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Storage Unit Auction List's $1.99 Week Long Trial!


Published on, America's favorite storage auction website, is offering a tantalizing deal right now: a week long subscription for just $1.99!

Take a look. See for yourself why our service is second to none.

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Storage Unit Auction List's $1.99 Week Long Trial!

  1. 1. StorageUnitAuctionList.Com, Your one stop source for the latest and greatest storage auction info, Proudly presents...
  2. 2. One WeekSubscriptions for just... $1.99!
  3. 3. One WeekSubscriptions for just... $1.99!
  4. 4. ...Thats only about 29 cents per day! (you can probably find that under your couch cushions.)
  5. 5. Umm...
  6. 6. Maybe.
  7. 7. Why subscribe to Storage Unit Auction List, you ask?
  8. 8. Well, you want to be anawesome storage hunter , Right?Lucky for you, thats what were here for!
  9. 9. Finding storage auctionsin your area is a breeze with our stylish new layout.
  10. 10. Nice, right?
  11. 11. Browse auctions by state...
  12. 12. Enjoy our blog...
  13. 13. Or even give our friendly customer service a call!
  14. 14. But WAIT! Theres MORE!(thats just our front page!)
  15. 15. BrowseHUNDREDSof storage auctions in your area that areEXCLUSIVE to Storage Unit Auction List!
  16. 16. Keep track of upcoming auctions...
  17. 17. Set alerts that can even be sent to your phone...
  18. 18. Use our interactive map...
  19. 19. And track our calendar with all of the auctions in your area!
  20. 20. A week of all that (and more) for just $1.99!
  21. 21. So, what are you waiting for? Join today!
  22. 22. Youll be glad you did.
  23. 23.
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