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Storycode Paris - Lessons Learned from Murmur


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Mike Knowlton from Murmur and cofounder of Storycode NYC was in Paris on April 7th, here's what he shared with us.

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Storycode Paris - Lessons Learned from Murmur

  3. 3. WHAT WORKED ‣ Promoting a new form (“social film”) as opposed to just a project ! ‣ Him, Her and Them was covered in Fast Company and other publications ! ‣ Pulling people’s photos into the narrative really freaked them out, that was the “special sauce”
  4. 4. WHERE WE FAILED ‣ Video doesn’t want to be in a box, looks like a stamp and is not cinematic
 ‣ Lost half of our audience at the Facebook connect button - should have placed more experience before forcing user to Facebook connect
 ‣ Gave users too many options to interact, after 3 or 4 opportunities they didn’t engage
 ‣ Didn’t plan for success - we weren’t able to bring this audience to our next project
 ‣ Didn’t plan for ongoing support and sunsetting project
 ‣ Missed the special sauce
  5. 5. WHAT WORKED ‣ User Generated Content program engaged with “super fans” and gave them something to share and promote ! ‣ Social Music Video premiered on Rolling Stone - a first for the band
 ‣ Created a special poignant video that could be personalized
  6. 6. WHERE WE FAILED ‣ Created a tool that only true super fans used - what about casual fans or new fans? ! ‣ Despite clear instructions users still uploaded garbage - could only use about 30% of the photos that were uploaded
  7. 7. LIVE IMMERSIVE / INTERACTIVE THEATER EVENT ‣ ACT 1 - Non-linear exploration, like a carnival or party ! ‣ ACT 2 - Live Theater performance of secretive cult ritual with audience agency
 ‣ ACT 3 - Interactive Feature Film that responds to the audience.
  8. 8. ACT 1Side Missions Video Testimonials Soul Readings Secret Society
  9. 9. ACT 2 Live Cult Initiation Ritual
  10. 10. ACT 3 Interactive Feature Film
  11. 11. WHAT WORKED ‣ The audience wants to play, they want agency ! ‣ Each run is an incubator for testing new ideas, highly iterative
 ‣ Unique business model for a film - theater licensing model
 ‣ Games as interface on fictional world
 ‣ People want to come back, multiple viewings to experience everything
 ‣ Designed for groups - with various levels of interaction
  12. 12. WHERE WE FAILED ‣ Better communicate to the audience WHAT EXACTLY this experience is ! ‣ “Where’s the movie?”
 ‣ Still seeking a non-intrusive method to add interactivity to a cinema experience
 ! !
  13. 13. WHAT WORKED ‣ Hackathon model works! ! ‣ Prototype created in POV Hackathon, project launch 2 months later, selected to be in Tribeca Film Festival 2 months afterwards. ! ‣ Much larger audience exposed to the story (tens of thousands for the online component vs. hundreds for the film) 
 ‣ Seasonal release/episodes worked to re-engage people
 ‣ Linear audio with non-linear image slideshow/interactive experience works
 ‣ Aatsinki Perspective in Finnish helped support it was their perspective

  14. 14. WHERE WE FAILED ‣ Social media must engage ! ‣ Don’t use Hackathon code for production - start over ! ! !
  16. 16. LESSONS LEARNED SUMMARY ‣ Web video wants to be full screen/bleed ! ‣ Make interactivity special, limited and important ! ‣ Plan for success
 ‣ Plan for support/maintenance and project sunsetting
 ‣ Give context to new types/forms of narrative experience
 ‣ Social media must engage
 ‣ Don’t use hackathon code for production