremely useful for no matter a program, a product, a service, an event or a cause (such as philanthropy or environment protection).

Here are some examples in 10 industries(education, consulting, real estate, job seeking, tourism, health care, investment, marketplace, web service and media & news). You should definitely read the following infographic and get inspired!

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Infographic facebook group for 10 industries

  1. 1. Created by @grytics EDUCATION1 Facebook Group for INDUSTRIES 6 EducationTourism Marketplace Healthcare 10 Facebook Group is EXTREMELY USEFUL for a PROGRAM PRODUCT SERVICE EVENT CAUSE There are 10 Use Cases for different industries. Teaching support Engagement & motivation Mars 03 at 5:14pm Elizabeth Dear students, As always, please leave your answers in the comment for today’s homework. I will also reply to you in the comment. Like Comment Share REAL ESTATE3 Rental Sale Just now Fernanda Nice flat with 3 rooms, 55m2, located in the center of Brasilia, near the metro station. 2 400 reais/month. Available in the middle of June. See the photos in my Album. PM me if interested. Like Comment Share JOB SEEKING4 Job opportunies Candidature April 15 at 4:28pm Aneeq Student of computer science, I am looking for a 6-month-end-of-studies internship, ideally in Paris or nearby cities. Please PM me if you need an intern or get some information. Like Comment Share TOURISM5 Recommendation Tips & plans June 07 2015 Ambrus Hi, world travellers, Next week, I will stay two days in Roma with my girlfriend. Do you know any good hotels in the center? Thanks in advance! Like Comment Share HEALTH CARE6 Mutual support Patient participation program February 24 at 8:37pm Aygül I am here for your help. I’ve been using Opt’z for three weeks. Since last week, I’ve begun to suffer insomnia. Does anybody have the same problem? Is it a side effect? Like Comment Share INVESTMENT7 Analysis Market forecast 2h Joshua The recent stock market’s rebound has certainly an impact on Gold price. But in my opinion, now it is still a good moment to invest in Gold. ... Like Comment Share MARKETPLACE8 Outsourcing Trade May 15 at 10:30am Hassan Web agency based in Dubai. We have helped many international companies to optimize SEO. We offer also services as Web design, graphic design, copywriting. Here is our site: Like Comment Share WEB SERVICE9 Q&A Forum October 03 2015 Chandrika Hello, does anybody can tell me how to add Google Analytics tracking code to my Wordpress site? It is very urgent!! I am waiting online. Like Comment Share MEDIA & NEWS10 Mass communication Debate May 03 at 7:30pm Alec Horrible! The most devastating forest fires in Canada’s history. Thousands of people are forced to flee. ... Like Comment Share How does your industry use Facebook Groups? Read more CONSULTING2 Insights Networking April 03 at 10:30pm Youssef Global Digital Consutling Agency has just published the world digital landscape report 2016. Leave your email address in the comment and I will send you the whole report in PDF. Like Comment Share Image credit: