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Primeforma seminar 280312 jaana keskitalo


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Move up to Prime Time, presentation of Jaana Keskitalo, Product Manager, Stora Enso Food Service Board. Primeforma Seminar 28 March 2012, Cologne Germany.

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Primeforma seminar 280312 jaana keskitalo

  1. 1. Move up to Prime TimeJaana Keskitalo, Product Manager, Stora Enso Food Service Board
  2. 2. Today’s trends effectingpackaging business• Changing consumer purchasing behaviour• High concerns about the environment• Competition for the consumer• Energy and other major costs increasing
  3. 3. Multiple demands on packaging Attractive Design Ecological Economical Brand Image Safe Convenient Easy to implement
  4. 4. How is the shelf today
  5. 5. Our strengths to serve demandingfood packaging market• Widest pallette of packaging boards and papers• Captive extrusion barrier coating technology• Food safety know-how• Industry leading R&D• Global presence• Innovations and packaging solutions
  6. 6. Different extrusion coatingpossibilities• Different polymers are used for different end uses• Stora Enso polymer coating options – PE coating – PP coating – PET coating – High Barrier coating – Biopolymer coating
  7. 7. Innovation based on experience• Stora Enso has long experience in paperboard based tray material• How to replace rigid plastic packages in form fill and seal packaging• Stora Enso has combined its knowledge in board making and plastic coating
  8. 8. Primeforma is developed for form,fill & seal technology• Fully suitable for existing plastic film based packaging lines• Approx. 12 mm deep tray• Recyclable together with other board based packaging materials Sealpac, Oldenburg
  9. 9. The benefits of paperboard • A specially designed paperboard for thermoforming • Gives the rigidity for the package • Excellent printability
  10. 10. High barrier coating • Low oxygen transmission rate • Low water vapour transmission rate • Excellent grease barrier • Performs also as aroma barrier • For long shelf-life products
  11. 11. Convenient to use • Safe to seal • Available with peelability function • Easy to open • Also non-peel version available
  12. 12. Production of packed fooddominates the carbon footprint Waste management Package Product loss Product processing SOURCE: FUTUPACK EKO2010 STUDY
  13. 13. Carbon footprint, packagingproduction (without waste management) SOURCE: FUTUPACK EKO2010 STUDY
  14. 14. Different from conventional form,fill and seal package• Based on renewable raw materials• Minimized fossil based raw material with plastic content of 13%• Haptic: warm touch and feel• No labels in board side needed
  15. 15. Primeforma – for your packagingneeds • Based on our Primeforma paperboard with high barrier polymer coating • New opportunities for consumer packaging arise through board formability • Low carbon footprint • Recyclable with other carton packages
  16. 16. Move up to Prime Time!
  17. 17. Thank You!