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Blue Man Group: Entertaining Piece of Content - Post-Advertising Summit 2012


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The output of the Future of Entertainment Workshop session for the Blue Man Group during the Post-Advertising Summit, hosted by Story Worldwide, on March 29th, 2012 in New York City.

Workshop moderator Randy Irwin, President of Votiv, alongside Frederik Anderson of Story Worldwide, brought the audience through an interactive workshop where they learned about/contributed to:

1. The brand ecosystem and a customer’s journey through content
2. Blue Man Group brand overview
3. Blue Man Group brand insights gathered
4. What is a Story Platform?
5. Blue Man Group Archetype(s)
6. Blue Man Group authority to publish

Ultimately, the Summit creative team put together the following brief which shows the useful piece of content created upon the brand archetype and story platform developed during the workshop.

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Blue Man Group: Entertaining Piece of Content - Post-Advertising Summit 2012

  1. 1. blue man groupconnect to the rHythmand wonder.March 2012Developed at the Post Advertising Summit
  2. 2. A QUICK RECAPBrief: Discover and explore disruption in a crowded marketplace to inspire an audience and sell tickets.
  3. 3. METAPHORSNOW:Blue Man Group is like...A hybrid car because it’s innovative and progressive.Binoculars, because they offer a new way of seeing/a new perspective.Your first chemistry set, because it opens a world of experiments.A road trip, because you don’t know what’s around the next corner.A fancy tasting menu, because every bite is a new adventure.An amusement park, because one ticket opens a world of entertainmentpossibilities.A party because anything can happen.Electricity because its shocking and charged.Dancing because you can do it alone but its better with others.A volcano because its fiery and unpredictable.A dream because its colorful, fast and you don’t remember every detail but it stayswith you.
  4. 4. METAPHORStomorrow:Blue Man Group will be like...A tattoo because you wake up and it’s still there.A rock band, because when you go to see it you’ll see greatest hits & new tracks.A vacation because its different every time and you feel revitalized.A living poem because you like it but you aren’t sure what it means.A shot of adrenalin because you can’t get enough.Wine, because it tastes different to everyone, but everyone wants a drink.Fireworks because it dazzles and ignites your senses and when its over, you stillhave ringing in your year.A social movement because its contagious and you want to be part of it – part ofthe life force.
  5. 5. CREATIVE CONCEPT.Be a blue man groupie
  6. 6. CREATIVE CONCEPT. Be a Blue Man GroupieWhat IT ISAn interactive film and shareable, communal experience thatallows the viewer to choose their own Blue Man adventure,creating a unique piece of content they’re then urged to sharewith their networks.
  7. 7. CREATIVE CONCEPT. Be a Blue Man Groupiehow it worksFor ShowgoersAs people leave the theater, they’ll see signs in the lobby and in theirPlaybills to download a free music track from the show; view a behind-the-scenes video clip of the Blue Man Group from the theater where they saw theshow; and join an interactive online event of audience members connectingand playing music together inspired by the show and themselves.
  8. 8. Blue Man Group Playbill Ad and SignsPlaybill SignsBring Blue Man Home With You*! Wait! Don’t Go!The show doesn’t end once the house lights We’ve got one more thing!come up. Scan this QR code or tweet this address (@Become a Blue Man Group insider! Scan the BMG_NewYork) and get even MORE Blue ManQR code below or tweet this address (@BMG_ Group! (We know, we can’t believe it either!)NewYork) to expand your Blue Man Groupexperience, and discover exclusive content • Free music downloadand features! • Behind the scenes footage• Free music download • Additional Blue Man Group videos• Behind the scenes footage• Additional Blue Man Group videos
  9. 9. CREATIVE CONCEPT. Be a Blue Man Groupiehow it worksFor the General PublicBanner ads featuring seemingly boring or mundane objects becomeinstruments when they’re suddenly in the hands of the Blue Man Group.Viewers are invited to connect with their rhythm by visiting the Facebookpage and engaging with the interactive video.
  10. 10. CREATIVE CONCEPT. Be a Blue Man Groupiehow it worksOn FacebookThe user sees an image of Blue Man Group and chooses one of twoactions for them to perform: “Hollow Echos” or “Heartbeats.” As the userrolls over the words she hears sound snippets. After making her choice,she sees a film clip of the Blue Man Group performing with pipes thatmake a hollow echo sound. The film pauses and the user receives twomore choices. She chooses one, and this cycle continues, until the userhas created a :60 short film. When the film is done, she can watch it in itsentirety and share it with friends.
  11. 11. CREATIVE CONCEPT. Be a Blue Man GroupieWHY IT worksIt plays on the excitement of having just seen the show byencouraging users to immediately opt in to get access to freedownloads of music that they loved from the show, plus new, bonuscontent. Through the video people who have seen the show get tore-experince their favorite parts; those who haven’t get a taste of thewonder and excitement, which encourages them to check it out.
  12. 12. The FILM Journey. John St art Drumming Mashmellows Drumming Painting Drumming Painting Pipes CerealJello Drumming Pipes Dancing Flowers Tissue Painting Dancing Film 1 Film 2 Film 3 SHARE Film 5 Film 6 Film 6 Film 6 Your Creation
  13. 13. The FILM Journey. John’s friend Sarah St art Drumming Painting drumming Painting Drumming Painting Pipes Cereal Jello Drumming Pipes Dancing Flowers Tissue Painting Dancing Film 1 Film 2 Film 3 Film 4 Film 5 Film 6 SHARE Film 6 Your experience
  14. 14. FILM LAUNCHUser listens to sound snippets and chooses what Blue Man Group shoulddo, which initiates short film clip.
  15. 15. FILM SEGMENTFilm segment reflects the user’s choice: “Hollow Echoes”
  16. 16. FILM SEGMENTUser continues to make choices and guide the direction of the film.When the film is done, she can watch it in its entirety and share it with friends.