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StorySense- Organizing the world's stories


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We are StorySense. We want to make computers not only understand what people say, how people think, but also it can tell a story that inspires people every time in need.

Published in: Technology, Design
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StorySense- Organizing the world's stories

  1. This is a story about Organizing the World’s Stories.
  2. We are StorySense. We love technologies, but we love stories even more.
  3. Have you ever questioned… Should we abandon nuclear power? Is Apple still gonna innovate after Steve Jobs? Should I take their offer and sell my startup now? What can we do to win the StartupStory competition?
  4. In the past, this is how we did search. Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Keyword n Collect 1 Collect 2 Collect 3 Collect n Merge
  5. What if we can make it just like that? Keyword
  6. Stories are great. They inspire us, and help us understand things that come across our lives.
  7. Even though stories are EVERYWHERE, they are buried and hard to find.
  8. With this in mind,
  9. after graduating from the MIT Media Lab, Edward chose to start his own dream.
  10. 2009 a table, a sofa, a printer, that’s all he had.
  11. Then, Victor and Dan joined and StorySense began.
  12. We spent all our time building the core engine of the intelligent machine.
  13. And one day we thought: Only building the engine doesn’t really work. We have to make a product.
  14. On October 14, 2011, We launched our 1st product – WhatsTheNumber, with which we reinvent yellow page.
  15. During the first 10 days, we had 100,000+ downloads. Anxious yet excited, we experienced the server crash because of the traffic spike.
  16. We continued to fix bugs, and improved features in later versions.
  17. We also interacted closely with our users, and got exposed to media and exhibitions.
  18. Funding came in, so did more supports, and everything progressed just fine…
  19. well, we THOUGHT.
  20. The usage of WhatsTheNumber didn’t grow as we imagined.
  21. “Should we keep moving forward, OR Should we change the direction?”
  22. We tried almost a hundred of different possibilities.
  23. Again, again, and again.
  24. Until an unforgettable Friday afternoon, all of us sat around a table for the final decision,
  25. We told ourselves, “No matter what happens, we know we will march on together.”
  26. In June 2013, we moved to our new home, and more and more people joined.
  27. We bonded very strongly with one another, yet we embrace different ideas.
  28. Based on our core engine, We came up with a more complicated and challenging idea…
  29. A personalized recommendation for WHERE-TO-GO & WHOM-TO-GO-WITH.
  30. As the idea grew, It was also advanced in different dimensions.
  31. It is called LAIKI. We are testing the alpha version, and launching it very soon.
  32. -> --> - ---> -> --> -> --> ----> Along the way, we’ve learned that……
  33. We are a TEAM. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger for the next big thing.
  34. We love technology, but HUMAN and STORIES are all that matter.
  35. In the future, we will make intelligent machines not only understand language, organize the fragmented data in the world,
  36. but tell stories that are relevant to you, and enrich your life.
  37. Join us, and let’s make it happen! Share it on Facebook! Download WhatsTheNumber Tweet it on Twitter! Android G oogl e P l a y iOS App Store | StorySense Fanpage | StorySense official website | Contact us |