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Stora Enso Sustainability News 1 2009


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Stora Enso's newsletter for stakeholders

Topics covered:
Living the code of conduct
Piloting WWF methodology for assessing landscape changes
Multi-stakeholder dialogue on plantations
A transparent process for forest certification
Highly rated climate strategy
A new solution for sustainable shelves
Building up commitment through e-learning

Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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Stora Enso Sustainability News 1 2009

  1. 1. Sustainability STORA ENSO’S NEWSLETTER FOR STAKEHOLDERS 1/2009 Living the Code of Conduct Continued investor recognition In our ever more complex world, society and stakehold- Stora Enso was again listed as ers, through laws, regulation, one of the best paper compa- and instructions, are putting nies when it comes to sustain- more and more demands on ability performance, according the behaviour of companies. to the Dow Jones Sustainability At the same time more tools Indexes (DJSI) review for 2008- are available for bringing ac- 2009. Stora Enso continues to tions against corporations. be the only forestry and paper In response to this, and to company included in the pan- ensure the sustainability of European DJSI STOXX index. our business in the long term, Our total score increased we need to have an ethical over the last year, and our backbone that guides our be- sustainability performance haviour as a company. We of remains above the forest and course have to comply with paper industry average. We laws and regulations, but that received the highest possible is not always enough. To be a score (100%) in Environmental good company, and to make Reporting, as well as top indus- sure that we always do the try scores in Climate Strategy, right thing, we have to trans- Sustainable Management of form our principles and values Forests, Corporate Governance into simple rules that are easy and Environmental Issues. Sto- for our employees to apply, ra Enso has been included in every day and everywhere. the DJSI STOXX since 2001. This is what we did in Octo- The DJSI assesses the eco- ber when we launched a Code nomic, environmental and of Conduct for all Stora Enso social aspects of some of the employees. Our Code of Con- world’s largest companies. duct sets out what Stora Enso Stora Enso also continued to expects from its employees; be included in the FTSE4Good what our employees can ex- Every employee has the right ethics and business practices, index series, which focuses on pect from Stora Enso; and how to work in an ethically sound as well as environmentally. environmental management, we must act in business when company, and therefore also Through our Code of Conduct human and labour rights, sup- it comes to ethical and compli- the right to report violations we make sure that we have a ply chain labour standards, ant behaviour. It ensures that of ethical rules. smooth and effective organi- and efforts to counter bribery. as a global organisation we From a legal point of view, sation, and that we are a reli- Stora Enso has been included take responsibility for our ac- the Code of Conduct helps to able business partner. In addi- in the FTSE4Good since 2001. tions, and comply with ethical minimise risks and facilitate tion to full compliance with standards as well as local laws global business. In a global regulations, we have a system and regulations. It also stresses company covered by many in place to ensure that we do that every employee in Stora local and regional laws and not expose ourselves, or our Enso has a right to a workplace regulations we need to have customers, to undue risk. It is that is safe, healthy and free clear guidelines so that people clear that all sides will benefit from discrimination. know how to act. This is also from this. Every one of our more than a way of communicating our 30,000 employees has to com- common values, to bring the plete Code of Conduct train- organisation together and pro- ing to understand these rules mote a common identity. and be able to follow them. We Our customers rightly de- Per Lyrvall New certificates encourage people to ask for ad- mand that we should be a sus- General Counsel vice in complicated situations. tainable supplier in terms of Stora Enso Bad St. Leonhard, Brand, Sollenau and Ybbs sawmills in Austria achieved ISO 14001 Sustainability News is published by Stora Enso Sustainability Communications. certification Stora Enso, P.O. Box 309, FI-00101 Helsinki, Finland. Tel. +358 2046 131, Fax +358 2046 21267. Editor-in-Chief: Eija Pitkänen, Tel. +358 2046 21348. Managing Editor: Rina Raikamo, Tel. +358 2046 21391. Wood Supply Baltic Internet: achieved ISO 14001 Printed on TerraPrint Silk 130g/m2, Stora Enso. Photos: Gabriel Pereira, Jarmo Hietaranta, Jouni Harala certification
  2. 2. News Piloting WWF methodology for assessing landscape changes Stora Enso’s plantations in Uruguay have been the scene for a joint Stora Enso and WWF project related to stake- holder dialogue and continu- ous impact assessments at a landscape level. The project aimed to test WWF’s meth- odology for assessing the out- comes and changes in people’s livelihoods resulting from the introduction of new activities in local landscapes. This is the first time the methodology, called “Land- scape Outcomes Assessments Methodology” (LOAM) has been used for a plantation project and in Latin America. “Introducing plantation for- estry in a region causes changes in the original environment and During the workshops participants drew maps to illustrate their ideal living environment. landscape,” explains Stora Enso Latin America’s Sustainability concerning new job opportu- derstand our way of working,” used in planning conservation Director Kaisa Tarna-Mani. “To nities” says Andrea Storace, says Storace. areas in different parts of Af- ensure local acceptability and Social Responsibility Coordi- WWF’s LOAM methodolo- rica and Asia. the success of the project, it is nator at Stora Enso Uruguay. gy has previously mainly been important that the plantations “The LOAM methodology al- are established so as to respect lows us to identify indicators local concerns, values and cul- to measure changes in the lo- ture. We need a systematic ap- cal area. We can for example proach for this work.” start measuring the availability Representatives from local and quality of water, and share communities were invited to the results with the local com- identify important features in munities,” explains Storace. their living environment, and LOAM also provides a very to discuss their expectations good platform for initiating about plantations during one- a systematic and open dia- day workshops. “Two themes logue with local stakeholders. that clearly came out as impor- ”Through this work we have tant to the local people were been able to learn about local worries regarding possible im- perceptions of plantation ac- pacts on water sources, and on tivities. It has also given the Introducing plantation forestry in Uruguay where the forest industry is the other hand expectations locals a chance to better un- new causes changes in the original landscape. Multi-stakeholder dialogue on plantations The Forests Dialogue’s initia- on issues related to plantations. tive on Intensively Managed The process is summarised in a Planted Forests, in which Stora report that recommends spe- Enso played an active role, was cific actions for various groups concluded in October last year. of stakeholders. As part of the The aim of this plantation dia- initiative Stora Enso co-hosted logue was to improve partici- a plantation meeting and field pants’ understanding of the lo- visit in southern China in cal impacts of tree plantations, 2006. and examine how plantation The Forests Dialogue is an projects can be implemented international forestry forum to bring environmental, social, that brings together industry, and economic benefits. researchers, forest owners, and The three-year dialogue inter-governmental and-non increased the mutual under- governmental organisations. standing between interest Stora Enso has tree plantations The multi-stakeholder dialogue on plantation forestry enhanced under- groups including businesses, in Brazil, Uruguay, and China. standing and generated recommendations on best practices. NGOs and local communities
  3. 3. News A transparent process for forest certification Stora Enso is actively taking “We would like to see more part in the on-going revision NGOs represented, as this is of the Finnish PEFC forest cer- an important forum through tification standard. A broad- which all relevant parties can based working group has been contribute to defining a wide- established to revise the certi- ly accepted forest certification fication requirements. “This standard for Finnish forests,” is an open process, and we are continues Pekka Kallio-Man- happy that so many parties nila, Environmental Manager with an interest in sustainable at Stora Enso Wood Supply forest management are par- Finland. ticipating,” says Auvo Kaivola, PEFC is the world’s largest Secretary General of the PEFC forest certification organisa- Finland-Finnish Forest Certifi- tion. Under the international cation Council, which set up PEFC system, the forest man- the working group in summer agement requirements of na- 2008. “Those parties that have tional certification schemes chosen not to participate are should be revised every five kept informed of the process years. The Finnish PEFC crite- and are welcome to send in ria were previously revised in comments,” he adds. 2003. The redrafted standards Stora Enso especially en- will be submitted to the PEFC Around 95% of Finnish forests are PEFC certified. In 2008, Stora Enso courages environmental NGOs Finland-Finnish Forest Certifi- used some 14 million cubic metres of wood in Finland. to take part in the process. cation Council in April. Highly rated climate strategy Stora Enso improved its per- change into key sections of target. This clearly shows that gathers information on corpo- formance in the Climate Dis- their business strategies, and we are on the right track,” says rations’ greenhouse gas emis- closure Leadership Index, conducted advanced carbon Kenneth Collander, Vice Presi- sions, as well as risks and op- published last year, and was emission reporting. The rank- dent for Environment. “Now portunities related to climate ranked the third best corpora- ing was based on responses we are calculating product- change. The CDP is backed by tion among Nordic carbon-in- from 188 of the largest listed specific carbon footprints, over 385 institutional inves- tensive companies. Stora Enso companies in the Nordic coun- which will help our customers tors globally with a combined retained its position as the top tries. and ultimately consumers to USD 57 trillion of assets under paper company. “We are very proud of this choose products with low cli- management. Stora Enso has The Carbon Disclosure result. Last year we determined mate impacts.” participated in the Carbon Project (CDP) lists companies our Group-level carbon foot- The CDP is an independent Disclosure Project since 2003. that have integrated climate print and set a CO2 reduction non-profit organisation that A new solution for sustainable shelves One of the top book and duces transportation related gift chain stores in Norway, CO2 emissions. Re-board is eas- Notabene, has replaced the ily assembled without power metal shelves in its shops with tools, and at the end of its life recycled paperboard shelv- cycle, it can be recycled. ing produced by Design Force “Considering that most re- AB – which is partly owned tailers refit stores at least once by Stora Enso Venture. Over a year, enormous environmen- the next few months the No- tal savings can be made from tabene chain will refit all of using re-board. Notabene de- its 130 stores with this100% serves all credit for thinking recyclable material, known as differently and taking this ini- re-board. tiative to minimise its environ- “Re-board delivers signifi- mental and climate impacts,” cant environmental benefits says Loy. throughout the supply chain,” Design Force AB is a Swed- explains Kieron Loy, Mar- ish company specialised in keting and Sales Manager at creating new applications for Stora Enso. Firstly, re-board is re-board. Stora Enso Ventures made from recycled paper. It invests in innovative and en- is extremely light, and can be trepreneurial ventures with Re-board is manufactured from recycled paper, and is a sustainable shipped flat packed on re-board strategic linkage to Stora Enso’s solution for store shelves, for example. pallets, which significantly re- own core businesses.
  4. 4. Profile Building up commitment through e-learning Stora Enso recently launched a Code of Conduct, which is being presented to employees through an e-learning course. All employees are expected to complete the training to ensure they understand and fully observe the common company rules. Petri Kantola, Senior Consultant at Datafisher, a consultancy specialised in learning solutions, describes how he helped Stora Enso to design training to encourage full commitment to the Group’s Code of Conduct. What was your role in jectives are met on every level, Jouko Karvinen as the com- thing, the circumstances have developing Stora Enso’s and to make training appealing pany’s CEO in explaining the already changed. This is a typi- Code of Conduct? to everyone. We had to think importance of the training. cal problem. This of course cre- My role was to design the through everything very care- Another key aspect is to get ates opportunities for modern Code of Conduct training and fully, from the language used, people actively involved in the training methods and new ap- delivery method based on Sto- to the approach and methods, learning process, using meth- proaches that allow changes to ra Enso’s needs. As part of this in order for the training to be ods like cases, games, problem- be put into practice faster and task, I was responsible for cre- useful and meaningful for eve- solving or role-plays. Learning more cost-effectively. ating the manuscript for the ryone. must be stimulating and easy e-learning tool in close co-op- for it to be truly effective. Peo- What are the benefits eration with company experts. What makes Stora Enso’s ple are by nature eager to learn, of e-learning? My job was very much to filter Code of Conduct unique? so it’s largely about facilitating The benefits of e-learning and formulate the company’s Many organisations do have the learning process. compared to traditional train- polices and principles to fit the Codes of Conduct, but they Unfortunately, people are ing are definitely associated training purpose. might have been inefficient also to some extent resistant with reduced costs and faster I work for Datafisher, who in implementing them. What to change. Therefore another delivery. For participants, e- specialise in training solutions really makes a difference in important thing is to remove learning offers benefits like for large organisations. I have Stora Enso’s case is the effort all possible learning obsta- on-demand availability, self- over 10 years of experience de- put in to getting these rules cles. Communications must pacing training, and the pos- veloping training programmes through to people. In other be clear to avoid rumours and sibility to come back to the and e-learning solutions for words, converting these rules misperceptions that create un- training when necessary. For both the private and public from being something on a necessary resistance. example, over 600 of Stora En- sector. We focus on combin- piece of paper to real actions. so’s top managers did the Code ing modern learning methods The key in transforming com- What are the main of Conduct training in a peri- with the latest technology pany policies and principles challenges facing od of just two months. Reach- solutions to create effective into consistent behaviour lies training today? ing so many people in such a learning experiences using in making sure that people In today’s fast changing world short time period would have minimum resources. understand the rules, and are an important aspect of training been virtually impossible us- committed to following them. is the pace at which it is put ing traditional training meth- What were the main This can be done by providing into practice. Traditional train- ods. Consistent quality and challenges in developing appropriate training. ing methods are heavily chal- the availability of proof that this tool? lenged by the constant change courses have been completed The biggest challenge in de- How do you get people to in the business environment. are also pluses when it comes signing the Stora Enso Code of change their behaviour? Businesses are implementing to e-learning. Conduct was to design train- Learning is strongly associated new processes, organisations Other benefits concern sav- ing for such a large and varied with personal motivation. I and tools at a faster pace than ing participants’ time. E-learn- target group. Since the training always start by creating moti- ever before, not to mention ing reduces the required time participants include everyone vation concerning the whole the way that product life cy- for learning something by up from the CEO to mill level em- topic. In Stora Enso’s Code of cles are becoming shorter and to 40-60%. ployees globally, it is difficult Conduct training, one impor- shorter. By the time people to ensure that the learning ob- tant motivator is the role of have been trained for some-